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Doctor Who Day Cosplay

Join Doctor Who and Amy Pond on Saturday, November 23rd for Doctor Who Day. Watch the 50th anniversary episode in high definition on the big screen.

Dress as your favorite Who characters.

2013 Costume Contest Winner

And the winner is - SHADOWCAT !!

Thanks to everyone who dressed up and came out for another fun filled Halloween.





Entry Fee: 20 canned goods (or 16 ounces dry food equivalent).

Bug everyone you know to get canned (or dry) goods.

Put up signs at your work or call your Grandma! There is no rule that states you have to buy any of these cans!

Be Creative! All Food must be edible - NO EXPIRED FOOD!

For your entry fee, you will receive 20 'Cheat Tokens" (or CTs)

Players will also receive 1 extra 'Cheat Token' for every can of food they bring in beyond the first 20.


There is no deck restrictions for this format. You may play with any card and any number of that card - Except for cards from Unhinged and Unglued. Those cards will be DESTROYED on sight!

There is no Minimum and no Maximum deck size.

Each Match-Up is SINGLE ELIMINATION instead of the best two out of three games.

There will be 8 rounds total. If we have less than 8 players, we will have repeat match-ups. In the case of ties, tied players will be allowed to add X number of cards back to their decks and will have to play each other in single elimination rounds.

(X is the number of tied players x10)

At anytime, if a card is removed from the game in anyway (graveyard, exiled, removed from the game, etc.) it is instead given to your opponent to DESTROY!

The simplest way to DESTROY a card is to tear it in half... However, you are allowed to bring in fun and creative ways to DESTROY cards for the tournament.

(No FIRE - Nothing that can hurt someone)

Once the tournament starts, you may NEVER add any cards to your deck. Your deck must be big enough to survive till the end!

However, between games, you may remove cards from your deck to streamline it again. These cards should be given to your next opponent to DESTROY.

For example: If you had 30 cards destroyed during a game, you may want to remove 10 or so lands from your deck.

If at any time, you have nothing in your deck other than basic lands, you are out of the tournament.



For those players who are too anxious to ruin their own cards, or for those who don't have enough cards to play in IRON MAN, we will be having a special sale on our magic bundles before the tournament. We will bring out 30,000 to 40,000 thousand cards for you to go through, and we will be selling them as FILL A BOX.

WE will sell you 300 count box and you can fill it from these cards with anything for only:$10.00!


Each player will have a number of 'Cheat Tokens' (poker chips) to use throughout the tournament. The more you donate, the more you can cheat during this tournament.

Yes, this is unfair. However, it all goes to a charity - So get a helmet!

Each of the CHEATS (listed below) will take so many Cheat Tokens (CTs) to use.

Each time you use one of these cheats again in a single game, you have to DOUBLE the cost you previously paid!

For example: If a CHEAT takes 4 Cheat Tokens, and you want to use it again in a game, it will then cost you 8. If you want to use that CHEAT a third time during a game - It will cost you 16!

The only limit to using CHEATS is how many Cheat Tokens you're willing to pay!


1 CT: You may have one of your basic lands produce 1 extra Mana of its type this turn.

2 CT: You may have one of your basic lands produce any type of Mana this turn instead of its normal type.

3 CTs: If you do not like a card you just drew (1 card), you may place it on the bottom of your deck and draw another one.

5 CTs: Make a creature you are about to summon can't be countered by spells or abilities. You must do this before casting the summons!

5 CTs: If you do not like your opening hand, you may place them on the bottom of your deck and redraw your opening hand.

5 CTs: Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

5 CTs: You may only do this at anytime you could cast a sorcery. Choose a color. Make one of your creature have Protection from that color until your next turn.

10 CTs: You may only do this at anytime you could cast a sorcery. Choose one of your creatures. That creature gains Flying until your next turn. If that creature is still alive at the beginning of your next turn, DESTROY that creature.

10 CTs: You may have one type (Swamp, Mountain, etc.) of your basic lands produce double this turn.

10 CTs: Save a card from being DESTROYED by your opponent. Instead put that card on the bottom of your deck.

10 CTs: You may discard two random cards from your hand and counter your opponents spell. This counter cannot be countered.

FYI - Like CTs, you must double the number of cards you have to discard if you want to do this more than once per game!

