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That time Marvel Comics solicited stories from Satanists

In 1973, Marvel Spotlight was running "Son of Satan" comics, and asked for feedback from Satanists and Wiccans:

Halloween Gaming - #HCF2015 #HalloweenComicFest

Ready for some Halloween gaming?
We've got some awesome Halloween themed games in our demo library and space available today for open gaming. There will also be some official gaming (Graveyard Racing and Super Dungeon Explore later).

Or pick up this new (reprint) of the popular board game - FURY OF DRACULA.

Halloween Sales Update - #HCF2015 #HalloweenComicFest

All comic back issue bundles (you know the one's with 4-6 issues of a story arc) that we usually sell for $5 are only $2.00 today or buy 3 for $5.

Help us make room for new bundles.

FREE COMICS TODAY - Halloween ComicFest 2015 #HCF2015 #HalloweenComicFest

Our FREE comics for the day.
We even have some available from previous years.

Stop out and get a FREE comic, donate some blood, have some candy and take advantage of our HUGE 1 day sale.

Don't forget your costume.

Halloween Sales - Back Issues By The Pound #HCF2015 #HalloweenComicFest

Indy back issues by the pound.
All comic bundles by the pound.

$3 per pound.

Give Blood Get Snacks #HCF2015 #HalloweenComicFest

There will be snacks.
Central PA Blood mobile will be here from 1pm until 4pm.

Batman meets Disney's Haunted Mansion

If you've ever been on Disney's Haunted Mansion ride, you may remember the "stretching portraits" gimmick - what seem like perfectly normal paintings reveal comically gruesome twists as the room you're in stretches and more of the art is revealed.

Well, someone used that same idea and did the one thing guaranteed to make everything better: they added Batman!

You can see the original art here, or enjoy the cool animated gif version here. And if you're not too spooked, remember to come in tomorrow for Halloween Comicfest!

THIS SATURDAY - #HCF2015 #HalloweenComicFest

Quick Review of What's Going On Saturday for Halloween ComicFest.

FREE Comic Books
1 free per customer, if you want more than 1 please donate to our Martin Library Fund.

Central PA BloodMobile
The bloodmobile Will be on hand from 1PM - 4PM, please consider a donation.

Subscribers get 20% OFF nearly everything in the store.
Non-subscibers get 10% OFF nearly everything in the store.
If you attempt to donate blood get an additional 5% OFF.
This will be are next to last big sale before Christmas so take advantage
of the massive savings.

We've also discounted a ton of new trades down to $5 and $10.  These are not eligible for the additional discount but if you buy a bunch we will give you a deal.

As always anything already priced with a better discount you get with that better discount.

Also comics already in subscriber boxes are not subject to the discount, since these are items being held for you already.

Indy Comics and Comic Bundles By The Pound
We need to make room, help us by spending money on indy comic back issues
and our world famous comic bundles (not just limited to Indy bundles).
Both are only $3 per pound.

Variant comics (except new one's from this week) are only $1 over COVER PRICE.
Yes if the variant comic is priced $19.99 but the cover price is only $3.99 you
get the variant at $4.99.  THAT'S CRAZY !!!

Costume / Cosplay Contest
Over 12 years old category
12 and younger category
Winner is determined jointly by staff and number of Facebook likes
We will photograph you and post to our Facebook page.
No need to be present to win and it's free to enter.
Prize (gift card) is based on total number of participants, the more entries the higher
gift card prize.

Meet the Central PA Ghostbusters
Central PA Ghostbusters will be on hand with Ecto-1 (weather permitting)
Get your photos with the Ghostbusters.  The Ghostbusters collect for a local Autism charity so please consider helping them out also.

The Ghostbusters board game launch party is being moved to mid-November.
Cryptozoic could not get our games to us in time.

Harrisburg ComicCon
Harrisburg ComicCon will be on hand with EXCLUSIVE t-shirts for sale and a raffle
for 2 VIP passes to next June's convention.

