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A fan-made "Days of Future Past" poster

This is much more stylish than any of the official images released so far:

JUST ARRIVED - Star Trek Attack Wing (wave 3)

This was a big new release week.
Check out the new Star Trek Attack Wing ships.

Also the DS9 has arrived for everyone eligible to play in that special event.

RIP Harold Ramis

Sadly, Harold Ramis (writer, director, Egon) has died.

It looks like this means the proposed Ghostbusters 3 is really not happening, now. Those of us who want that 'busters fix will have to content ourselves with IDW's ongoing Ghostbusters comic - which really is as good as the movies. Pick up a few issues or a trade paperback, and experience the sequel we're never going to get.

New Comics On Sale - February 26, 2014

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Heroes Reborn

No, not the terrible '90s Marvel experiment; NBC is bringing back Heroes:

What do you think? Good idea? Bad? Can they recapture the glory of that first season?

Flea Market - Ready For Day 2?

Our first ever FLEA MARKET continues tomorrow. Many of our vendors have restocked their table space with all new stuff. So even if you were out today, stop back out and see what new items are here. Since this is the last day I'm sure you could probably haggle the price with them too.

With the huge success of this we will be hosting another in 6 months.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Some questions from today:

1> Can I pay with credit or debit card? YES

2> Can I haggle? YES

TableTop Day 2014

So far we have multiple tables of a very special Super Dungeon Explore game (starring Nintendo's Mario Brothers) and an officially sanctioned Ticket to Ride game with PRIZES !!!

More game announcements coming soon.

New T-Shirts Coming Soon !!!

We are working on a new T-SHIRT order.
We will be placing an order with our distributor this week or next so let us know if you want to order anything.

Buy from us to avoid shipping charges.
And YES subscribers get their discount on t-shirts.

Make sure you tell us the item code, description and size !!!!
Link to distributor's website.

More Hats !!

Looking for some really cool winter hats.  Check out all the new FUN hats we just got in.

Mostly kids sizes but some adult sizes are available.

Magic - Born of the Gods Singles Now On Sale

The Born of the Gods binder is priced and ready for sale.
Get your 'hot' cards from the latest Magic set today.

Flea Market In Full Swing

Today's customer Flea Market is in full swing. Lots of awesome old games for great prices !!
Come in and check out all the deals.

Fantastic Four cast announced

Fox has apparently decided on its cast for the FF reboot, and people are reacting in a predictable manner (as summed up by this Dork Tower comic):

If fans are flipping out now, wait until the producers decide to fulfill that other persistent rumor, and go with a female Dr. Doom!

What do you think of the casting? Think it could work, or is this all just a big ploy by Fox to make a movie so bad that Disney/Marvel will pay to buy the FF rights back from them?

The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

Man, I do not care about the Guardians of the Galaxy. But let's watch this.


Adventure Time Card Wars In Stock

Now in stock

Flea Market Update

I did not think we would fill up with vendors for our first ever flea market, but it happened.
We are completely full.

I've seen some sneak previews of some items to be sold and all I can say is WOW !!!
I'll try and post some pictures later.

If you want to find some cool stuff cheap come in this weekend for the flea market.

DVDs, statues, TVs, home security cameras, HeroClix, Pokemon, Magic, old RPG games, miniatures, blu rays, and tons more.

All day Saturday and Sunday

The original Settler of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a staple of any nerdy game night, but do you know where it came from?

Yes, "Germany," but that's only part of the answer. The New Yorker has an article about Klaus Teuber, the game's inventor, which traces its origins and charts its goals. It's a quick read, but informative.

If you haven't played Catan but are interested in trying it, come in for Game Night any Tuesday, and you'll probably find someone more than willing to show you the island.

Kim Il Sung becomes a villain on North Korean money

German artist Aslan Malik defaced some currency to create the Injustice League of North Korea. Click the link for more, but here's one of my favorites:

Flea Market Next Weekend

Don't forget next Saturday and Sunday is our first ever FLEA MARKET. Space was getting tight last time I looked, if you want a vendor space stop in and check to see if we still have space.

Since we are almost full make sure if you are not a vendor you come in to check out all of the items for sale from our vendors. There's gonna be something for everyone.

That's next Saturday and Sunday (2/22 and 2/23).

OGRE Mega Battle

The OGRE Mega Battle originally scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled. We will try another one in a few weeks.

We Are Open !!!

We are most definitely open today.

Keep in touch!

Because of the way Facebook works now, some people didn't see notice of our Pre-Snow-Day Sale until Thursday afternoon, and by then it was too late.

Remember that you can also follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed to keep abreast of what's going on. They're not 100%, but they're still more reliable than Facebook is.

Closed Due To More White Stuff

Like the rest of Pennsylvania we will be closed today due to all the white stuff on the ground.

Hopefully you were able to get out to the store yesterday and take advantage of our SNOW DAY SALE.

We hope to open at our regular time tomorrow. Check back or call to make sure we are open.


