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Magic - Born of the Gods Booster Box Pre-Order Offer

We are taking pre-orders of booster boxes now.
Get a booster box with LIMITED EDITION foil promo card for under $100 for a limited time.

Magic - Born of the Gods Pre-Releases

The sign-up sheet is available now for the Magic - Born of the Gods Pre-Release events.

Pre-Release #1 - Saturday, February 1 at 2PM
$27 (note the change in price)
We want you to sign-up early and pay for this event. As a result all early sign-ups/pays will receive an extra booster of the Born of the Gods set after the pre-release event is over. While supplies last.

Pre-Release #2 - Sunday, February 2 at NOON
$27 (note the change in price)

TableTop: Takenoko

As with most of the TableTop games we try and keep this game in stock.
If we don't have it ask us to order it, we can have it here in less than a week and you NEVER pay shipping !!

We Still Have Cool Games In Stock

You guys did a great job with your game purchasing yesterday.
Our shelves are not quite this bare.

If you are looking for a game and we don't have it in stock let us know, in most cases we can have it here within a week.  Scott will be doing a big game reorder this coming week.

We still have plenty of good games that make great Christmas presents like:

Star Trek Fleet Captains and the Romulan expansion
Super Dungeon Explore (Look for a Super Dungeon Event soon at the store)
Save Doctor Lucky (awesome family game)
Hot Rod Creeps (one my my favorite games of all time)
and of course tons of Munchkin

Welcome to Small Business Saturday

Hey, Comic Store West is a small business.
Come out today and support us, our Black(est) Friday sales are still going on today.

Action Figures and Statues are 40% OFF
Games/Miniatures are 30% OFF
Trades and Graphic Novels are 25% OFF

Spot the difference

If you've had enough mall madness, remember: we're still open and the sales are still going on. Plus, we're a lot more fun than most stores. Come in, say hi, get some amazing deals on the stuff you really want this Black Friday.

Black Friday

So I grabbed 2 dozen donuts and was on my way down Industrial Highway to the store this morning when my friend (and Keystone Gaming Society member) Sam texted me to ask where I was because there was a long line outside the store.

I checked my clock, it's 6:57, I roll in to the parking lot and he was not kidding there was a line to get in to the store.

Wow!! Black Friday will even work at the Comic Store.

We are going to make a few tweaks for next year, but this will become a yearly thing for us now.  Who would have thought?  It was good to see everyone.  And after that non-stop hour of register running I finally got a break to eat a donut and drink a Monster.

Thanks to all the crazies that came out this morning.

Justice League Thanksgiving (WARNING - STRONG LANGUAGE)

I had to post this, it cracked me up.
There is strong language in it, you have been warned.

Lady Sif Visits the Children's Hospital Los Angeles

This is just a nice, heartwarming story for the pre-Thanksgiving days: Jaimie Alexander, who plays Sif in the Thor movies, visited a children's hospital in full costume, hanging out with the kids and letting them play with the weapons for a day. That's pretty cool!


We will be eating turkey with our families on Thanksgiving and going to bed early so we can be up in time for the BLACK FRIDAY SALE at the store.

See you early Friday.

Catch all the Doctor Who references

So, you enjoyed "The Day of the Doctor" this past weekend, right? Well, no matter how big a geek you are, you may have missed some of the little nods to Doctor Who's 50-year history. Luckily, Buzzfeed has just the list to increase your nerd knowledge, The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary.

Now be honest: how many of them did you actually recognize before the list pointed them out to you?

(Just eight or nine, for me.)

The geekiest little chapel in France

The odds are good that you already know about Darth Vader being on the National Cathedral, but that's nothing compared to what we're about to show you.

It's an Alien. Like, a full-on Xenomorph alien:

That's just one of the gargoyles grotesques on France's Chapelle de Bethléem, which is a legitimate medieval chapel near Nantes, France. When the chapel was being restored in the mid-90s, they discovered that the old architectural drawing from the 19th century didn't specify what the sculptures were, so they kind of had free rein to update it as they saw fit. In addition to the Alien (which represents the Biblical Leviathan), there's also a Gremlin, Gizmo, and Mazinger Z as "the knight of modern times." You can see more photos at Geek Tyrant.