15 CTs: You may only do this before the combat damage step. Target creature gains trample and gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is its power. At the beginning of the next end step, destroy that creature if it attacked this turn.

15 CTs: Make a sorcery or instant you are about to cast can't be countered by spells or abilities, except by the above CHEAT. You must do this before casting the casting the card!

25 CTs: You may discard your entire hand and draw 7 new cards.

50 CTs: You may force your opponent to discard their entire hand and draw 7 new cards.

100 CTs: Take another turn after this turn.


If you still are on the fence about this event maybe this will change your mind. We have a SPECIAL GUEST PLAYER lined up for the day.

We would like to also film the massive card destruction.

Come, donate, have fun !!

Geppi's Entertainment Museum

Yay, Comic Store West is a retailer affiliate of Geppi's Entertainment Museum.
Stop in to the store and get your discount tickets (for FREE).

If you are a pop culture fan and have never been to the museum, you MUST go !!
Grab a crab cake in Baltimore after checking Geppi's out.

Star Trek Continues

Star Trek Fans, you are going to love this.

Halloween ComicFest Sale Extended

For those who have not heard we have extended the big Halloween ComicFest Sale thru October. This is the last BIG sale before Christmas so take advantage of the savings while they last.

Board games make great Christmas gifts and card games are great stocking stuffers.

Costume Contest

Remember to get your LIKES in on our Halloween Costume Contest.
First place is a store gift card.

Winner will be announced tomorrow evening.

Pretty Deadly #1

Have you heard the story about the retailer who ripped up copies of a comic he didn't like? It's true, but we're not going to link you to it; for one thing, he's a retailer on the other side of the country, so who he is doesn't really matter; and for another, why give that jerkwad more attention? Besides, the only thing you need to read on the subject is this piece from the author of the comic.

What's our point? Well, the book in question - Pretty Deadly #1 - is our newest guaranteed comic. You can buy it and decide for yourself if it's good or bad. If you don't like it, you can bring it back! Simple as that.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you opt to rip it in half, you can no longer return it. But if you want to buy it and keep it, you can rip it into as many pieces as you like.

Geek Movie Night - Thor - Saturday, November 9 at 9PM

Because you guys have demanded it.
CSW Theater is going monthly. Every month we will have a 'geek movie night'. Movies will start at 9PM on the announced Saturday night. No purchase necessary.

First official geek movie night will be Saturday, November 9th at 9pm.
Join us for the original THOR movie in beautiful big screen HIGH DEFINITION.
(Help us out and bring snacks to share).

Sneak Peak:
December we will be playing the Hobbit, just in time for the sequel.

Costume Contest

We are still tabulating the votes from Facebook and the official store judges are considering all entries.  

Please make sure you LIKE your favorite costume on our Facebook page.

The winner will be announced on Halloween and will receive a $50 gift card to the store.

Doctor Who Day - Saturday, November 23

Mark your calendars.
DOCTOR WHO DAY is Saturday, November 23.
We will be playing some of the best Doctor Who episodes from the past 50 years (as voted by our customers) on the big screen leading up to the 3PM WORLD BROADCAST PREMIERE of the 50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who.

Enjoy Doctor Who and other Science Fiction themed games and a Doctor Who trivia contest throughout the day too. Come dressed as your favorite Doctor Who character and geek out with fellow Doctor Who fans.

Tell your family, tell your friends. You don't want to miss this event.


Friendly Staff During ComicFest

Chewbacca and Ghostbuster

Pokemon - Legendary Treasures Pre-Release

This coming Saturday.
$30 cash.

New Comics On Sale - October 30, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

The Punisher: No Mercy

Remember the Dirty Laundry fan film? This one isn't as good as that, but if you're a Punisher fan, you might enjoy it.

(Just be warned: this is definitely NSFW, which is why we're posting it in the middle of the night on a weekend.)

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #17

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #16

What's ComicFest Without Super Chicken?

Full House of Halloween Theme Games

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #15

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #14

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #13

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #12

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #11

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #10

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #9

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #7

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #6

Please don't vote for me in the costume contest

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #5

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #4

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #3

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #2

Please don't vote for me in the costume contest

Halloween ComicFest Costume Entry #1

Doctor Who Day - Saturday, November 23

Attention Doctor Who nerds. Please give me some ideas for the best episodes of all time. I will be playing these on November 23rd on the big screen in the game room leading up to our 50th anniversary viewing party.

