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Truth in Journalism

Marvel fans will want to catch this nifty little fan film:

(Make sure you watch all the way to the end.)

JUST ARRIVED - HeroClix, HeroClix and HeroClix

Tons of Clix stuff coming in this week.

Not only is the next gravity feed set of X-Men here (the full set comes out in 2 weeks) but the Kick Ass 2 and Bioshock HeroClix expansions are coming in this week.

Look for these on Friday.

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HeroClix Free Play - Sunday, July 28 at 2PM

No judge this week, but come in a play some friendly games from 2PM until close.

Star Trek Attack Wing Sign-up Now

The sign-up sheet is up.
We have 12 spots for the month 1 tournament on September 14.  In order to sign-up you must pre-order and pre-pay for a Starter Set. 

As of today 10 spots remain in the tournament.  Don't miss your chance for the AWESOME swag available at these monthly events.

We also have pre-order and pre-pays for the 8 single ship expansions.

Save 20% and order one of everything plus get access to the Monthly events.

Star Trek Attack Wing

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet with WizKids about upcoming games. I am very excited about Star Trek Attack Wing. We will be doing one event per month beginning in September for this game. The amount of prizes provided for these events is amazing. There will be exclusive ships, cards and other supplies. The grand prize to be given away in February will be a to scale Deep Space Nine !!!

These events are going to be very popular. As a result we will be having a sign-up sheet for the September event. In order to sign up you must Pre-order and Pre-pay for your Attack Wing Starter Set. These are coming out in about a month.

Seriously, when the full list of prizes becomes public knowledge these monthly events will fill up fast. We are limited to 12 players (we are working on allowing more) but get in and sign up soon.

Star Wars miniature fans, we have not forgotten about you. We will be having a Star Wars event following each of these Star Trek events. Check the calendar for more info.

Magic: Backdraft

Of course you know that we have Magic the Gathering games every Thursday night, alternating between standard (bring your own cards) and draft (get cards when you show up). But how many of you Magic fans would be interested in this crazy game style?

Backdraft is a bizarre form of drafting, where you draft a pool of cards for someone else. It is pretty much identical to doing a regular draft, except someone else is going to use the cards you drafted to build their decks. The key is that you are trying to leave that person with the worst pool of cards possible, since you may be playing against them at some point in the tournament.

And obviously, somebody else would be drafting the cards you eventually get to play with and take home. It sounds crummy, but remember: eventually only the good cards would be left, so you'd still get the same mix of good and bad you do in a regular draft.

Obviously it wouldn't supplant the normal every-other-Thursday draft forever, but it might be a fun way to shake things up one week.

Sorry, Magic fans.

We are definitely not going to have the SDCC exclusive Planeswalkers card for the store. And here's why:

SDCC Godzilla Encounter footage

Here, via secret video camera, is the "Godzilla Encounter" experience at SDCC, meant to get small groups of fans hyped for the new movie:

They're sure to pull that down soon, so watch it while you can! And then come in and buy some of IDW's Godzilla comics, to get yourself hyped as well.

TableTop: Forbidden Island

This game is usually in stock.
If it's not in the store, ask us we are happy to order for you.

"Man of Steel" gets a sequel - and a surprise

Today in San Diego's cavernous Hall H (home to all the big movie panels and previews), Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures held a joint panel to talk about their upcoming projects, like Godzilla, The Lego Movie, and the upcoming sequel to Frank Miller's 300. The panel was running long, but right at the end they brought out director Zack Snyder and actor Henry Cavill for a quick announcement.

"I know there's been a lot of speculation about what we're doing," Snyder said. "It is official that we're going to make another Superman movie." He went on to say "there's one particular part of the film I might be able to help you out with.

"We're not adapting this thing," Snyder said, "but it will help us tell you something."

Harry Lennix (the main General from Man of Steel) read some very familiar lines:

"I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat."

"I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

Yes, that's from The Dark Knight Returns. And yes, the Man of Steel sequel is going to be Superman/Batman.

It looks like WB's finally found a way to start building their way toward Justice League, just like Marvel built toward The Avengers. No actor has been announced for Batman yet, so let the speculations commence!

Loki demands allegience at SDCC

Here, from the Marvel Movies panel, is Tom Hiddleston in full Loki regalia, demanding the audience's loyalty.

We think you got it, buddy.

After some Thor: The Dark World footage, Avengers 2 got a title, too:

You read that right, Age of Ultron, just like the recent crossover miniseries. Bet the sales of that book are going to jump two summers from now!

