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How many times can Batman's parents die?

Good point. Here's all of them at once:

Blood Drive, Saturday, October 25 from 4pm-7pm

A blood drive will close out this year's Halloween ComicFest.
Come out on Saturday, October 25 from 4pm and 7pm and give blood.
For all those that do they will receive an additional 10% OFF all purchases for the day.

Come see Batman donate blood at 4pm.

Magic - Khans of Tarkir FAT Pack Release

Khans of Tarkir FAT Release event this Saturday at 2pm.
Only $37.
Build a deck with your FAT Pack contents and compete for more boosters.

Starts at 2pm.
Strict limit of 10 players.

We still have a few FAT packs left to sell before this event and more arriving on Monday.

JUST ARRIVED - Tons of Mystery Minis

Nightmare for Christmas
Science Fiction
Horror Classics
$7.99 each

JUST ARRIVED - Smash Up Expansion - Monster Smash

JUST ARRIVED - HeroClix Lanterns

3 Different sets
$24.99 each

Magic The Gathering - Khans of Tarkir Booster Boxes

Booster boxes (with promo card) only $99 ONLY UNTIL close of business Sunday.
After Sunday the price goes back up.  Stock up now.

Get your hands on some fetch lands.

FAT Packs?
Yes we have them too and we have our EXCLUSIVE FAT Pack release event this Saturday at 2PM.
Only $37 to play and you get a free FAT Pack.

Thursday Night Magic Tonight at 6PM

Thursday Night Magic tonight at 6PM.
Only $14.


It's back!!!
Core game and ALL 5 expansions !!
You know the drill, get it quickly because we have a hard time keeping it in stock.

HALLOWEEN COMICFEST - October 25 - Give Blood to the Central PA Blood Bank

Help save a life.
Batman will be donating blood at about 4pm on October 25 at the store.
Please help out and come donate after him, the Central PA Blood Bank Blood Mobile will be on hand from 4PM - 7PM for donations.

We will be providing an additional 10% DISCOUNT on all purchases for the day if you donate blood.

Help local the community blood service, and everything collected goes to benefit patients in local hospitals, including all of the facilities in York County.

Check out their website at:

JUST ARRIVED - Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual

Yes we have it early.

The new Monster Manual has arrived 2 weeks before the actual release date.

But there is a catch....
We only have a few to sell early.
Stop in today before the pre-release copies are gone.
Don't worry - If you miss out on a pre-release copy we will get more on the actual release date (September 30).

Deadpool movie coming Feb. 12, 2016

Per The Hollywood Reporter.

Who's excited? I know I am!

And what's really awesome is that it was apparently the leaked test footage that finally made it happen.

D&D Dungeon Masters Guide Delayed

Just announced - D&D Dungeon Master's Guide to be delayed a month.

The delay is blamed on "an entire additional cycle of design and editing to ensure that the books were as close to perfect as humanly possible" introduced with this new edition of the game. While this effort is touted as a boon for the quality of the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual, which are releasing on schedule, it has pushed the production schedule back on the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Comic Store West participates in WotC’s early release program, we should have it on sale November 28th, with general release following on December 9th.

Marvel Dice Masters Events 3 and 4, Saturday September 20

Finally Marvel Dice Master events.
Saturday, September 20 at 4pm and 7pm.

I promise you these events will not be cancelled.

Semi-Constructed event
Pay $10

Bring 4 characters each with 3 dice and 2 basic action cards and basic dice

Get 10 packs to build a 8 character, 20 dice team.

Winner gets a WOLVERINE Prize card. (4pm event).
Winner gets a COLOSSUS Prize card (7pm event).

Participation prizes available for all (while supplies last)

Guardians of the Galaxy opening scene re-created in Destiny

(That's Bungie's newest game, Destiny, if you're not familiar.)

ShadowRun Wednesdays Update

Sorry guys, I tried character creation last week and it was a mess.
I just don't know the system well enough yet and I won't run a game if I don't know the rules inside and out.

I'll keep reading and working on rules, in the meantime if someone else wants to run please feel free.
Otherwise continue to enjoy D&D on Wednesday nights.

New Comics On Sale - September 17, 2014

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

About Spider-Woman #1:

Spider-Woman #1 is listed in this month's Previews catalog. If you're desperate to get the Manara variant, come in and ask Scott what you need to do to get one.

Halloween ComicFest, Saturday October 25 (ALL DAY)

Halloween ComicFest is Saturday, October 25.
We are still working on the details so far we have 2 things to announce:

(Look for even bigger savings on anything not Marvel and DC)

Help the York chapter of the American Red Cross by donating some of your precious blood.
Batman will be the first to donate, but we encourage everyone to follow his example (unless of course he passes out).  We are even going to giving you something if you donate.

More events to be determined.

COMING IN MARCH - Justice League Dice Masters

DC enters the Dice Master realm.
Get on the waiting list today.
Starters and boosters are scheduled to arrive in mid-March 2015.