Give me the season number and episode number and episode title and I'll pull it from my collection for the show.

Don't forget November 23rd is Doctor Who Day at the store. Come in costume, play some Doctor Who games, watch some classic Doctor Who episodes leading up to the 50th. We will stream it live from BBC.

Who You Gonna Call (for ComicFest)?

The Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 should be at the store during Halloween ComicFest this Saturday. Look for them from Noon-2PM.

Fox News says The Walking Dead is ruining America

At least, one of their regular contributors says it, and Fox gave him the platform to say it from.

The best part of the op-ed piece comes when, after five paragraphs spent doing nothing more than mentioning the existence of zombies on TV, in videogames, and even in real life (thanks to events like the Walking Dead Escape), Dr. Manny Alvarez starts dropping some truth bombs on us:

Give me a break. As a doctor and scientist, I know one thing for sure: When you're dead, you're dead.


Some might say that Alvarez is just latching onto a popular subject in a controversial way in order to generate some "click bait." And that we're just helping him by bringing it to your attention. But hey, we have an entire wall of Walking Dead back issues for cheaper than you can buy them on eBay, and a handful of Mystery Minis at the front counter. And the new series of McFarlane's WD action figures just came in, too: we have an amazing bundle deal on the whole set of them, first come, first served.

So yeah, maybe we threw together a quick post with an eye-catching title JUST so you'd click on it to see what we're talking about. But at least we're not the ones ruining America: that's the zombies.

Halloween ComicFest Complete Schedule

Batman at Comic Store West

Meet Batman this Saturday from NOON until 2PM during our Halloween ComicFest.

Halloween ComicFest Sales

Halloween ComicFest Sales
All Day Saturday and Sunday

Back issue bin comics
$2 or 3 for $5

Comic bundles
2 for $7.50
3 for $10

Many trades for only $5

More trades for 20% OFF

Kid's trades 30% OFF

Statues 30% OFF

Action Figures 35% OFF

Board and Card Games 20% OFF

Miniatures 15% OFF

Everything else 10% OFF

Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer is here

So why does the UK get Cap 2 a week earlier than we do?

Pathfinder Society is Back

Official Pathfinder Society games are back at the store.
Every Monday night from 5-9.
Stop in a meet the GM and fellow Pathfinder RPG gamers.

Star Wars Machete

Everyone knows I'm a huge Star Wars fan, it's probably what got me into comics in the first place, since my first comic series I collected was the Marvel Star Wars series.

I've got to admit, I was skeptical at first about retooling the order of the movies and totally eliminating Episode I but after reading this article I've decided I am 100% on board and plan on giving the saga a viewing this way in the near future.

Anyone want to have a Star Wars Machete viewing party at the store?
If we get a Saturday with no gaming in the near future I'll do a Star Wars Machete viewing party.
Stay tuned.


Part of Saturday's Halloween ComicFest.
Learn to play / Just Play Zombicide.
Games from 2-9PM

New Comics On Sale - October 23, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster

Hey, look at this!

If you're excited about the movie, we have the trade paperbacks that inspired it. Just come in and ask for any of Ed Brubaker's run, because that's what the movie is drawing from.

Superman vs. Batman has started filming already?

Yesterday at a football game between two schools you've statistically never heard of, the usual halftime activities were replaced by that old rivalry between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University.

It's doubtful that this football game will be as central to the plot as Bane's appearance at a game was to Dark Knight Rises - it's just "B roll," so it might show up as part of a news broadcast, or in a montage scene. Still weird to think that a movie scheduled for 2015 has shot some scenes already.

Here's a closer look at the teams' uniforms, and the sweatshirts handed out to the crowd.

Did you miss "superhero night" on PBS?

Well good news, everyone! All three hour-long episodes are available to watch on PBS's site for a limited time:

I'm really glad to see these online. I missed the first episode and a half, but the parts I did see were really cool. You probably know most of what's covered in the "history" sections, but the documentary was excellently produced, so it's fun to watch anyway. So dig in, and when you're done and in the mood for some new comics to read, remember that we're open until 9 most nights.