And while we're at it, maybe you'd like to see the whole Marvel Cinematic panel? Maybe get a hint of what the upcoming movies are going to be like? Okay, we can do that for you:

That video covers Thor 2, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2! You can either spend thousands of dollars to go to San Diego, or you can stay home and watch it in the comfort of your own home.

NOW SELLING - Pokemon Singles

Because you requested it. POKEMON SINGLES have arrived at Comic Store West.
We are not taking trade-ins of Pokemon cards but we have a small amount of singles for sale and hope to gradually expand based on customer input. Let us know what you think.

HeroClix - Fear Itself Month 2, Sunday July 21 at 2PM

Sunday, July 21 at 2PM

SDCC announcement: "Wolverine: Origin II"

Marvel is going back to the Wolverine well again, looking at the years when he was living in the woods like a wild man. CBR has an interview with the writer, and we have the first Origin miniseries in trade paperback form if you need to catch up.

JUST ARRIVED - Magic 2014

We have a limited number of FAT packs.
There are still a few booster boxes available at the pre-order price of $108+TAX.

Sign-up for tomorrow's FAT pack release event today and save $2.

SDCC announcement: Afterlife with Archie

This book was announced a while ago, but a trailer for it just debuted at SDCC:

Yes, it's Archie. With zombies. Because hey, why not? It's written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and drawn by Francesco Francavilla, both quality guys. The book starts in October, so the first issue is solicited in this month's Previews catalog. If you want a copy, let us know!

JUST ARRIVED - Yu-Gi-Oh V for Victory

Welcome back Yu-Gi-Oh to Comic Store West.
We just received several 'V for Victory' Super Starer Sets.

Fluxx: The Board Game Preview

We have an early release copy of this game in our game library.
Stop in Tuesday and try it out.

First Impressions

Remember the short film Dirty Laundry? Here's something similar:

What happens when your day job gets in the way of your new relationship?

Starring Hailey Bright, Chester See and Doug Jones
Directed by Leo Kei Angeleos
Written by George H. Ruiz & Leo Kei Angelos
Produced by George H Ruiz
Original music by Glen Cheney

Who wants some Marvel Legends?

Coming late this summer, Hasbro has a new Wolverine-themed series of Marvel Legends figures. Take a look:

That's the whole series, by the way: Wolverine, Cyclops, Sabretooth and Emma Frost. Buy them all and you can assemble the tiny Build-A-Figure Puck.

Now, here the thing. The series is a Diamond exclusive. You can't get them at Walmart, you can't get them at Target, you can't get them anywhere but through the monthly Previews catalog, and that means we can order them for you. I know I want a set, but Diamond only sells them by the case of eight - that means a lot of duplicates. If any of the rest of you are interested though, we could totally order a case for the store. Just let us know.

The most dangerous superhero in the world is... Aquaman?

You read that right, Aquaman is the biggest threat in the world - at least, according to the McAfee virus scan people.

In an article posted on their site, McAfee posted a list of the most "toxic" superheroes online, the ones whose search results returned the most virus-laden sites. And lucky Aquaman took the top spot! Here are the be-careful-what-you-click-on champions:

2.Mr. Fantastic18.22%
3.The Hulk17.30%
4.Wonder Woman16.77%
6.Iron Man15.63%
9.Green Lantern15.00%
12.Invisible Woman12.40%
14.Captain America11.77%

Now, it's not that spammers and malware folks are big fans of Aquaman, or even focus on him more - it's just that there are fewer legitimate sites out there for him. If there are 2 spam sites and 10 real sites for Aquaman, that's a much higher percentage than if there are 2 spam sites and 20 real sites for Wolverine.

TableTop: Smash Up

Both Smash Up and the expansion are usually in stock at the store.
If not in the store, ask us we are happy to order them for you.

Green Lantern Rings

YES, we have the Lantern rings.
FREE with purchase of their corresponding Lantern comic book or $1.99 each.

Limited Quantities available

(Black and Yellow rings are coming soon)

NO POKEMON - Sunday, July 14

Sorry, no Pokemon on Sunday, July 14.

Red Sonja

Dynamite Entertainment's new Red Sonja comic debuts this week, and we know a lot of you have been looking forward to it.

This is the one written by Gail Simone, and CBR has a preview to whet your appetite. If you want a copy, let us know and we'll be glad to hold one for you!

Magic 2014 Pre-Release Weekend

Today is your last change to sign-up and pre-pay and get the $5 savings on our Magic Pre-Release events this weekend.
Sign-up and pay $25 by close tonight.

The entry fee goes to $30 after today.

Hoping to see everyone here on Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at noon for Magic 2014.