Candy and snacks all day

Because we will be busy all day there will be no Magic single browsing.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The Gotham Limited

Anyone know the history of The Gotham Limited as it relates to our area?

Tour the Store

Check out our virtual tour of the store.

Arkham Asylum mugshots

That Joker is just one of a whole series of Batman foes reimagined as 1920 mugshots. They've got Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and more. It's a very stylish take on the classic villains!

Invest in Comics

Looking to invest?
Check out these issues.  No fading, bagged and boarded.

Star Wars Display

Our new Star Wars gaming display.

Star Wars Game Day is Saturday, 
December 19th.  All day.

Make your own Captain America costume

Remember the DIY Hulk costume we showed you? Maybe you'd like to be Captain America, instead. And maybe balloons aren't your thing. The answer? Knitting!

There are even step-by-step photos of the whole process, if you think you're up the challenge of knitting yourself a Captain America suit. It would be perfect for the Halloween Comicfest costume contest!


New Comics On Sale This Week

More Stuff Happening Next Saturday During #HalloweenComicFest, #HCF2015

The manager of Harrisburg ComicCon will be on hand with Harrisburg ComicCon Inaugural Event T-Shirts ($20) and Raffle Tickets.  

We will be giving away a pair of VIP tickets (a $200 value) to June's Harrisburg ComicCon sometime late on Saturday (winner does not need to be present).

HeroClix Pre-Release - Sunday at 2PM

Sunday Pre-Release is $30 for 2 boosters.

Super boosters for prizes (1st, 2nd, Fellowship and judge).

Enough for 16 players.
Dice roll at 2pm.

Krosmaster Arena Play Day - Saturday, November 14 at 1PM

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Special Thor #21 (Breast Cancer Awareness Variant).  This is already graded at a 9.8 for you.

Halloween ComicFest 2015 - SALES - #HalloweenComicFest

Start your Christmas shopping on Halloween (why not?).
We will have one of our last sales of 2015 on Halloween (yes, we are still doing a BLACK FRIDAY SALE).

Save on everything in the store and best of all if you attempt to give blood you will save even more.

JUST ARRIVED - D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Two weeks before anyone else.

No more teasers - our first REAL Jessica Jones trailer is here!

If you want to learn more about Jessica before her series starts, she's easily found in Bendis books: his run on Daredevil, New Avengers, etc. And those are all available in TPB form! There was an omnibus of her own series, Alias, but it's been out of print for years. If they're smart, Marvel will do a new printing to give her new fans a chance to catch up.

HeroClix - Superman / Wonder Woman Pre-Release This Sunday at 2PM

Don't forget the SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN pre-release event is Sunday, October 25 at 2PM.

We have 32 boosters to play from so the chances are this will be a $30 (2 booster) event.
We have 3 super boosters (actually 4 but the judge gets one) to use as prizes.

We will open the 4 super boosters and allow drafting of prizes.

Magic - Battle For Zendikar Singles Binder Is Priced

The singles binder is ready.
Please remember during our busy times (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Fridays) we may not allow you to go through the singles binders.

Magic - Battle For Zendikar Game Day

Saturday, October 24 is Magic Battle For Zendikar Game Day.
We will be holding a STANDARD TOURNAMENT beginning at 2PM for $10.
We will also be holding a DRAFT TOURNAMENT beginning at 2PM for $14.

Come out and play in either.
Awesome prizes.

Halloween ComicFest 2015 - Meet The Central PA Ghostbusters- #HalloweenComicFest

Come out and meet members of the Central PA Ghostbusters.
See Ecto-1 (weather permitting).

Photo ops available.
You may even be able to play the Ghostbusters board game with them.

It's Back To The Future Day!

Today - October 21, 2015 - is the day Marty McFly travelled to when he took the Delorean forward from 1985. While we may not yet have hoverboards or self-tying shoes, we do have a new Back to the Future comic that debuts today!

The comic is written by Bob Gale, the guy behind all three films, so it's as close to being in-continuity as you can get! It's from IDW, who also did the Ghostbusters comic - they've got a track record with making absolutely fun comics based on beloved '80s movies. Come in today and give this new series a try!

