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Comic Store West recognizes the growing significance of graphic novels in libraries and would like to offer you the opportunity to acquire these books at significantly lower prices and with less difficulty. Additionally, we also offer the opportunity to have our experienced staff and friends visit your school or library to help educate kids of all ages about the creative benefits of the medium of comics, jobs within the industry and more!

Comic Store West provides several services for schools and libraries;


* Lower pricing on graphic novels, generally between 20% and 30% or sometimes even more, off the book cover price and access to thousands of titles, including the most popular Japanese titles (Manga).

* We maintain a record of your purchases, making ordering easier! Just request a dollar amount and we can order (when available) the next volumes in series from your previous order!

* We deliver to your door, at your convenience, at no additional charge! (York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and southern York County). Ask us about having Batman deliver your order.

* Our staff is knowledgeable about all different types of books, not just from reading reviews but from reading thousands of comics. From Superman to Manga, our staff covers all the bases, being able to recommend based on appropriate age material.

* We offer a full return policy for any material for any reason!

Comic Store West wants to help you build your library to keep kids happy and active.


Comic Store West has many talented staff members and friends who love to see kids inspired and creative. That's why we will come to you and help show the wonder that is graphic storytelling.

We offer in-class lectures and demonstrations that encourage kids to see storytelling and reports in a different light. We also offer insight into all the different career paths in the industry of comics; from writers, editors and proof-readers to pencillers, inkers and colorists and even advertising and promotions.

Our visit is offered free of charge and we are available at the convenience of the school/library.


The selection of titles in this section was made with classrooms and libraries in mind. All titles are suitable for display, and the intended audience for each is clearly noted.

Core Titles: Ages 6+

Core Titles: Ages 13+

Core Titles: Older Teens

Core Titles: Adults


Comic Store West is also a game store.  We have a huge game demo team in place and are available to come to your school or library and demo most every game we sell.  Please send us an email with plenty of advance notice and we will schedule your Game Day event.

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