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Action Comics 1000 Coming Soon #TheTrunksAreBack #Superman80

We hope you ordered your copy of this historic issue.
Release date is set for April 18.

We will have all of the variants available on the 18th but we have a very limited number of the variant issues available. If you want a specific variant issue and have not asked for it yet. Now is the time to do so.

Top 10 Comics To Read This Week

Dark Knight Metal #6 (DC)
Doomsday Clock #4 (DC)
Avengers #696 (Marvel)
Silencer #3 (DC)
Hit Girl #2 (Image)
Terrifics #2 (DC)
Old Man Hawkeye #3 (Marvel)
Saga #50 (Image)
Mera, Queen of Atlantis #2 (DC)
Legion #3 (Marvel)

Top 10 Comics To Read This Week

Weapon H #1 (Marvel)
Damage #3 (DC)
Avengers #685 (Marvel)
Batman #43 (DC)
Pathfinder Spiral of Bones #1 (Dynamite)
Brave & the Bold Batman & Wonder Woman #2 (DC)
Iron Man Hong Kong Heroes #1 (Marvel)
X-Men Gold #24 (Marvel)
Outcast #34 (Image)
Star Wars #45 (Marvel)

New Comics on Sale This Week

Top 10 Comic To Read This Week

New Mutants Dead Souls #1 (Marvel)
Avengers #684 (Marvel)
Action Comics #999 (DC)
Neil Gaiman American Gods My Ainsel #1 (Darkhorse)
Sideways #2 (DC)
Marvel Two-in-one #4 (Marvel)
Star Wars Thrawn #2 (Marvel)
Beauty #20 (Image)
Riverdale #11 (Archie Comics)
Star Wars Darth Vader #13 (Marvel)

New Comics on Sale This Week

Pathfinder Sale

Pathfinder Sale
We are overstocked in some Pathfinder accessories and as a result have started a sale on select Pathfinder books and accessories. If you ever wanted to get into Pathfinder now is the perfect time.

If you are looking for a group, we have several groups that meet Monday evenings at the shop.

Warmachine and Hordes MEGA SALE Going on Now

For the entire month of March we will be having a WarMachine and Hordes MEGA SALE.
The sale is so big we can't mention the discount online, needless to say we have NEVER offered as big a discount on WarMachines and Hordes before.

Sale ends on March 31.

Oblivion Song #1 - Robert Kirkman on sale Wednesday


A decade ago, 300,000 citizens of Philadelphia were suddenly lost in Oblivion. The government made every attempt to recover them, but after many years, they gave up. Nathan Cole...won't. He makes daily trips, risking his life to try and rescue those still living in the apocalyptic hellscape of Oblivion. But maybe...Nathan is looking for something else? Why can't he resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song?

This book is by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead). I have read the first 6 issues of this series and it is AMAZING. I can not speak highly enough about this series and recommend it to everyone. You really should give it a try. As always this is a HOT book and we expect a sellout so get in Wednesday (or add it to your pull list today).

New Comics on Sale This Week

Top 10 Comic to Read This Week

Oblivion Song #1 (Image)
Infinity Countdown #1 (Marvel)
Amazing Spider-man #797 (Marvel)
Walking Dead #177 (Image)
Superman #42 (DC)
Avengers #683 (Marvel)
Batman #42 (DC)
Rise of the Black Panther #3 (Marvel)
Star Wars #44 (Marvel)
X-Men Red #2 (Marvel)

Action Comics #1000

Reminder if you have not signed up for Action Comics #1000 you are running out of time to guarantee yourself a copy.

You can also order the variant covers fo the same price as the standard cover.

Also people who pre-pay for their order will receive 20% OFF of their total.

This is a once in a life time issue featuring the return of The Man of Steel's red trunks and highlighting 80 years of Superman. This will be one of our largest single issue orders in the history of the store but I'm still worried of a sell out. If you want to guarantee a copy YOU MUST ACT NOW.

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