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Dr. Strange stands revealed

Brindledink Bandersnatch is looking pretty amazing as Doctor Strange! And if you read the article linked above, that shot was one of the first times he ever tried on the costume, which is pretty cool itself.

Previews for FREE !!

Previews is our monthly ordering catalog for comics merchandise.
The current issue is out and it lists nearly everything (comic wise) we can order that will arrive this coming March.

Normally subscribers that order a lot of comics from us get this for free (it retails for $3.95).

For a limited time stop we are offering it FREE to all of our subscribers that ask for it.
There is a limited number of these that we will be giving away so stop in today and ask for your FREE Previews.

Nothing says "happy Christmas cheer"... another completely NSFW Deadpool trailer:

Wade Wilson says: we open again tomorrow for Kwanzaa/Boxing Day, so come buy some Deadpool comics. You wouldn't want to make Wade angry, would you?

Merry Christmas From Comic Store West

We will be open from 11AM until 4PM on Christmas Eve.
Closed for Christmas
We will reopen on Saturday, December 26 at 10AM.

From Brian, Scott, Candi, and Tisha - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Sometimes getting underwear for Christmas isn't so bad

If you're unhappy with your gifts tomorrow, we'll be open Saturday and happy to see you.

Central PA Comic Con Tickets On Sale Now

Check the new date and new location.
March 4,5, and 6 at the York Fair Grounds.

We are also planning some special surprises for the con.
Keep checking back for all the announcements.

HeroClix - Abominable Snowman Event on Sunday, December 27 at 2PM

Attention HeroClix Players:

Our long time HeroClix judge (Dave) is taking some time off from judging in 2016.  Make sure you stop in on Sunday to play in his final tournament.

We have a new judge starting with us in January.  Many of you know him from playing with him.  Mark G has volunteered to take over the judging duties beginning in January.

Thanks Dave for the many years of judging you have given us and we hope to see Dave in to play some Clix games instead of always just judging them.

Buy 2 boosters of Nick Fury (sorry but we have to get rid of them) but we will knock 20% off the booster price for Sunday's event.  Build a 300 point team and then throw your FREE snowman on your team to compete for great prizes.

If 8 or more players show the winner will receive an AVENGERS QUINNJET.

JUST ARRIVED - Star Wars X-Wing Imperial Assault Carrier

JUST ARRIVED - New Star Wars Imperial Assault Minis

JUST ARRIVED - Star Wars Imperial Assault on Hoth

Just arrived.
On sale now.

A perfect gift for that Guardians of the Galaxy fan in your life.

Come on, who isn't a GotG fan? Everybody loved that movie! And we all loved Star-Lord, too.

Available now, we have a Funko POP! Home! Star-Lord mug:

POP! Home! was announced earlier this year at New York Comic Con, and brings Funko's signature style to your kitchen.

The 12 oz. ceramic mug is suitable for hot or cold beverages, and is of course washable. Imagine how awesome you or your loved one will feel, drinking hot chocolate out of Peter Quill's brain-hole all winter long! You won't find this exclusive Star-Lord mug in any other stores, so come in today to finish your holiday shopping.

Stocking Stuffers and More Still Available

We still have plenty of great Christmas gifts in the store including some great family games like DC Deckbuilding and Ticket to Ride and thousands of popular Marvel and DC Comic trades and graphic novels.

Get your Star Wars POPs and assorted super hero and Doctor Who POPs today or a great looking Star Wars bank.

Cards Against Humanity continues to blow out the door, we have a few Core sets left but expect to sell out today, but we have more coming in tomorrow on Christmas Eve so give us your name and phone number and we will call you when it arrives.

Magic, Pokemon and Force of Will card boosters may great stocking stuffers as do assorted dice boxes.


Magic - Oath of the Gatewatch FAT Pack Info

Wizards of the Coast has announced heavier than normal allocations of FAT packs of Oath of the Gatewatch.

Do you want a FAT pack at $39.99?
The only way to ensure that you get one for $39.99 is to pre-order and pre-pay for with our booster box/FAT combo.  The price is $139.99 ($99.99 for the booster box and $39.99 for the FAT pack).

There are limited number of these combo packs available too so don't wait order today.

Sign-up and pre-pay to reserve a cheap spot in our Oath pre-release events.
Only $25 for early sign ups with pre-pay.


Did you ever wish you could communicate with your friends using only the language of Deadpool? Your dreams have come true!

They're available for both Apple and Google users, so go nuts!

Cards Against Humanity Fully Stocked (Again)

We are fully stocked with Cards Against Humanity for your New Year's party.

Stop in today for the core game or any of the 6 expansion boxes.

Also available are the mini expansions, including all 3 of the CHRISTMAS expansions.

The only thing not available right now is the Bigger Blacker Box, it is on the way and hope it will arrive before New Year's Eve.

Only at Comic Store West, your local home for Cards Against Humanity.

No Dungeons and Dragons This Week

There will be no Dungeons and Dragons on Wednesday, December 23.
All the DMs will be away for the holidays.


Just in time for Christmas.

New Comics On Sale This Week

Don't forget our comic bundles!

Need some stocking-stuffers? A last-minute Secret Santa gift guaranteed to come in under the $10 limit? Comic bundles to the rescue!

