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It's official! DC is rebooting... its Hanna-Barbera comics

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE – Featuring character designs by veteran artist Jim Lee and an origin story by Jim Lee and Keith Giffen (JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001), artist Howard Porter (SUPERMAN) will provide his own unique take on Freddie, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. “Those meddling kids” and their Mystery Machine are at the center of a well-meaning experiment gone wrong and they’ll need to bring all of their mystery solving skills to bear (along with plenty of Scooby Snacks), to find a cure for a world full of mutated creatures infected by a nanite virus that enhances their fears, terrors and baser instincts. This time, the horrors are real in this apocalyptic near-future badland!

FUTURE QUEST – Writer Jeff Parker (AQUAMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, BATMAN ’66) and artist Evan “Doc” Shaner (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARKSEID WAR: GREEN LANTERN) join forces to bring fans new tales of adventure’s most iconic teenager, Jonny Quest, along with his sidekick Hadji. This series combines Team QUEST (Hadji, Race Bannon, Dr. Benton Quest and Jezebel Jade) with some of the most well-known action and adventure heroes ever created by Hanna-Barbera, including SPACE GHOST, THE HERCULOIDS, BIRDMAN, MIGHTOR and FRANKENSTEIN Jr., among others.

WACKY RACELAND – Take The Ant Hill Mob, Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly, mix in a healthy dose of “Mad Max” and you get this dark and gritty take on Hanna-Barbera’s “Wacky Races,” courtesy of writer Ken Pontac (REBOOT, HAPPY TREE FRIENDS) and artist Leonardo Manco (HELLBLAZER), with vehicle designs by Mark Sexton (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD). A time of hope and innocence with Utopia at the finish line has given way to planetary Armageddon and a desert wasteland full of radioactive lakes, nanotech dust storms, and cannibalistic mutants. Against this backdrop, the Wacky Racers and their sentient vehicles continue their contest, but now the competition is for survival, and there can only be one winner when the checkered flag falls.

THE FLINTSTONES – Based on character designs by Amanda Conner (HARLEY QUINN, STARFIRE), writer Mark Russell (PREZ, GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU) provides his own unique perspective on everyone’s “modern stone age family.” Russell will use Bedrock’s most popular family to shine a light on humanity’s ancient customs and institutions in a funny origin story of human civilization. Fred is still the simple man, striving to be the king of his castle, Wilma is still the tolerant but not-indulging wife and Barney (with his wife Betty and infant son Bamm-Bamm) is still the original wingman, whose loyalty to Fred often outweighs his common sense.

If any of these tickle your fancy, let us know and we'll make sure to save you a copy when they come out in May.


Star Wars Armada Store Championships

Saturday, February 27
Registration at 10AM.

400 Points, constructed

$10 entry fee

sign-up now, limited spots available

Only a Few Spots Left...

It's the return of the CUSTOMER FLEA MARKET !!
All day, Saturday, February 20.

The popular customer flea market is back.

The store will have it's own booth is lieu of a backroom sale this year.
Stop in on the 20th to see what goodies we will be blowing out and to also see what our vendors will be selling.

This event has been a huge success for us in the past and we expect another big turnout.


Stop in or call to reserve a spot today.

YES, I said no backroom sale this year but any items that would be typical backroom sale items will be on sale at the flea market.

HeroClix Pre-Release This Sunday

Vampire Batman and Prowler Batman are prizes for this Sunday's pre-release.

Boosters are $16 each.  
See you Sunday between 2 and 2:30

HeroClix - Pre-Release Event, Sunday January 31 @2:30

We have pushed the HeroClix Pre-Release Event to start at 2:30PM this Sunday instead of the 2PM original start time.  We want to give the Pokemon players plenty of time to leave before Clix starts since parking may be tricky at the store.

Please as a reminder do not park in front of any of our neighbors stores.
We share parking with others at our location and want to play nice with everyone.

Also please don't park directly in front of our store if you can avoid it, we usually reserve the spots in front of our door for 15 minute parking and the Clix games will last several hours.

Thanks for helping us out during the snow melting process.

This HeroClix set looks like one of the best in a very long time so come out and check it out on Sunday.