To help people get through another possible snow day tomorrow, we are offering 20% off all Trades, Cards and Board games!
(does not include collectible games)

Flea Market - Feb 22 and 23

Don't forget on Feb 22 and 23 is our first FLEA MARKET.
We got at least 8 vendors so far and can always squeeze in a few more.

If you are not interested in selling plan on coming in to browse. I know we will have a wide variety of items ranging from old games to miniatures, to Pokemon cards, to electronics, to DVDs and much, much more.

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New Comics On Sale - February 12, 2014

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Magic - Born of the Gods

Yes, we have plenty of the newest Magic expansion - Born of the Gods available. Stop in for booster boxes and FAT packs today.

Also today at noon is the FAT pack release event. We still have a few spots available for this EXCLUSIVE event and hope to see you there.

And in about 2 weeks we will have the Born of the Gods single binder to go with our huge Magic singles selection.

Best cards, best prizes, best prices, and we always have plenty in stock. Why go anywhere else?

We are Ms. Marvel

The new Ms. Marvel series began this week, and thanks to the composition of its cover... can make yourself into Marvel's newest hero, too! Here's the proof:

I've read the first issue, and it's really good. A lot of fun, with a unique setting and realistic characters. Buy a copy, then show us how you are Ms. Marvel, too.

Available now in-store: ED-209

He's big, he's bad, he's... unable to walk down stairs. He's ED-209, Robocop's most identifiable enemy! (That's the classic old Robocop, not the new "Black Iron Man" Robocop, though there's an ED-209 in the new movie, too.)

Look at the all features this massive beast has:

Come in today and get this amazingly detailed monster today. It's a daunting 15" tall - you're not going to be seeing this guy anywhere else! And our price is already cheaper than buying him online, even before you factor in whatever shipping costs you'd have to pay.

Cards Against Humanity, Yeah We Have It

You've asked for it, and asked for it and asked for it and asked for it and asked for it....


Cards Against Humanity (the grown up version of Apples to Apples) has arrived.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

We have a limited number of core games and an extremely limited number of all expansions available.  These sell out from our distributor very fast so run as fast as you can to the store right now, just don't slip on the ice.

Star Wars-inspired football helmets

The football season may have ended with a whimper, but there's still some fun to be had.

There are 30 more of those - one for every team - when you follow the link. Which one's your favorite?

Closed Again Because of the Darn White Stuff

We will be closed today.

Amazing Spider-Man 2: the Super Bowl trailer

That's right, we can say "Super Bowl" rather than "the Big Game." Throwing caution to the wind!

Captain America 2: the Super Bowl trailer

Personally, I say that if it's before the kickoff, it doesn't count as a Super Bowl ad, but that was just a 30-second teaser for this full trailer anyway:

February Update and Some Free Comic Book Day Infoi

I heard we missed some game events from the calendar. I think I've got everything on our online calendar for February now.

I been hearing lots of buzz about our Flea Market, tell your friends. Come out and check out some cheap stuff.

And we are still locking down the Free Comic Book Day Activities for May. We are pulling out all the stops and are hoping to make this our best FCBD ever!! This is a reminder, the best costume will win $250 (store cash), so continue working on the costumes.

You have plenty of time to put something truly great together. The votes are going to happen live (no facebook liking and such this time), so plan on telling all your family and friends to come in and vote for you.

Complete contest details will be coming soon.

Magic Day 2

Another awesome Magic turnout for Sunday's Pre-Release #2.

This Thursday will be another draft event for Thursday Night Magic.
Best prizes in the area for a draft event !!

New Comics On Sale - February 5, 2014

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

IMPORTANT Magic Pre-Release Sunday Update

Thanks for coming out in full force on Saturday for the Pre-Release Event.

Because of the HUGE turnout we MUST cut the total of  number seats available for Sunday's Pre-Release event.

The tournament starts at noon.

If you want to play and  have not signed up yet then you should be here by 11:30 to get in line for a spot.  IF YOU ARE ALREADY SIGNED UP AND PAID, DON'T WORRY YOUR SPOT IS SECURE.

Because we hate to turn people away there will be a LIMITED OPEN DUELING side event for anyone that does not make the main event.  The open dueling event is $14.99 (plus tax).  This event is to 8 and does not include prize support.

Did I mention we have a very limited (18) FAT Pack Release event on Saturday the 8th?
(This will probably sell out too so you should sign-up and pay prior to Saturday).

Magic Born of the Gods FAT Release Event - February 8 at noon

This is the only way to guarantee yourself a FAT pack of the latest set, plus you pay less for it than everyone else.  WOW !  That's crazy.

Sign-up now, limited to only 18 people.

Flea Market Weekend Approaching

We are off to a good start with 'vendor' sign-ups for our mini FLEA MARKET.  Keep it coming though guys, tell your gaming friends and let's have a full house so we can try and help you guys sell some of your unwanted stuff.

It's Previews time!

Hey everybody, it's time to get excited! Because the new Previews catalog is here!

Remember that subscribers can get Previews for free. Come in today, pick up a copy of the catalog, and bring your order form back by the 18th; we'll order everything you want, and it will start arriving in April.

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