JUST ARRIVED - Pacific Rim HeroClix

Probably the coolest non-super Hero expansion for HeroClix yet.
This movie looks like it's gonna rock and I am really excited about these figures.
I have a feeling they will go quick, so stop in this weekend for your fix.

Remember no HeroClix this Sunday but next Sunday (21st) is Fear Itself Month 2. We have enough product for 20 players.
Don't miss out. Starts at 2pm.

Princess Avengers

Since Disney owns Marvel, and loves merchandising the crap out of their "Princesses" franchise, it can't be too long until we see something like this:

Yes, that's Princess Jasmine wearing the Iron Man armor (which makes sense, since they both came out of the desert). And it's just part of an entire series featuring the whole Avengers movie lineup, as well as Pocahontas, Snow White, Rapunzel and more!

If you or someone you know is into Disney Princesses, we do carry Disney Princess Magazine in the kids' section.

Dungeons & Dragons Encounters every Wednesday

Ever wanted to get into D&D? All the cool nerds are doing it! Also these dogs:

We have a D&D Encounters game on Wednesday evenings. It's fun and addictive!

TableTop: Formula D

This game is usually in stock.
If it's not in the store, ask us we are happy to order for you.

Watch a minute of The Wolverine

The movie comes out July 26, but you can watch an extended look at Logan fighting ninjas on a speeding train right now!

And since The Wolverine looks to be based at least partially on Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's 1982 miniseries, you can come in and pick up that story in TPB form, to get an early look at what what happen.

Goblins, Goblins and more Goblins

Buy FOUR Goblin miniature boosters and receive a FREE Pathfinder Adventure FREE (while supplies last).

Is the Hulk Catholic?

According to an article in L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of Vatican City, yes.

Google translation of the article here, in case you don't read Italian.

Of course, this being the internet, there's a website out there that lists the known religious leanings of pretty much every comic character who's ever said anything at all about their faith.

(Via The Telegraph and

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

I found this really good video on YouTube describing the newest Star Wars RPG.

TableTop: King of Tokyo

Both King of Tokyo and the first expansion - Power Up! are both available now at the store.

King of Tokyo State Championship

Congratulations to Dylan Black.
Pennsylvania state champion of KING OF TOKYO.

We have a few sets of promo cards (12 cards in all) remaining.  Buy either the core game or the expansion and receive a pack of these promo cards for FREE.

JUST ARRIVED - Letters From Whitechapel Boardgame

Get ready to enter the poor and dreary Whitechapel district in London 1888 – the scene of the mysterious Jack the Ripper murders – with its crowded and smelly alleys, hawkers, shouting merchants, dirty children covered in rags who run through the crowd and beg for money, and prostitutes – called "the wretched" – on every street corner.

The board game Letters from Whitechapel, which plays in 90-150 minutes, takes the players right there. One player plays Jack the Ripper, and his goal is to take five victims before being caught. The other players are police detectives who must cooperate to catch Jack the Ripper before the end of the game. The game board represents the Whitechapel area at the time of Jack the Ripper and is marked with 199 numbered circles linked together by dotted lines. During play, Jack the Ripper, the Policemen, and the Wretched are moved along the dotted lines that represent Whitechapel's streets. Jack the Ripper moves stealthily between circular numbered circles, while policemen move on their patrols between crossings, and the Wretched wander alone between the circular numbered circles.

JUST ARRIVED - Star Wars RPG Core Rules and Game Master's Kit

Magic 2014 Pre-Release Next Saturday and Sunday

The sign-up sheets for M14 Pre-Release events and FAT Pack Release Event are ready.
Sign-up early and pay now to save $5.

HeroClix Fear Itself Month 2

The HeroClix Fear Itself Month 2 Event will be held on Sunday, July 21st at 2pm. The website still had it listed as this Sunday. I have corrected that mistake.

See you on the 21st.

Livin' it up on the Fourth of July, comicbook style!

Why not? That's what Wolverine did this Monday on Canada Day (and probably on every other day, too).

Be safe out there everybody - remember, you can't read comics or play Magic if you blow your fingers off!

It's Previews time!

Hey everybody, it's time to get excited! Because the new Previews catalog came in!

Remember that subscribers can get Previews for free. Come in today, pick up a copy of the catalog, and bring your order form back by the 18th; we'll order everything you want, and it will start arriving in Semptember.

COMICS REVIEW - Hawkeye #11

You may know that joke news source The Onion has a serious side, The A.V. Club. On that section of their site, they do real interviews and reviews of subjects both niche and mainstream. For instance, the other day they reviewed last week's release of Hawkeye #11.

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