Pokemon Pre-Release Sill Scheduled for Sunday, January 31.

The Pokemon Pre-Release is still scheduled for this coming Sunday, January 31.

Parking is going to be tricky so please follow these guidelines:

1> Carpool if possible.

2> Please do not park in front of one of neighbor's stores.  They need the parking space too.

3> Please try not to park directly in front of our store, this is generally used for short term parking (15 minute) and the Pokemon game will last for about 2 hours.

Note - Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive for the event.  We must start promptly because another event requiring space is scheduled to begin at 2pm.

Thanks for your understanding.
We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Harrisburg Comic Con on Kickstarter

Our friend's at Harrisburg Comic Con have posted a KICKSTARTER to try and raise enough to finalize the con in June.

We are looking forward to having a booth at this year's con.

We hope you consider supporting the event.

New Comics On Sale This Week


Yes, of course we are open today.

Regular hours 11AM - 9PM.

The parking lot is plowed, we lost a few spaces with the snow.  Please be kind and don't park in front of our neighbors.

We think our shipments are all on regular schedule, we will let you know if anything changes regarding new comics for the week.

We will continue our 20% OFF all games (except collectible games), trades and graphic novels (except new ones) today and Tuesday.  So stop in and grab some today.


Attention CSW friends and family; we will be closed Sunday as we all try and dig out of this snow.

Since many of you will be off work on Monday and Tuesday we are extending our snow sale through Tuesday.

Save 20% on trades, graphic novels and games (sorry no collectible games).

Still plenty of new Magic on hand.
Look for the Oath of the Gatewatch singles in 2 weeks when the prices stabilize.


Sorry to report but due to the snow we will be closed on Saturday, January 23.

Stay indoors and be safe.

No lunch shall escape my sight!


Malifaux League Cancelled Tonight

In the interest of everyone's safety, the Rapid Growth League will no longer be starting tonight.

We will begin league nights on February 5th. That will add March 18th as the final league night.
That being said, today will still count as the "start of the league" for all hobby achievements. So stay home, stay warm, and paint.

JUST ARRIVED - Magic The Gathering Oath of the Gatewatch


Booster boxes only $115+tax

FAT Packs
Intro Decks

Singles binder coming in 2 weeks

Cards Against Humanity Perfect When Stuck In Snow

Stuck at home because of the snow?
Stop in at the shop before the storm starts tomorrow and pick up Cards Against Humanity or one of it's expansions.  We have everything in stock right now.

Rick Grimes needs winter supplies

Snowpocalypse Sale Friday Only

In case you haven't heard Snowpocalypse is coming late Friday through Saturday and into Sunday morning.

We want to help provide our customers with the necessities in this snow storm.  All day Friday we will have one of our world famous SNOW SALES.

Trades, graphic novels, and games (does not include card games or product received this week) will be 20% for the entire day on Friday.

Get in early to avoid the weather.

There's a storm a-brewin'!

So, you've probably heard that we're in for some big snow this weekend, and you know what that means: you're going to be stuck inside.

So now is the time to stock up on fun things to do. Today is new comics day, so come in and grab a stack of things to read over the weekend. Maybe pick up some TPBs of stories you've been meaning to catch up on. Maybe get yourself some models and paint, or a board game the entire family can play. We may not have bread and milk, but Comic Store West has everything else you need to stave off cabin fever this weekend.

Magic - Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Orders

Last chance at pre-ordering a Magic Oath of the Gatewatch booster box for under $100.
All pre-orders with pre-pays get it for $99+Tax, which includes the FOIL promo card.

You can also order the booster box / FAT pack for only $139.99 (pre-pay price).

Our regular price on booster boxes are $115+Tax.
Our regular price on FAT packs will be $49.99+Tax.

The FAT packs will contain the full art land that everyone is trying to get their hands on.

All pre-order pricing good until close of business Thursday.

Suicide is Painless

Is anybody even going to recognize that M*A*S*H joke? Probably not, but who cares? DC has released a new Suicide Squad trailer!

This trailer has certainly done its job in getting the hype train started.

Hey, bonus! Take our poll:

Who will die in Suicide Squad?

