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Attention Magic players.
If you are playing in tomorrow's midnight pre-release event please do not plan on showing up early.
Plan on arriving at 11PM.

We have other gaming going on and will probably not have room for you until 11PM.

If you are reading this and are not a Magic player, the store will remain open over night Friday in order to host a Magic Pre-Release Event.  So if you get the urge to but comics at 2AM Saturday morning well come on in.

This is an experiment, wish me luck.

If you come in and I am asleep please make sure you throw a blanket over me.

That is all for now.

DC Wednesday Comics

Do you remember a few years back, when DC did their whole Wednesday Comics thing? It was a vintage throwback to the days when newspaper comic strips would each get an entire page to themselves on Sundays - bright colors, lush artwork, ongoing serialized stories that you'd have to wait an entire week to see paid off... it's what your grandparents called entertainment.

Anyway, Wednesday Comics was DC's way of homaging comicbooks' newspapery roots. A new issue came out every week for 12 weeks, printed on a full-sized, 14" x 20" sheet of newsprint. It was a fun little experiment, with some really cool stories by amazing creators: you've got a Batman tale by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, the guys behind 100 Bullets; Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth, by Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and Ryan Sook; a retro Teen Titans story by Eddie Berganza and Sean Galloway; Supergirl by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner; lots of outstanding stuff!

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman. Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Brian Stelfreeze, Lee Bermejo, Kurt Busiek, Michael Allred, Neil Gaiman, the legendary Joe Kubert. That's just a sampling of the characters and creators involved in Wednesday Comics.

Frankly, it was a terrific project. It was great in the weekly issues, but it's even better in TPB form. Not only do you get all 12 comics collected in order, you also get an entire section of notes, sketches, and other previously unseen material. If I didn't already own all the Wednesday Comics issues, I'd be all over this book!

But here's what's really great: we currently have a copy of the fancy hardcover available at 50% off the cover price. It's a big, lush book full of beautiful art. If you really wanted to, you could cut pages out and frame them, and you'd still get your money's worth for it! So don't worry about what DC's Rebirth might bring, come pick up this vintage bargain today and take home a visual treat.

DC Rebirth

Previews is out this week but DC Comics are missing from it.  


There is a little thing called Rebirth coming and it looks AMAZING!

There will be a special Previews for this coming soon but if you can't wait check it out online now at:

We gave Rebirth sign up sheets in the store now so subscribe to your favorite titles today.

Magic The Gathering - Eternal Masters Pre-Order with Pre-Pay Discount #MTGEM

Ok folks this is the last call to pre-order and pre-pay for Eternal Masters at this SUPER LOW price.
Our orders need to be submitted soon so we need to know how much to order.
So the $220.00 + tax will be good until Saturday, April 9.
After Saturday, April 9th the Pre-order / pre-pay price jumps $20 to $240.00.

New Comics On Sale This Week

Games Workshop - 40K Tank Shock

We've received our tank shock kit.
Working on the spring 40K details, check back soon for complete info.

Magic The Gathering Eternal Masters Pre-Orders Still Available - #MTGEM

Don't forget for a very limited time we are taking pre-orders of Magic - Eternal Masters.
Pre-order with pre-pay for only $220 + Tax for a booster box.


We will be running some Eternal Masters Draft events at Harrisburg Comic Con in June. Visit their website for more information.

Look for Eternal Masters Draft events at the store in June and July during our Thursday Night Magic Drafts.

HeroClix Civil War OP Event Coming in June

Become a CIVIL WAR VIP and gain access to all 4 CIVIL WAR monthly events for only $64.
Sign-up today to guarantee your spot.

Take A Tour of Bruce Wayne's House

In case you haven't seen it yet, Bruce Wayne's house is on Google Maps.
You can even find your way into the Bat Cave.

Did you like Batman V Superman?
If so here is a list of trades / graphic novels you should consider reading:

  • Dark Knight Returns,
  • Death of Superman,
  • Justice League (New 52),
  • Superman Wonder Woman,
  • Batman Superman,
  • Luthor,
  • Batman Hush

Magic The Gathering Pre-Release #3

Pre-Release #3 is Sunday, April 3rd at 2PM.
Again $25 to sign-up early / $30 at the door.

Donuts in the house

Donuts, courtesy of 

Thanks Brad !!

Magic The Gathering Pre-Release #2

Pre-Release #2 is Saturday, April 2nd at 2PM.
Again $25 to sign-up early / $30 at the door.

Magic The Gathering Midnight Release - Friday, April 1st

Our first midnight release.
York, PA's only midnight release event.

Registration starts at 11pm.
Decks get handed out at midnight.

$25 for early sign-up / $30 at the door (if we have space).

We are only allowing 30 players for the midnight release so sign-up today.

Batman V Superman (spoiler free, 2 second review)

The movie was good but DC has a long way to go before they are close to Marvel movies.

Ant-Man, a lower budget, 2nd tier Marvel movie was better.

Ben Affleck was THE BEST BATMAN EVER but even he could not save the poor story and terrible villain(s).

SNL Star Wars Commericial

This SNL commercial cracked me up.
You know back in the 90's I collected 3 of every Star Wars toy.

Closed Easter Sunday

We are not closed many days throughout the year but Easter is one of them so this Sunday, March 27 we will be closed all day.

Stock up on your games (we have a ton of new games that just arrived) and comics Friday and Saturday in anticipation of this closure.

Enjoy your Easter.

Magic The Gathering EDH (Commander) Casual Play

Anyone interested in EDH?
A group is forming on Sundays at Noon to play EDH (casual).
If you report your DCI number and match results to us we will give the winner a card from our FOIL Promo binder.