If you were in charge of geek-ifying a church, what characters would you put on it, and what would they represent?

HeroClix Kill and Keep Photos

Photos from the today's HeroClix Kill and Keep Event.
Thanks to Dave for letting me help judge. It was fun playing, I rarely get a chance. Lots of cans donated to the York Food Bank. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Black Friday, Who's Coming?

Who's planning on joining me on Black Friday at the store for are awesome door buster sales?
I'll be in at 7am to open the store and I'll have free donuts (while supplies last).

What's everyone's favorite donut?

New Comics On Sale - November 27, 2013 (Turkey Day Eve)

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Doctor Who Cosplayers (part 2)

And here's all the cos-players.
Thanks again everyone  !!

Awesome !!!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Doctor Who 50th party.

Special thanks to Eric, Scott, Gabby, Jasmine for helping with everything.

Thanks to Chris and the York Girls Club for the Doctor Who blanket donation.

Somebody's confused

That's not a mistake, it's... just the result of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff! You wouldn't understand. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Doctor Who Trivia

Doctor Who trivia will be starting early.
Thanks to Angry Scott we have a ton of questions and everyone is super excited to play.

Probably start around 1ish.

Doctor Who Cosplayers (part 1)


Doorbuster 7am - 11am
40% off all miniatures / Games
50% off all action figures and statues
35% off all Trades paperbacks and Graphic novels

Stop in for FREE donuts (while supplies last)

After 11am Friday and all weekend.
30% off all miniatures / Games
40% off all action figures and statues
25% off all Trades paperbacks and Graphic novels

Lots of people have asked me what the heck is Krampus?
Check out the wikipedia entry here

Doctor's Excuse For Today

Doctor Who Cookies In The House

Thanks Gabby for the cookies and the help today.

HeroClix Keep What You Kill

Judge and part-time Ghostbuster Shiffler and I have a huge box full of HeroClix figures, 95% of which are from FEAR ITSELF, ready for the Keep What You Kill Sunday at 2pm.

Buy 2 boosters (yes, we have the new Iron Man) and bring a bunch of cans of food for donation to the York Food Bank. Whatever figures you KO (kill) in the game, you get to keep. No the judges will not be keeping your figures so don't worry.

If you lose 5 of your figures you can buy another booster and donate some more cans and jump right back in the game.

There will be cheats available that can be purchased with additional cans of food.

Come out and have fun in this wacky tournament.

We will play until everybody decides to quit.

Doctor Who Day

5 hours to go until the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.
Get all your 'honey do' items done early and get out here to watch on our big screen.

Best of episodes have just started and will be played until 2ish.

Doctor Who trivia at about 2 or 2:15PM.

Doctor Who blanket raffle at 2:30 - 2:45PM.

Day of the Doctor episode on the big screen at 2:50PM.

What's Going On In The Area

Do you want to know what's going on in the Central PA area (especially at Comic Store West) as far as gaming and other geek things?

Check out this new MEETUP GROUP

Magic Commander 2013 Decks Back In Stock

We just received another shipment of Magic Commander 2013 decks.

We also still have a From The Vault Twenty and some Theros Pre-Release boxes.

These are VERY LIMITED items.

HeroClix A vs X Starter Sets

The new starter sets have arrived.
These are what are to be used with the first AvsX event on Sunday December 15 at 2pm.

You must buy a starter (or 1 of each) from us to play in this special event.

These are on sale beginning Wednesday.
Please let us know which one you are buying so we can get you on the list of allowed players.

Could a real life archer shoot like Hawkeye or Green Arrow?

Turns out that yes, they could:

He can fire on both sides, he can fire from any position, he can fire faster than Legolas in Lord of the Rings... this guy's impressive!

HeroClix - Keep What You Kill Tourney

Keep what you Kill


This Sunday, 11/24 at 2PM


Buy a figure booster or 5 single figure boosters. Donate 2 canned food items.

Play with all of your figures.


3 Actions per Turn

After each player’s turn the Judge gets a three action turn then play passes to the next player.

Once a player loses all of their figures they may buy another booster, and donate two cans of food to join back in again.