Looks like the movie is based on the New 52 reboot of Suicide Squad, and sure enough, we have issues of that you can buy. Come in and ask us how!

Let There be Dragons!

These adorable little guys are "Drups" (Dragon Pups) and are an Australian release. On this side of the globe, the only place to get them is at Comic Store West!

There are six different styles, with different names and materials - look at that one that's made of corduroy! Each comes all curled up in its own resealable plastic egg. For just $14.99, the dragon-lover in your life can have a new plush, beanie-filled friend!

Gaming is important!

You know that we have a free Tabletop gaming night every Tuesday, right? It's true, we do - you can come in around 6pm, and find someone to play awesome games with. But, did you know you might be making history at the same time?

Okay, it's a little unlikely, but there really are some historically important board games. In fact, Listverse collected half a D20's worth in their 10 Most Important Board Games In History article. Odds are, you've even played a few of them - or at least, their modern descendants. Take a look at those, and then come in Tuesday nights to try out some more modern bemusements.

DC Deck Building Finals

Sorry for the delay.
I just talked to Captain James T Kirk and the FINALS for our first DC Deck Building League is set.

Sunday, February 28 is the league finals with the Playmat prize.

Our next league starts up on Sunday, March 20.

Hope to see everyone back for this event.

New Comics On Sale This Week

A Star Wars Bad Lip Reading

I can't get enough of these videos!

Updated Exclusive Comic Book News

Here is a undated cover shot of our Central PA Comic Con / Harrisburg Comic Con EXCLUSIVE comic book.

On sale at our booth this March 4, 5, and  6 at Central PA Comic Con.

Undercover Boss - Starkiller Base

From last night's SNL:

No HeroClix This Sunday (1/17), But Clix Returns Big on 1/24 and 1/31

No HeroClix on Sunday the 17th.
HeroClix will return on Sunday the 24th with a FREE event.

Come out and meet our new Clix judge Mark and find out what cool events and perks we have in store for you in 2016.

Sunday, January 24th at 2PM

Star Wars Night during Hershey Bears Hockey Game Sunday

Anyone going to the Hershey Bears hockey game on Sunday afternoon?

It's Star Wars night and Central PA Comic Con will have a table at the arena.

If you go please stop at the table and tell Alicia that you are a customer of Comic Store West and tell her how much you love us and how much you are looking forward to Central PA Comic Con.

There is a prize wheel at the table so maybe you can get a shot at a cool prize.

Look for me too, I'll be in section 122.

Magic the Gathering Events at Central PA Comic Con

Comic Store West is proud to announce our Magic Event Schedule for Central PA Comic Con.

Friday, March 4

Registration begins at 5PM and the boosters are distributed at 6PM (sharp)
Entry Fee = $30
Maximum Players = 16

Receive 6 boosters to construct a deck with.  Play 3 rounds, every round you WIN will earn you a booster prize.

Everyone also receive a FNM FOIL PROMO card for playing.

Friday, March 4 / Saturday, March 5 / Sunday, March 6

Whenever 8 people are ready to draft we will start a draft.
Entry Fee = $16

Receive 3 boosters to draft with.  Play 3 rounds, every round you WIN will earn you a booster prize.

Friday, March 4 / Saturday, March 5 / Sunday, March 6

As long as there is open table space players can FREE PLAY (aka Street Magic) during the convention.  If you report your games to us (by giving us your name and DCI numbers) we will provide FOIL PROMO cards for game wins.

Friday, March 4 / Saturday, March 5 / Sunday, March 6

Also as long as there is open table space players can come and trade cards with each other.

QUESTION: What is this?
ANSWER:  Central PA Comic Con at the York Fairgrounds

QUESTION: When is this?
ANSWER: March 4, 5, and 6

QUESTION: How Do I Get Tickets Online?
ANSWER: Online tickets can be purchased at -

QUESTION: How do I get tickets not online?
ANSWER: Physical tickets can be purchased at Comic Store West, 2111 Industrial Highway, York PA 17402

QUESTION: Can I purchase advance Magic gaming tickets?
ANSWER:  YES.  Stop into Comic Store West and ask for either the Draft Voucher ($16) or the Super FNM Voucher ($30).  If you don't use the vouchers you can redeem them at the con or the store for boosters.