Our next Marvel Dice Masters event is Saturday, September 20 4PM

4PM - $10, get 10 boosters to add to the 4 characters (3 dice each) and 2 basic action cards.
Prize = Wolverine

7PM - $10, get 10 boosters to add to the 4 characters (3 dice each) and 2 basic action cards.
Prize = Colossus

JUST ARRIVED - DoomTown Reloaded

The classic collectible card game Deadlands: Doomtown returns as an Expandable Card Game in Doomtown: Reloaded.

Featuring four factions fighting for control of Gomorra, California, Doomtown: Reloaded allows you to build your own deck from a fixed set of cards in the box. Play your dudes to control deeds in the town, and use actions, hexes, and more to thwart your opponents.

Shootouts are resolved via a poker mechanism as every card has a suit and value. Preparing for the hands you want to draw is as much a part of deck building as choosing the actions and dudes you'll want to play. Your deck is built around an Outfit, one of the four main groups attempting to control Gomorra, California, and these outfits are:

  • The Law Dogs: The Sheriff and his deputies, tasked with enforcing law and order in an extremely chaotic town.
  • The Sloane Gang: The main cause of a lot of the chaos, the Sloane Gang takes what they want, no matter who it costs.
  • The Morgan Cattle Company: Progress and investment, Morgan Cattle has moved into the surrounding ranch lands and uses its deep pockets to influence the town.
  • The Fourth Ring: It's that circus that's been here for months, but I swear it just arrived...

Our first in store play event will be October 11 at noon

Join Us Saturday at #SaveAgainstFear in Lancaster

Don't forget this weekend is Save Against Fear in Lancaster.

Visit our booth on Saturday, 10% of ALL SALES for the day will go directly do The Bodhana Group.  We will have some of the top rated games and plenty of gaming accessories on sale.

For more information on Save Against Fear check out their website.

It starts now - Fire and Stone!

As you may know, Marvel Comics gets the Star Wars license come 2015 (and they've got some really cool plans, so that's not necessarily a bad thing, as far as readers are concerned). That's good for Marvel, but Dark Horse Comics has kind of made Star Wars the backbone of their company for the past few years. So what are they going to do without one of their biggest moneymakers?

Answer? Call some old favorites up from the minor leagues.

Read-along with Man-Thing

Back in the 1970s, a company called Peter Pan Records put out a line called "Power Records," which presented dramatized readings of Marvel and DC comics, and came with a read-along book. One of the books they did was Night of the Laughing Dead, based on Man-Thing #5.

And as it so happens, if you've ever wanted a giant statue of Man-Thing carrying an unconscious clown, there's just such a thing available from Gentle Giant! It's listed in this month's Previews catalog on page 484. It's a conversation piece. Imagine how your friends will react when you invite them over to your hour to behold your giant-size Man-Thing!

Superheroes vs. Lamps

So, here's a thing:

Yeah, I don't get it either. But that's just one of a whole page of super lamps. It's a silly idea, but it's executed well. Which one is your favorite?

Pokemon League Challenge - Saturday, September 21 at Noon

Saturday, September 21 at noon

Goals of the challenge:

  • Help introduce new players to tournament play
  • Help players prepare for Fall Regionals (in Philadelphia)
  • Start earning championship points
Entry fee = $2 or 8 unused TCGO code cards

Format: 60 card STANDARD

Guess what's back in this month's Previews!

It's on page 523 if you want one. And you know you want one!

Malifaux Fridays - 5PM - ?

The return of Malifaux to CSW.
Fridays from 5ish until ?

What is Malifaux?
Malifaux is a skirmish-level miniatures wargame manufactured by Wyrd Miniatures involving gang warfare in the ruins of a crumbling city. According to the game's backstory, the city of Malifaux was discovered through a portal into another world.

This world is a source of the valuable mineral known as "soulstone" which allows for magical effects. Games pit masters and their crews against one another for control of this resource.

BACK IN STOCK TONIGHT - Marvel Dice Masters

Marvel Dice Master booster boxes will be back in stock and available for sale tonight.

Stock up just in time for this Saturday's events.

We are getting a ton of these boosters today, but they will not last very long.
Stock up while you can.

Booster boxes are just under $60.
Single booster packs are only 99 cents.

The next set (Uncanny X-Men) comes out in late October.

Local comic artist on the NBC Nightly News

We carry Face Value Comics, so come in today before this increase in attention means a sell-out.

It's Previews time!

Hey everybody, it's time to get excited! Because the new Previews catalog is here!

Remember that subscribers can get Previews for free. Come in today, pick up a copy of the catalog, and bring your order form back by the 18th; we'll order everything you want, and it will start arriving in November.


I've totally redone the HeroClix singles section.  Stop in and check out the new figures, new pricing and all new relics.

We also have a few Shuma-Gorath and Trinity of Sin bases still in stock.

Marvel Comics 1975 Calendar Flashback (September)

We continue our 1975 Marvel Calendar flashback.
The days match between 1975 and 2014 so enjoy the classic calendar.

Check back here October 1 for the next one.

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