Players will be assigned a number and those numbers will be pulled at random to determine seating at the beginning of the game. Once players start dropping out players can sit in any open seat when they buy a new booster and donate 2 cans.

Players may help each other or hurt each other, keep that in mind! All the figures you buy are yours, players will not give figures to judges or other players if they KO their figures.

The last player to damage a figure keeps it, even if it gets KOed because of pushing or Mystics, etc.

Judges reserve the right to amend these rules mid game (including but not limited to changing, adding, or removing cheats, rules, game effects, scenarios, and whatever else they may think up in their twisted minds.) in the interest of fun and or remaining game time.

There will be cheats available to use with the donation of additional cans.

HeroClix Kill and Keep

  1. Buy a booster (your choice of any 5 figure booster in stock) and donate 2 canned food items.
  2. Open your booster, randomly pair with a judge who will be using primarily figures from FEAR ITSELF. Any figures you kill you get to keep. It's a great way to finish off your FEAR ITSELF collection.
  3. When you lose all of your figures, simply buy another booster and donate another 2 cans and jump back in or jump into another open table.
  1. Donate 2 cans and immediately give a figure OUTWIT for 1 turn. You can use it again but it will cost 4 cans the next time you use it. Every time you use it it will cost double the cans from the previous use. (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 cans).
  2. Donate 2 cans and immediately give a figure PROBABILITY CONTROL for 1 turn. You can use it again but it will cost 4 cans the next time you use it. Every time you use it it will cost double the cans from the previous use. (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 cans).
  3. You can force a new map at the start of your game for a cost of 5 cans. Sunday, November 24 at 2pm.

The story of #Batkid

Batkid from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.

Doctor Who Blankets To Raffle

Here are the two Doctor Who blankets that we are raffling off.  All proceeds go to the York Girls Club.

Tickets available now for $2 each.

Central PA Gaming Meet Up Group

Check out this great group that will show area game events and other pop culture events.

New Comics On Sale - November 20, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

The Day of the Doctor Next Saturday

Doctor Who Day Next Saturday.
50th Anniversary episode starts at 2:50PM.

Join us in our gaming room for Doctor Who fun all morning and afternoon leading up to the show.

Join over 100 million viewers in this worldwide event (luckily our game room is bigger on the inside).

Destroyed Magic Cards

Magic From The Vault Twenty

We have one more of these bad boys left.
Stop in today, it is sure to go fast.

We also just got in 1 of each of the Theros Pre-Release box sets in.

Magic Holiday Box BONUS

As an added incentive for the NEW Magic Holiday Boxes I've added this FOIL promo card - Bident of Thassa to about 10 of the boxes. So if you are interested in getting a holiday box stop in to get one with a foil card while they last.

Doctor Who Day Next Saturday

Saturday, November 23 - Doctor Who Day

Come in dressed as your favorite Doctor Who character and hang out in our game room watching episodes that you selected as the best episodes ever. Watch them on our big screen.

Play Doctor Who trivia.

Check out all of the Doctor Who goodies we got in just for the day.

Play some Doctor Who (science fiction) themed games.

We will be raffling off a DOCTOR WHO blanket. Buy tickets for a chance to win. Tickets are $2 and all proceeds go to the York Girls Club.


(bring munchies for everyone to enjoy).

"Puny God"

(via Darrell Lee on Google+)

Food Drive Month Has Started

Our food drive month has officially started.
Free Magic tournament starts in an hour.

Thor: The Dark World credit scene explained

Aww, no love for Rocket Raccoon? But hey, speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, were you confused by the mid-credits scene in Thor 2? Perhaps you've already seen it and still have questions. Questions like:

  • Who was that guy?
  • What is he doing?
  • When will I see him again?
  • Why should I care?
Well, this article should give you all the info you need to know.

Of course, the best way to learn about these characters is to read the books they're in. Come in and ask about the Annihilation collections, which will be a great primer for next year's big Marvel movie.

The Night of the Doctor

Getting excited for our Doctor Who Day? Maybe this will get you in the mood:

Walking Dead Back Issues

This is your last chance, time is running out to get those Walking Dead back issues you need for your collection for under eBay prices.

The collection on our wall will be coming down soon and going up on eBay.

