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Star Wars X-Wing Wave 2 Ships In Store Now

What did he say? - "Avenging Spider-Man" #17

This week, Avenging Spider-Man #17 came out.

As you can see by the cover, Dr. Spoctopus meets the Future Foundation. But near the end of the story, he leans in close and whispers something to Bentley-23, the young clone of The Wizard:

click to embiggen

Wondering what he said? To preserve the surprise, we'll tell you after the jump.

HeroClix - No Man's Land - Poison Ivy

This Sunday's tournament is a two booster (Spider-man) sealed event for 400 points.

Dice roll at 2pm

Look at this Batman!

That's the new Arkham City Batman figure from DC Direct. Look at how well it moves! DCD is usually known for skimping on the articulation, but this is one of the best Batman figures ever released.

Normally to get a Batman with this combo of great articulation and a killer sculpt, you'd have to spring for one of the high-end Japanese imports that can cost upwards of $60 - but thanks to DC Direct, you can get one for a fraction of the price! We have a limited number of this toy available now, so come in and get yourself an amazing desk decoration today! Or maybe next week, when you get your Batman Inc. #8 first-printing.

Batman Inc #8 First Printings

Guess what?  Robin (Damian Wayne) dies!
Because this is a milestone issue everyone wants it and we are currently sold out.

BUT we have more FIRST PRINTINGS coming in next week and we have a sign-up sheet started.  So don't pay $30 on eBay when you can get it next week from us for cover price.

International TableTop Day Update

Come join us Saturday, March 30 from noon until 8pm as we play games featured on the webcast - TableTop. We may even throw in some of our favorite games not from TableTop (that we think should be on the program).

Giveaways and a very fun and friendly environment for all.

What the heck we'll even give 20% discount on the games that are played that day.

Look for the following to be played:

Small World
Castle Panic
Ticket To Ride
Zombie Dice

Also: Hot Rod Creeps and Star Wars X-Wing

A good night for comicbooks at the Oscars

We comic nerds had a lot to enjoy at the Oscars last night.

Even before the night started, Aunt May had to tie John "Robin" Blake's tie for him in the car on the way there:

New Comics On Sale - February 27, 2013

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SALE - KaiJudo


Starter and Theme decks - 40% OFF
First Series Boosters - only $1.99

SALE - Marvel Super Hero Squad Cards

Two Player Starter Sets
Theme Decks

IDW to publish Cartoon Network books

So the annual ComicsPRO (Comics Professional Retail Organization) meeting is being held in Atlanta this weekend, and an interesting piece of news has come out: IDW has entered into an agreement to publish a whole series of books based on Cartoon Network properties. The first will be Powerpuff Girls, followed by things like Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and Samurai Jack.

JUST ARRIVED - Sedition Wars

The miniature game that everyone is talking about has finally arrived at Comic Store West.

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Back by popular demand.
Saturday, March 16 at NOON

100 points, either Empire or Rebel teams

Series 2 ships are scheduled to arrive on Friday, March 1

Magic - From The Vault Twenty

Sign-up and reserve your From The Vault Twenty now !!

* We plan on ordering as much of this item as we can.
* We will sell this product at the MSRP to everyone who is signed up and paid in advance.
* There is a limit of one per customer.
* Sorry no mail orders.
* Boxes will be distributed in number order, so first person signed up gets the first box.
* If we run out before you get your box then we will issue a credit for your payment amount - NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN

Product Description:
In 2013 we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Magic. As part of that celebration we're happy today to announce a special From the Vault: From the Vault: Twenty.

Draw on the power of 20 influential Magic cards to give your decks an edge. Each was a key part of the premier tournament-winning deck from each of the past 20 years. Now you can learn their secrets, harness their strengths, and use them to defeat your enemies!

Fast Facts:
From the Vault: Twenty will include 20 premium foil cards instead of 15
The MSRP is $39.99, a slight increase to account for the additional cards
From the Vault: Twenty will release on August 23, 2013

Magic - Ravnica Guild Boxes Are Back

They're back....
This is probably the last batch of these EXCLUSIVE Guild boxes that we will be able to get in. Stop in today, they sell out fast.

Only $25 each (we have 1 of each guild).

The truth is... I *am* Cardboard Man

Check out these amazing suits of armor that someone posted on Reddit:

You know, our comics come in cardboard boxes every week. If you want some cardboard to try your hand at making your own incredibly realistic suits of armor, we could probably be persuaded to part with a few boxes.

GateCrash Singles Binder is Ready !!

Stop in for all your Magic GateCrash single needs. The binder is now available !!

"The Situation": a thing that exists

Look, it's a massive train wreck:

I don't know what made me think of that just now.

Yes, that's a real comic starring the real Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore. It is a thing that exists in the real world, and not just in the fever dreams of a madman.

What's on tap for DC Direct?

If you've looked at the list of what's due in stores this week, you know that DC Collectibles (the company formerly known as "DC Direct") has some Arkham City action figures coming in. Well, how would you like a look at some of the toys and statues DC Collectibles is putting out through the rest of the year?

Here's a video tour of their showroom at last week's Toy Fair:

And if you want a clearer view of anything you saw in the video, check out the photo gallery here.