For just $5 you get a nice random run of comics - if you look at the front and back of the bundle, the issues inside will fall between those, ensuring you aren't left with any gaps in your collection. They're a great way to try something new, or to get your friends hooked on comics. We're always adding new bundles, so check the bin regularly.


We have one and it's available now.
It won't last long stop in today.

Finishing up Star Wars Imperial Assault

Massive Imperial Assault map.
Looking to start X-Wing at 1ish.

Star Wars Role Playing Starting Soon

Getting ready for StarvWars Role Playing session.   Get in soon, plenty of spots still open.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" - 1990s style!

Someone has remade the new X-Men trailer using footage from the Fox cartoon:

JUST ARRIVED - Brainiac's Ship (HeroClix)

Star Wars The Force Awakens

What an AMAZING movie.
I think it was perfect and gave everything the Prequels lacked.

We have plenty of Star Wars merchandise in stock, like everybody else.  The thing that's different about us is you won't find the stuff that we carry anywhere else.

Stop in for T-Shirts, games, books, statues, banks and comic books.
Perfect for this year's Christmas.

Don't forget to join us all day Saturday for Star Wars Day.

10AM - Imperial Assault
1PM - X-Wing
Afternoon - Star Wars Role Playing

Cards Against Humanity Is Fully Stocked

We are fully stocked with Cards Against Humanity for the last minute holiday rush.

Stop in today for the core game or any of the 6 expansion boxes.
Also available are the mini expansions, including all 3 of the CHRISTMAS expansions.

Comic Store West, your local home for Cards Against Humanity.

Gift Cards Available In Any Denomination

Not sure what to get that someone special?
How about a GIFT CARD to Comic Store West?
We sell gift cards in any denomination you want from $10 to $10,000.

Stop in an pick up a gift card today.

Cards Against Humanity - not always horrible people

Last year on Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity had an anti-sale, where they raised the price of their cards by $5 for the day. It was still a success.

This year, they sold nothing: you paid them $5, and you got absolutely zero in return. Well, you got to brag about it, maybe, but they didn't send you anything for your money.

But that isn't to say no one got a gift. Using the money they made on Black Friday, the CAH people gave everyone in their Chinese production factory a week's paid vacation! You can read all about it (and see pictures of the workers enjoying their time off) on CAH's site. The card game may be completely rude and tasteless, but the people who make it are just a bunch of big softies!

Star Wars Game Day - This Saturday (All Day)

Star Wars Day All Day Saturday
FREE for all

Imperial Assault - 10AM
X-Wing - 1PM
Star Wars Role Playing - Sometime in the afternoon
Sorry no Star Wars Armada this time but check back soon.


No Dungeons and Dragons Next Wednesday (December 23)

There will be no D&D next Wednesday, December 23.
All the DMs will be away for the holidays.

Comic Store / Comic Store West New Print Ad

What do you guys think of our NEW print ad.
Where will you be able to see this?
That's a surprise for another day, stay tuned for that announcement in a few weeks.

New Comics On Sale This Week

Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Looking for stocking stuffers?
Here are the top 5 things (in no particular order) to get someone from CSW.

  • Card game boosters (Magic or Pokemon)
  • Box of dice
  • Any version of the game FLUXX
  • Any version of the game LOVE LETTER
  • Gift card

Star Wars toys

We won't judge you if you want to own three of everything - in fact, we'll enable it! If you need multiples of anything we carry, we'll be happy to order more for you so you can stock up!

JUST ARRIVED - Force of Will - The Twilight Wanderer

New Force of Will.
Boosters and booster boxes now in stock.

X-Men: Apocalypse

I thought this trailer wasn't coming out until next week, with Star Wars.

Not as eye-catching as Days of Future Past, but still looking pretty decent!

Board Game Sales NOW !!

All of the games pictured here have been marked down.

At least 25% off

JUST ARRIVED - Holiday Fluxx

Also arriving today for your Holiday party plans is HOLIDAY FLUXX.
Fluxx is one of our top selling games every year and this standalone Holiday version of the game is easy to learn and fun for all ages.

Makes a great low price Christmas gift too.

JUST ARRIVED - Cards Against Humanity Holiday Packs

We are fully stocked with the Cards Against Humanity 2012, 2013, and 2014 Holiday Packs.
We have not had the 2014 one's in stock for some time.

Stop in today and stock up for your holiday stocking stuffers or holiday parties.

In-store today: Holiday Groot!

Look at this adorable little bugger!

He just came out this week, in time to be a cute, festive centerpiece in your holiday displays.

(And so you know, Holiday Dancing Groot does not actually dance: that's just part of his name. Though he is a bobblehead, so he'll at least wiggle around a little bit.)

Thursday Night Magic Tomorrow Night at 6PM

Entry fee is $15+TAX
Prize pool = 1.5 packs per player.

Star Wars The Force Awakens in 10 Days

10 days until Star Wars The Force Awakens.

We just got a bunch of new Star Wars shirts in stock. 

Check out Star Wars Annual from Marvel Comics.

Don't forget Saturday, December 19 is Star Wars Game Day at the store.  Play Imperial Assault at 10am, X-Wing at 1pm and finally Star Wars Role Playing later in the afternoon.

Or just come in to discuss the movie.

This would make some great Disney synergy

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