SUNDAYS beginning April 3rd at NOON.

Warhammer 40K - Lost Patrol Board Game Pre-Orders Now


The Return of Lost Patrol - Death in the Jungle.

Set in the dark far future, Lost Patrol is a dynamic two-player board game with a difference.  A squad of elite Space Marine Scouts must battle their way through ever-changing jungle paths to a crashed vessel, hunted at every terrifying step by fearsome alien Genestealers.

Featuring stunning miniatures and ingenious gameplay in which the board itself evolves, it's an utterly compelling and action-packed experience.  Will any of the Imperium's crack troops live to tell the tale?  Only you can decide...

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

2 players
Ages 12+
30+ minute play time

1 Game rules
5 Space Marine Scouts
30 Map Tiles
6 Infestations
12 Genestealers
3 Dice

Wonder Woman Movie Photo Released

New photo from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie released.

The picture shows Themyscira, the hidden island where the Amazons of Greek myth have lived in secret for centuries. Pictured with Diana (Gal Gadot) are her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and her two military aunts – General Antiope (Robin Wright) and Antiope’s lieutenant, Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli). The trio is responsible for raising Diana and helping turn her into the world’s greatest female superhero.


Check out Scott Snyder's penultimate Batman issue this week.
This issues promises to sell out so make sure you get in Wednesday unless of course you are a subscriber.

Not a subscriber?
Why not?

Our Subscription service is FREE and it saves you 10% on ALL PURCHASES.
We will personally pull your comics each week so you get them first before our non-subscribers.


Weekly Star Wars X-Wing Events

Star Wars X-Wing Weekly Events
Every Tuesday evening beginning at 6PM join us for X-Wing Free Play.

Then on Friday, April 15th beginning at 5PM join us for an X-Wing OP event.
Friday, April 15th pay $5+Tax and play.
Overall winner will receive a gift card (amount based on attendance).
Players will receive alternate art cards (while supplies last).
Sign-up sheet available soon.

New Comics On Sale This Week

DC Deck Building League, this Sunday

Happening this Sunday.
I'm back from Las Vegas and working all day Sunday.  Hope to see you then.


50 days and counting.
Planning continues, check back here soon for some new fun events this year.

WAVE 8 is here !!

Wave 8 is finally off the boat and at the shop.  Stop in today they won't last long.  

JUST ARRIVED - Force of Will - Moonlit Savior

The latest expansion for Force of Will has arrived.
Boosters, booster boxes and playmats now available.

More Back Issue Pics

DC back issues too.
Also all bundles are by the pound too.

Comic Boom Back Issues By the Pound

The Marvel books are out.  Buy them by the pound.  Sale is today only.

$3 per pound.

DC Deck Building League Starts Sunday, March 20

The NEW DC Deck Building League starts on Sunday, March 20 at noon.
We will meet one Sunday a month to play.

Everyone pays $2 to join league.
Winner will receive a gift card for the total amount paid in.

Participation prizes for everyone (while supplies last).

International Table Top Day is April 30th

Mark your calendars for this all day event.
Come and learn to play some of our favorite games.

Introducing Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man...

The movie that will beat Deadpool.
Will it give Star Wars - Rogue One a run for the money?

Anyone get tickets yet?


Planning is in motion for our BIGGEST EVENT of the year.
Free Comic Book Day will be held on Saturday, May 7th this year and there is going to be a lot going on as usual.

There will be some major key issues by both DC and Marvel that you will want to get your hands on too.

We will start making the event announcements soon, we have some new stuff on the list and some of the same popular old stuff.

Stay tuned and mark that date on your calendars.

DC Comics Rebirth

Attention subscribers:

As you have probably heard DC Comics is going to be doing a Rebirth event to restart most of their books back to #1 and clean house with low selling titles.  You probably also heard many of the books will only be $2.99 (yay !!).

Well we want to make sure we order enough books for this EPIC event so we will have a DC Rebirth checklist at the store beginning Thursday night.  Please take a copy fill it out and hand it in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Magic The Gathering - Eternal Masters Pre-Order Now

Yes, we have Eternal Masters booster boxes on pre-order (with pre-pay).
We have extremely limited quantities available.
We will NOT ship these, so stop in and pre-order / pre-pay for these today.
(customers can pre-order up to 2 booster boxes).


Look for Thursday Night Eternal Masters draft events all throughout June at Comic Store West.

Also we will be hosting several HUGE Eternal Masters Draft Events at Harrisburg Comic Con this year.

Comics By The Pound - Saturday All Day

Our WORLD FAMOUS comic book back issues by the pound.
Come in and shop through 1000s of back issues at only $3 per pound.

Silent Bob @ CPACC

Silent Bob at CSW's booth at CPACC.

We Have All the POPs!

The leftover POPs have found there way back to the store after a busy Central PA Comic Con.

Thanks to everyone that helped and everyone who said hi at our booth.

Batman vs Superman

This is AWESOME !!!
Looking forward to seeing this movie.

First Full Ghostbusters Trailer is Here !!

The first full trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie is up.

Come me the Ghostbusters on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

We also have Ghostbuster comics and action figures available now.



We will be having a Force of Will booster box sale this weekend.
Stop in the store Saturday, March 5 or Sunday, March 6 and grab a Force of Will booster box for the SUPER LOW price of $99+tax.

That is a savings of almost $50 !!

We have a limited supply of these so first come, first serve.

While at the shop on Saturday, play in our Force of Will Pre-Release event for only $30+tax and get the latest set before anyone else.  Lot's of cool swag to give out to all players.

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