Since everybody has Star Wars on the brain...

...check out this weird bit of lore.

That's the cover of Star Wars #53, from 1981. You may recognize the art style as belonging to Walt Simonson, who posted it on Facebook, but there's an interesting story behind it.

Halloween ComicFest 2015 - Super Dungeon Explore- #HalloweenComicFest

Come and play in our special Halloween Theme SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE game.

The Force Awakens trailer

And you didn't even have to sit through half a football game to see it:

HeroClix Pre-Release This Sunday at 2PM

We will either run a single booster ($15) or a two booster ($30) sealed event based on total turnout.

Subscribers: Please Remember To Pick Up At Least Monthly


Please remember to try and pick up your books on a monthly basis (at least).
We would love to see you weekly, and you really should try and stop out weekly so you can see all of the new exciting weekly releases.

Subscriber discounts may not apply on books in your boxes older than a month.

Also if you have placed special orders with us please pick them up in a timely manner (within 2 weeks of receipt).

Helping us with these items will keep it so that we can continue to provide a great discount and service to you.  Special orders and large amounts of books in subscriber boxes cost us money so please do your best to help us.

New Comics On Sale This Week

Star Wars: The Force Awakens theatrical poster revealed

Don't look too closely if you don't want some things spoiled for you:

You know what would really get everyone excited for the new movie, though? Something a little more like this:

Yeah, that's the stuff!

Make sure you pick up the new Shattered Empire comic, which starts to bridge the gap between the original trilogy and the new movies. If you become a subscriber, we hold a copy for you every month, and you don't have to worry about sell-outs.

You also don't have to worry about Jar-Jar.

Halloween ComicFest 2015 - Ghostbusters Board Game Launch Party - #HalloweenComicFest

Be one of the first people to play the ALL NEW Ghostbusters board game.
You may even get a chance to play with a real Central PA Ghostbuster.

Purchase the game on Halloween ($85) and get some EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS only available at this launch party.

Halloween ComicFest 2015 - Free Comic Book Day- #HalloweenComicFest

Free Comic Book Day (Halloween Edition) all day on Saturday, October 31.

Everyone gets 1 free comic.
If you want additional free comics we simply ask for a donation to our Martin Memorial Library fund.

Jeff McComsey (Mother Russia / Fubar) in Store Signing This Saturday

Local artist / writer Jeff McComsey will be at Comic Store West this Saturday from 11AM - 3PM.
First 50 people to buy MOTHER RUSSIA #1 at $3.99 can get it signed for FREE.

Stop in and meet (and support) a local comic creator.

Jeff will be interviewed by Comicsverse while at the store. Please stop out and show your support and welcome Jeff to CSW.

Space Cadets Demo Tomorrow (Oct 17) at 10AM

Come and learn how to play SPACE CADETS, Saturday 10/17 at 10am.

Order Space Cadets (and pre-pay) to save 20%.

Attention CGC Collectors

Attention CGC collectors:
We just got in a few modern CGC books that you may be interested in.

The official MOUSE BROTHERS (that's us The Comic Store West) copy of the Secret Wars #1.  Obviously since only The Comic Store West is MOUSE BROTHERS this is the only copy in existence.   We have it priced at just under $100.

We also have a 1 per store sketch copy of Secret Wars #1 (Zdarsky sketch).  Also priced at just under $100.

There is one or two other new CGC books floating around the store.  Come in and check them out.


I just spoke with Candi and she says we need space in our indy back issue library.  You know what that means?  We will be prepping for a INDY BACK ISSUES BY THE POUND SALE.

We are planning to do this on Halloween ComicFest weekend (Oct 31 and Nov 1).  All Indy back issues will be on sale for only $3 PER POUND.

I'm even gonna spend the next 2 weeks picking through our offsite storage to bring some comics in for the sale that have NEVER BEEN in a store sale before.

Don't miss this always popular sale.

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