JUST ARRIVED - HeroClix Batman Arkham Origins

Just arrived, the latest HeroClix mini set.
Fans of Batman, Video games, and HeroClix will not want to miss these. The Batman and Joker figures are some of the best I've seen.

Magic Theros Holiday Box

Magic Theros Holiday Gift Boxes have arrived.
Only $19.99.

Last year's Return to Ravnica gift boxes went fast so come in soon and come in often. As always the line starts on the left side of the store so when the crowd gets out of control it won't interfere with our neighbors.

I was just in at the store and Scott is prepping his deck for Saturday's Magic event. Hope to see everyone Saturday.

Swarm of Ogres are Inbound to CSW

Our Ogre Designer's Editions are on the way !!
I just got shipping notices for our copies of the game.
Over 100 pounds of Ogre will be arriving soon.

Last I looked we still had 1 or 2 open pre-order spots available.
I'm not quite sure of the price point yet, probably around $200.

But remember this is the LIMITED EDITION version, selling for $250+ on EvilBay.

Keep checking back with us for a special Ogre Launch Party.
Details coming soon.
It could be the return of the Keystone Gaming Society podcast.


Apparently this is a photo from next year's Spider-Man movie.
If this is an actual photo I think I'll pass.

How Best to Destroy Magic Cards

How are you going to destroy Magic cards this Saturday?
On the way to work this morning it hit me - A BLENDER !!

This Saturday - Iron Man / Cheat for Charity.

BTW - I heard we may ban 2 cards from this event (Tramatize and Battle of Wits). Be prepared to replace these cards if they are officially banned.

Even Charmin is jumping on the Thor train

As discovered by Buzzfeed, Charmin (the toilet paper people) Tweeted and deleted this image:

Gee, I wonder what prompted them to pull the image?

Thor - Dark World

Just saw Thor 2.
Better than the first one. Loved the cameo, make sure you stick around after the credits for TWO clips (everyone should know this by now).

New Comics On Sale - November 13, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Hugh Jackman gets the brown Wolverine costume

IGN posted a deleted scene from the upcoming Blu-ray of The Wolverine, showing Logan getting his classic John Byrne-designed "orange and brown" costume from the '80s.

We'd embed the video, but you know how quickly those things get taken down. So instead, here's a gif:

So what do you think? With more superheroes sticking close to their comicbook roots in movies, would the X-Men look good in something besides black leather for a change?

Important Magic Iron Man Event Update

I just heard from our Magic Champion - Scott.

Anyone privileged enough to play him next Saturday and skilled enough to actually beat him will get an extra BONUS PRIZE. I don't even know what it is.

And the store will donate 20 additional cans of food for every person Scott beats. That should give him enough incentive to kick everyone's ass.

If you think you have what it takes to play Magic, grab some cans and some crappy commons (or buy some from us) and come in next Saturday.

Black Friday Sales

YES we've decided to have a BLACK FRIDAY SALE.
This will be the official last sale before Christmas for Comic Store West.

We will have special DOORBUSTER sales on Black Friday, November 29 beginning at 7am and lasting until 11am. The special discounts during this 4 hours will be the biggest in CSW's 27 year history.

After 11am on Friday and lasting all weekend will still be some great deals.

We are holding the full details until we post our BLACK FRIDAY FLYER on November 25.

CSW vs Our Magic Crew next Saturday !!

Magic players: You know you want to play and beat Scott in a Magic tournament. He's come out of retirement in order to play in our special Iron Man / Charity event on Saturday 11/16.

Scott will buy cards, build a deck and destroy cards right along with everyone else. Oh, and of course he will cheat along with everyone else too. But cheating is ok, it's for charity.

Come out to our biggest Magic prize payout event ever. Will you win a tv? No. But you will walk away with something (even if you finish last).

We want a huge mess of Magic cards when you leave. So bring your commons (or buy some from our 300-400 for $10 box) and creative ways for destroying cards, and of course cans of food to cheat with.

We need at least 10 people for the From the Vault prize (so bring your friends). Otherwise we will give packs to winners.

Even if yo have never played Magic before come and play, you'll have fun tearing up cards and you will feel good about donating to the York Area Food Bank.

(Maybe we can even get Scott to wear a dunce hat)

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