For those who have never gone to a comic book convention before, CASH is KING.  Many vendors will offer credit card payments but not all of them will.  It is important to make sure you have plenty of cash on hand.

Bi-Annual Customer Flea Market Is Back

It's the return of the CUSTOMER FLEA MARKET !!
All day, Saturday, February 20.

The popular customer flea market is back.

The store will have it's own booth is lieu of a backroom sale this year.
Stop in on the 20th to see what goodies we will be blowing out and to also see what our vendors will be selling.

This event has been a huge success for us in the past and we expect another big turnout.


Stop in or call to reserve a spot today.

YES, I said no backroom sale this year but any items that would be typical backroom sale items will be on sale at the flea market.

Magic Pre-Release #2 - Sunday, January 17 at 2PM

This Sunday at 2pm.
Sign up and pay early for only $25.
Still a few spots left.

Magic - Pre-Release #1, Saturday January 16 at 2PM

This Saturday at 2pm.
Sign up and pay early for only $25.
Still a few spots left.

Star Wars Armada Store Championship 2016

Saturday, February 27.
Registration starts at 10AM, Play starts at 11AM.
Entry fee = $10+tax

Prizes include a beautiful plaque to the winner.
Participation prizes include alternate art card and plastic rulers.

Sign-up sheet available this weekend.
Maximum players = 16


This is a Retailer Incentive copy of Walking Dead #150 and is in BEAUTIFUL condition.

Bagged and boarded and ready for sale on Wednesday.

This comic is selling online for $200 - $250.
We will let our's go for a little less to keep it local.

We open Wednesday morning at 11AM.


I just received our CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE Comic Book for this weekend and it is beautiful.  I am very happy with the work that artist/writer Jeff McComsey put in on this.  The thing I am most happy with is the price.  We will be charging only $5 for this CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE edition of Fubar.  We are even going to give you a bag and board for it for FREE.  If we have any left after the convention the price will be going up so make sure you get your EXCLUSIVE comic while at the show.

(Special plug for CSW - If you get your comic from us we will be giving a coupon for a free gift on FCBD.  Bring the comic and your coupon back on FCBD and get your issue signed for FREE and your FREE gift.  Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is Saturday, May 7.

Why War of the Roses ?

The Wars of the Roses were a series of dynastic wars for the throne of England. They were fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, the Houses of Lancaster and York. They were fought in several sporadic episodes between 1455 and 1487, although there was related fighting before and after this period. The conflict resulted from social and financial troubles that followed the Hundred Years' War, combined with the mental infirmity and weak rule of Henry VI, which revived interest in the alternative claim to the throne of Richard, Duke of York.
The final victory went to a claimant of the Lancastrian party, Henry Tudor, who defeated the last Yorkist king, Richard III, at the Battle of Bosworth Field. After assuming the throne as Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter and heiress of Edward IV, thereby uniting the two claims. The House of Tudor ruled England and Wales until 1603.

Why am I telling you this?

Well The Comic Store West (in York, PA) and our sister store The Comic Store (in Lancaster, PA) have enlisted the help of local comic creator Jeff McComsey (many know his work from his own creation Fubar or most recently his work on Z-Men from Double Take Comics, that just got optioned for a movie) to create our stores' an EXCLUSIVE ZOMBIE COMIC BOOK for the local comic conventions in 2016.

To make this a true War of the Roses how about a friendly competition to see which store can sell the most issues?  Stop by the Comic Store West booth or The Comic Store booth at Central PA Comic Con March 4, 5 and 6th for your first chance to get this awesome comic.  Your last chance to get these will be at Harrisburg Comic Con in June.  

A new Disney comic is on its way

Do you or someone you know love the Disney princesses? Do you like things that are adorably cute? Well good news, because there's a comic for that!

Disney's beloved heroines have returned in this hilarious collection of Disney Princess comic strips! Featuring laugh-out-loud stories from the worlds of Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Aurora, and more, this charming new ongoing series will make all your royal dreams come true!

The book is by the same person as all these little strips, so it's likely to be funny.