Since these are DC Collectibles releases, everything you saw above will be available only through the Previews catalog, available every month in the store. When the goodies are listed in the catalog, you just have to ask and we'll happily order them for you.

New Comics On Sale - February 20, 2013

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"Batman Incorporated" gets spoiled

If you look at the solicitations DC Comics puts out in the monthly Previews catalog, you may have noticed that DC's been playing things pretty close to the vest when it comes to the upcoming storyarc in Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated. There's been almost no actual plot information (for a change), leaving many fans to guess at what the story is going to be.

Well, thanks to an online retailer who apparently doesn't mind getting in deep trouble, we have a look at what the next story is going to be:

International TableTop Day

Coming Saturday, March 30 - International TableTop Day.
More details soon ....

My Valentine's sense is tingling!

Remember the Valentine's Day cards you'd give out in elementary school? The ones that were basically just half-sized postcards punched out of cardboard? Well here, courtesy of's 20 Valentines Too Awesome To Exist, is a Spider-Man themed set:

Though if you tried giving those risque cards to someone, you'd probably be more likely to get a punch in the nose than a kiss on the cheek.

Harry Potter gets a comic art cover

Scholastic, the publisher perhaps best known for its in-school book fairs, is the US publisher for the Harry Potter series. To celebrate the series' 15th anniversary, the company has commissioned comic artist Kazu Kibuishi to create new covers for the books, and today they unveiled the new cover for the first book:


New Comics On Sale - February 13, 2013

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New comics will be late on Feb 13

Because of the Northeast snowstorm last week the new comic shipment has been delayed. We hope to have them available for customers to pick up by 2:00 on Wednesday.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

In-store now: Marvel Select Rhino

Look out! It's the rampaging Rhino!

Walking Dead - The Board Game

Back in stock, just in time for Season 3 Part 2.
Walking Dead board game.

"The Walking Dead" returns tonight on AMC

Don't forget that the second half of Season 3 begins tonight at 9. Here's a promo for the episode:

If you're hooked on the show and buying the trade paperbacks to catch up with the story, the survivors' time in the prison is covered in books 3-8, and we have them all in stock:

Clearly the show is burning through the comics at a pretty quick rate, but there are some things in the books that will almost certainly never make it to the screen, because they're just too extreme. Come buy some tpbs and see the parts of the story you've been missing. You won't believe what happens to [SPOILER] or the time that [SPOILER] [SPOILER]s in the [SPOILER].

WarMachine / Hordes Fight Club

Next Saturday, February 16 at 11AM - Fight Club

* 35pt List (2nd list optional)
* Death clock timing
* Painting encouraged (but not required)
* SR2013 scenarios

Fight Club Rules
* Don't Talk About Fight Club (unless it's to tell a friend)
* 5pts of solos, units or battle engines for every 10 pts of jacks/beasts
* Caster kill does not end the game
* Upon controller death battlegroups become autonomous

Adam West is coming

No, sadly, the Mayor of Quahog is not making an in-person appearance. We already have one living Batman, and that's enough.

This weekend is the American International Toy Fair in New York, which is when we see all the exciting new plastic that will be coming out through the year. Well, Mattel's presentation isn't until tomorrow, but Batman fans have already gotten a sneak peak at what they're in store for:

A fully-licensed 1960s Adam West Batman! Supposedly there will even be a Batmobile for him to sit in, as well.

HeroClix - Teen Titans PRE-ORDER NOW

Teen Titans HeroClix Bricks and Cases are now available for pre-order.
Bricks require a $50 deposit and cases $100, save 20% by pre-ordering now.

Tabletop: Dragon's Age

JUST ARRIVED - 36x36 Vinyl Space Mats

GaleForce 9
A 36" by 36" high quality printed vinyl mat, perfect for any space combat game especially Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Combat Game.

Magic - Dragon's Maze Pre-Release

You know the drill.
The next Magic expansion is Dragon's Maze and we have sign-up sheets available now. Since all 10 guilds are available to choose from we have fewer spots open for each guild. That means if you want a specific guild you need to sign-up and PAY now !!

As always we are the cheapest pre-release around at only $25.

Pre-Release #1 - Saturday, April 27 at 2PM
Pre-Release #2 - Sunday, April 28 at noon

Who's ready for a little Halloween?

Are you a fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas? Then have we got something cool for you!

This awesome 10-pack of Kubricks just came in this week. As you can see, it's got a bunch of great characters:

  • Jack Skellington in Santa suit
  • Oogie Boogie (glow-in-the-dark)
  • The Mayor (with reversible head)
  • Santa Claus
  • Dr. Finklestein (with wheelchair)
  • Oogie's Card Solider
  • Lock, Shock, and Barrel

It even comes with a bathtub for the kids to ride in! You can't beat that!

Good Thing the Game's Not in Gotham

So the power went out unexpectedly at the Super Bowl tonight, plunging half the stadium into darkness.

And when there's a disruption at a big football game, comicbook fans know what's coming next:

"A reckoning!"

Whoever takes the next kickoff had better be careful that the field doesn't explode beneath their feet...

New Comics on Sale - February 6, 2013

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