Ogre Designer's Edition (Coming Soon)

It's getting closer...
The HUGE Ogre Designer's Edition will be coming soon.
We will have a very, very limited number of these huge games (just look at everything included) coming soon.

The Keystone Gaming Society is trying to work on a unboxing game night on an upcoming Tuesday to publish on YouTube. As soon as a date is locked in we will let you know. Come in and join the video and play some Ogre.

Calling All Zombies (and friends of Comic Store West)

Attention Fellow Zombies (and friends of Comic Store West):

Please SHARE info on Halloween ComicFest with all of your friends and family members.

When: Saturday, October 26 ALL DAY (includes a 9PM viewing of the zombie movie - World War Z).

What: FREE comics, annual costume contest, free food, games, fun for everyone.

Where: Comic Store West of course

2111 Industrial Highway
York, PA 17402

Walking Dead Back Issues Soon To Be Gone

We have issues #12-94 ready for the back issue wall.

Over $2000 in Walking Dead back issues, including #19.

Bagged, boarded and in FANTASTIC condition !!
All issues are priced under market value !!
They will be going up on eBay in December, so get them now before they are gone forever.

Help Us During Halloween ComicFest (Oct. 26)

We are looking for people to run Halloween themed games during how Halloween ComicFest on Saturday, October 26. Zombicide, Zombie Shuffle, Zombies, Zpocalypse, Munchkin Zombies, Zombie Dice, you get the picture? Please email the store or let a friendly employee know what you would like to run and when you can run it. We will even give you a special discount for the day for helping us out.

75 years of Superman history in two minutes

Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm teamed up to create a video honoring Superman's long, long history:

Magic Theros Game Day

Magic the Gathering Theros Game Day, this coming Saturday, October 19 at NOON.
Play against the Hydra desck and win the 3rd and final EXCLUSIVE Hero card.

New Comics On Sale - October 16, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Reminder: Walking Dead comes back tonight

And since the show comes back tonight, this is your last chance to sign up for the eight-week class based on the show.

And if you want somebody to watch the season premiere with, we still have a few Walking Dead Mystery Minis in stock!

Superheroes at the Olympics?

Remember when we showed you the 8-bit cover for Valiant's Unity #1? Well now there's something even crazier!

Valiant Comics is helping to sponsor the USA Luge team, including designing their uniforms. Next month, when Unity #1 ships, there will be a limited variant featuring members of the team posing with X-O Manowar (the inspiration for their suits). If you're interested in this variant, come in to the store and ask us how you can get it.

Wonder Woman fan film

Why is it DC can't get a decent Wonder Woman movie or show together, when a bunch of fans can pool their resources and make this?

Remember, the first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman came out this week. We have plenty of copies for everyone!

Next week is "Superheroes Night" on PBS

PBS announced that Tuesday, October 15, 2013, is “Superheroes Night,” featuring a three-hour block dedicated to the groundbreaking program SUPERHEROES: A NEVER-ENDING BATTLE. The newest film from Emmy Award-winning producer/director Michael Kantor (BROADWAY: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL; MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: THE FUNNY BUSINESS OF AMERICA) will premiere at 8:00 p.m. ET and include insightful interviews from Stan Lee; actors Adam West (TV’s “Batman”) and Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”); Geoff Johns (chief creative officer, DC Comics), Jeph Loeb (head of television for Marvel Entertainment); Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay) and cartoonist/author Jules Feiffer (the long-running strip “Feiffer”), as well as appearances by the late comic book icons Joe Simon (co-creator of Captain America) and Jerry Robinson (who helped create the Joker).

SUPERHEROES, cowritten by Kantor and Laurence Maslon, was initially to premiere October 8 and play over three weeks, but the series will now be a one-evening event of super entertainment.

...or maybe "Wombat Man"?

Magic The Gathering SPECIAL DRAFT This Thursday

Finally the SPECIAL DRAFT as promised.
Normal booster prizes but also get THE HARVESTER Hero card and a chance to win the BIDENT OF THASSA foil card.
(all special cards are while supplies last)

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Our next Star Wars X-Wing Event will be immediately after the Star Trek Attack Wing event on Saturday, October 12. We hope to start at about 3PM. Alternate art Tie Fighter cards for the winners.

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