If you want a copy, we can order it for you - just ask us for Diamond Item Code DEC151425, and the book will be arrive at the end of February.

Face it, Tiger

Do you read Spider-Gwen? If you do, you know she's drummer for a punk band (fronted by MJ Watson) called The Mary Janes.

In honor of the character, real-life band Married With Sea Monsters has recorded several songs "as" The Mary Janes, including the one you can see them practicing in the image up above:

They've also done three others: "Paper Doll," "Murderface," and "Vulture." They're all four really catchy songs, and get some extra cool-points for bringing the Marvel Universe a little bit into ours.

SALE - D&D Attack Wing 25 % OFF Everything

All D&D Attack Wing minis and supplies are 25% OFF !!


Ronan has been here for some time but we just got in X-FILES, SPIDER-MAN and ELECTRO POP figures.

And of course a huge stock of Star Wars POP figures.


A twisted parody of a classic board game. Yours is a sugar frosted land of confection. But underneath the candy covered veneer lies a disturbing truth. The king is selling the sweet citizens out the back door to voracious children all over the world. Now it's a mad dash for the border to save your little candy buttons. And if you have to snap a few ginger limbs to do it - well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.


Central PA Comic Con Tickets On Sale Now !!

Central PA Comic Con is coming back to York this March.

York Fair Grounds

Friday, March 4, Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6.

Tickets for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days available now at the store or online (

Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek's Lt Uhura)
Billy West (Voice talent - Ren & Stimpy and Futurama)
Steve Cardenas (Red Power Ranger)
Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic (The Comic Book Men)

Stop by our booth at the convention for your convention exclusive comic book (TOP SECRET).
While at our booth pick up your invite for Saturday's AFTER CON PARTY at the store.

Join us from noon until 9pm at Comic Store West for sales, food, gaming and fun.

Magic - Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release #2

Our second of two pre-releases is Sunday, January 17 at 2pm.
Early registration recommended to reserve your spot (plus it's cheaper).

Early sign-up = $25 + tax
Day of event = $28 + tax

Booster boxes for $99 available for a limited time (pre-order and pre-pay required).
Booster box and FAT pack only $139.99 for a limited time (again early pre-order and pre-apy required).

Magic - Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release #1

Our first of two pre-releases is Saturday, January 16 at 2pm.
Early registration recommended to reserve your spot (plus it's cheaper).

Early sign-up = $25 + tax
Day of event = $28 + tax

Booster boxes for $99 available for a limited time (pre-order and pre-pay required).
Booster box and FAT pack only $139.99 for a limited time (again early pre-order and pre-apy required).

Something sexy for just $1

Are you familiar with the work of Stjepan Sejic? The Croatian artist has done a lot of work for Top Cow comics, so you might recognize his style from Witchblade, The Darkness, etc. Anyway, he and his wife have their own comic series, Sunstone. Originally published one page at a time on DeviantArt, it was eventually collected in trade paperback form and sold by image.

Well now, thanks to the "Image Firsts" program, which reprints important issues at the low low price of one thin dollar, you can try out the story without having to buy the full TPB:

This is definitely a book for grown-ups ("mature themes, adult situations and brief nudity," as the HBO content warnings would say), but the art is beautiful, and certainly worth a look. And if you like it, we can order you the full book posthaste!

We have an entire section of these $1 books, which include things like Saga, Walking Dead and lots of other titles you'll recognize. Plus, the selection is constantly updating, so come in today and see what you can get for just a buck!


We are fully stocked with Cards Against Humanity for your weekend gaming get-together.

Stop in Saturday for the core game or any of the 6 expansion boxes.

Also available are the mini expansions, even the all new WORLD WIDE WEB expansion.

We also have the Bigger, Blacker Box in stock.

Only at Comic Store West, your local home for Cards Against Humanity.

Welcome to 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!

This year we are celebrating our 30th year in business.

It's Previews time!

Hey everybody, it's time to get excited! Because the new Previews catalog is here!

Remember that this month, all our subscribers can get Previews for free! Come in today, pick up a copy of the catalog, and bring your order form back by the 18th; we'll order everything you want, and it will start arriving in March.

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