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Invincible #100 has fun with its covers

In 2012, Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead #100 sold more copies than any other book (and was only passed in total dollars by Amazing Spider-Man #700, a book that cost twice as much). Anyway, Kirkman KIRKMAN! is at it again, with this week's release of Invincible #100.

Just for some perspective, this is the cover to Invincible #1:

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters starts up again next Wednesday at 6pm.
Come in to journey Against the Cult of Chaos.

Next week we will be doing character generation.
Interested in trying the new version of Dungeons and Dragons - D&D Next? We will have a game of 4th edition and a game of D&D Next running at the same time.

As always D&D Encounters is Free for all.

Important HeroClix Announcement


There is NO HeroClix this weekend. Magic and Pokemon have taken over the weekend at the store but fear not. HeroClix returns next weekend with tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, February 9th at noon is our month 3 No Man's Land Event and to make things interesting we are having a Spider-man DRAFT event. Buy 2 boosters of the new HeroClix set to play in this unique event.

What's a Draft event?
You will open one booster, choose a single figure for your team and pass the rest to the player beside you. Everyone does this until all the boosters have been dispersed.

Yes, we are playing a Marvel event during a DC tournament, deal with it. Imagine it as a Spider-man crossover to the DC Universe.

Then come back Sunday for our regular 2PM HeroClix League play and play in a FREE tournament to win HUGO STRANGE.

Parker: The Hunter

Are you planning to go see Jason Statham in Parker this weekend?

If you are, remember that the character and book series that film is based on was also adapted into a comic:

We have the hardcover graphic novel in stock right now. For those keeping track, the comic is based on the first book in the series (The Hunter), while the current movie is based on Book #19 (Flashfire), so while you'll get the same character, you'll also be getting a completely different story, adapted by the same guy who just finished doing Before Watchmen for DC comics.

JUST ARRIVED - New Pathfinder Minis

COMIC SPOTLIGHT - Marvel Now! Young Avengers #1

Stop in and get your copy of Young Avengers #1.

This book is already sold out at the distributor, so if you want to get a first printing you need to stop in to the store very soon.

JUST ARRIVED - Spider-Man HeroClix

JUST ARRIVED - Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II

Ok people you know the drill.
It's release day for Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II and Amazing Spider-Man HeroClix. Both in stock now. Come and get them and please as always single file line to the left of the door. No pushing !!

Magic GateCrash - More Spaces Just Added (Last Chance)

Are you signed up for the Magic Pre-Release events happening this Saturday and Sunday?

If not, I have some good news for you. We have just opened up more spaces to play on both our Saturday and Sunday events.

Scott and I ran the numbers and between product and every square inch of gaming room space we will accept up to 48 people on Saturday. That leaves us enough guild packs for about 42 on Sunday.

So if you are looking for a place to play in the York area get to the store (or call us) and Pre-register to reserve your spot. We offer the largest events, the cheapest events and the most prize heavy events in the area.

See you Saturday at 2pm sharp !

TableTop: Pandemic

Offered for the Last Time - DC Universe Wave 17 Figures

Vintage Shadow Action Figures Have Arrived

No Friday Paint Clinic Until Further Notice

There will not be an organized paint clinic on Fridays until further notice. There will still be space and supplies which you can use for free, there just won't be a store painter on hand to assist.

If you have experience painting miniatures and have Friday nights free please contact Brian or Scott at the store.

No Official Pokemon Sunday, 1/20

There will be no official Pokemon on Sunday, January 20th.
There is always space from noon until 2pm for free play, all are welcome.

Warhammer 40k Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered what 30,000 points of Warhammer 40k models looked like?

A message from "Dork Tower"

Remember, our store hours are Monday through Friday, 11-9; Saturday, 10-9; and Sunday, noon-7.


Rob Liefeld copies Rob Liefeld for "Youngblood" #75

In 1992, Rob Liefeld introduced his own "original" superteam in Youngblood #1:

And now in 2013, showing exactly the kind of speed, dedication, and ability to meet a deadline that Rob is known for, Youngblood #75 has come out:

Say, look at that! The new cover is an homage to the old one. (As well as being a ripoff of the whole Marvel Zombies oeuvre.) What fun!

But wait, there's more.

New Comics On Sale - January 16, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Magic GateCrash FAT Pack Release

Sign-up is now open to our EXCLUSIVE FAT PACK Release event scheduled for Saturday, February 2 at NOON.

Cost is only $37, this is the only way to GUARANTEE a FAT pack of the new Magic Expansion.

Sign-up early, we only get a limited number of these FAT packs.

NEW THIS WEEK - Star Wars #1

This is the best Star Wars comic I have ever read and I have been reading since the first Marvel issue in 1977. This comic is SOLD OUT everywhere except of course COMIC STORE WEST. Issues still remain, as always please form a single file line to the left of the front door.

We are open until 9PM tonight and 12-7PM on Sunday.

HeroClix Event Formats Jan - March

Jan 13th 400 Points, Silver Age, Named Theme Teams

Jan 20th 400 Points, One Named Character,The rest of your force made of generics, must make thematic sense. (Example: Leader and Humanoids)

Feb 9th - No Man's Land Event #3

Feb 10th 300 Modern

Feb 17th 300 Modern, Heroes vs Villans (Bring One Team of Each, High roll picks first, low roll plays the opposite)

March 3rd - No Man's Land Event #4

March 10th Build Your Worst Team, Silver Age, build a horrible team and use your opponents team to try and win against the team you built!

March 17th 1000 points, Silver Age, no colossal no relics no resources, All characters over 100 points

March 24th 300 Modern

Magic GateCrash Pre-Release Update

The space is filling up quickly now for our pre-releases on 1/26 and 1/27.
There are still a few spots left but sign up and pre-pay now to guarantee your guild.

New Comics on Sale - January 9, 2013

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Kaijudo Sale - Save 40%

Kaijudo Sale !!
40% off all Kaijudo

HeroClix - No Man's Land Event #2 this Sunday (UPDATE)

HeroClix No Man's Land event #2
Event change - Sunday's event will be a 300 point constructed team using only figures from the Streets of Gotham set. Sorry for the late change.

Amazing Spider-man #700 Variants (1st prints) Back In Stock

Just in - 1 copy of each of these Amazing Spider-man variant covers.

Magic Gatecrash Pre-Release SPECIAL

TODAY (Saturday, 1/5) ONLY SPECIAL !!
Pre-register for the GateCrash Pre-Release Tournament to be held on Saturday January 26 at 2PM and receive a FREE GateCrash deck box.

Pre-registration is only $25.

Magic R2R Faction Boxes Back In Stock

We have one of each faction from R2R. Faction boxes come with all sorts of goodies and were previously only available during the last Pre-Release event.

Remember single file line to the left of the front door.

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