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HeroClix Batman - No Man's Land Storyline Event

No Man's Land 6 Month Mega Event Details.

Month One OP- sealed - Nov and Dec
Coded goth city map
36 gang tokens
Lock-up LE (exclusive to this event)
Gas pellets special obis
Utility belts
10 double sided maps pre and post earthquake black gate prison

Month Two OP - Jan
Batgirl (exclusive to this event)
Wayne manor map

Month Three OP - sealed - Feb
Ultimate Clayfaces (exclusive to this event)
Gotham city power plant map
Grapnel gun

Month Four OP - Mar
Poinson ivy (exclusive to this event)
Robinson park
Flash grenades

Month Five OP - Apr
Killer Croc (exclusive to this event)
Gotham Waterfront

Month Six OP - sealed - May
Batcave exclusive prize
Joker and Harley Quinn duo figs (exclusive to this event)
Penguins (for the store gang leaders) (exclusive to this event)
Batman cowl
Dockside Amusement park

To make it easy to play in the Month 6 event.  Just show up and play in 3 of the 5 prior month events (and at least 1 of which must be sealed) and you are eligible for the May Event and our store's EXCLUSIVE June event.

Batman HeroClix List of Vehicles Released

I had a meeting with WizKids on Friday and I saw photos of all the vehicles from the Batman No Man's Land Set.

They are awesome:
Invisible Jet
Blue Beetle Scarab
Haunted Tank
Police Car

Reminder - This is the first DC set with super boosters. Reserve your bricks and cases now and save 20% (offer good for a limited time).

HeroClix Chaos War Special

Buy 2 boosters of Chaos War and get a FREE, Exclusive Vision Marquee figure for free.
Only while supplies last.

(or buy 4 Chaos War single figure boosters)

IMPORTANT: Magic Ravnica Announcement

We have revised our early sign up for Return to Ravnica. With this Pre-Release you will pick a guild to play for and receive swag (including guild specific spin downs and boosters) exclusive to that guild. We will be limited to the number of kits we receive for each guild.

If you want to sign up for a specific guild, you must sign up early (and pre-pay). This is the ONLY WAY to guarantee that you will receive the guild kit that you wish.

The sign ups are available now. I sat through a WOTC presentation on this pre-release on Friday and you will not believe how cool the guild kits are.

We are still only charging $25 to play but we will max out quickly, so get in and sign up today !!

(yes the drawing for the Planeswalker for early sign ups is still in effect.)

COMING SOON - Iron Kingdom RPG

Let us know if you are interested in this new RPG coming soon by Privateer Press.

JUST ARRIVED - Earth Reborn Boardgame

Check out the reviews here.
Buy it before I do, the game looks awesome !!

Important Heroclix Mega Prize Date and Time Change

The Mega Infinity Gauntley event has been moved to Sunday, September 23 at 2pm. This is an invite only tournament. York and Lancaster players with 20+ total points can play for the entire set of Infinity Gauntlet LEs.

Sorry for the confusion.

Important Pokemon Battle Roads Date and Time Change

The Pokemon Autumn Battle Roads Event has been moved to Saturday, September 22 at 9am. Sorry for the confusion.

Golden and Silver Age Comic Sale

Select Golden and Silver Age Comics are on sale for a limited time.
Some books valued at $100 on sale for 75% OFF.

All books on sale will be displayed and have a 75% OFF sticker.
These won't last long so stop in soon.

Attention Friends of Comic Store West

Please take a minute and pop over to google and give us a great review.

Here is the direct link:

More and More Good Words For The Store

Well, 3 more compliments this Saturday on how cool the store looks after all of the changes we've made. Got another compliment on how clean and well organized the store is. On top of that had 2 guys come in and were amazed at the place and said they plan on moving their subscriptions to us and one customer who is a subscriber at another store because of it's location to his place of work but shops here because we have a much deeper stock of older stuff.

If you haven't been in lately, stop in. We think you'll be blown away.

HeroClix - Battle for the Infinity Gauntlet Mega Prize

The invites will be going out in August for this very special event. We will be giving away a complete Infinity Gauntlet Prize Package (valued at about $300). This includes the Gauntlet, each of the gems, and each of the LE prizes given out over the 6 month tournament. This event will require a total of 20 event points from the Infinity Gauntlet events at either our York or Lancaster locations.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 23 at 2pm

The rules for this event are as follows:

300 (or fewer) points of Marvel
300 (or fewer) points of DC
Modern figures as of July 1, 2012
No Colossal figures
No battlefield conditions or Alternate Team Abilities
No Special Objects (including Infinity Gauntlet or gems)
Highlander rules (no duplicate named characters)
6 actions per term
Map has been selected but will not be revealed until day of event
60 minute time limit (when time is called the player who currently
taking a turn will be able to finish all actions for that turn)

This is a single elimination tournament, swiss parings until only one undefeated player remains. Seeding based on total points, if bye is required the highest seeded player will receive the bye.

Magic - Return to Ravnica Pre-Orders

This promises to be one of the biggest Magic releases in the past few years.
Reserve your booster boxes and FAT packs today with a 25% SAVINGS !!

Magic - Return to Ravnica FAT Pack Release

Only $35 for a guaranteed FAT pack !!

Magic - Return to Ravnica Pre-Release Info

Only $25, Why pay more ?

JUST ARRIVED - Creatures: The Card Game

Check out reviews of the game here.

JUST ARRIVED - Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords HC

In the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, evil is brewing. An attack by crazed goblins reveals the shadows of a forgotten past returning to threaten the town—and perhaps all of Varisia. The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path begins with this goblin raid and takes players on an epic journey through the land of Varisia as they track a cult of serial killers, fight backwoods ogres, stop an advancing army of stone giants, delve into ancient dungeons, and finally face off against a wizard-king in his ancient mountaintop city. This hardcover compilation updates the fan-favorite campaign to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules with revised and new content in more than 400 pages packed with mayhem, excitement, and adventure!

Celebrating both the fifth anniversary of the Pathfinder Adventure Path and the tenth anniversary of Paizo Publishing, this new edition expands the original campaign with new options and refined encounters throughout, incorporating 5 years of community feedback.

The Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition contains:
* All six chapters of the original Adventure Path, expanded and updated for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
* Articles on the major locations of Rise of the Runelords: sleepy Sandpoint, the ancient Thassilonian city of Xin-Shalast, and others.
* Revelations on the sinister magic of Thassilon, with updated spells, magic items, and details on tracking sin points throughout the campaign.
* A bestiary featuring eight monsters updated from the original Adventure Path, plus an all-new terror.
* Dozens of new illustrations, never-before-seen characters, location maps, and more!

JUST ARRIVED - DESCENT (2nd edition)

Check out a review of the game here.


Check out reviews of the game here.

TableTop: Gloom

HeroClix - The Battle for Thanos

The invites have been sent to the INVITE ONLY HeroClix event scheduled for Saturday, August 18 at 11AM. Make sure you bring your invite with your army filled out in advance. If you did not get an invite and feel like you should please email the store at csw_judge at and I can look up how many points you accumulated in regular play over the last 6 months.

The rules for this event are as follows:

500 points
Modern figures as of July 1, 2012
Marvel only
No Colossal figures
No battlefield conditions or Alternate Team Abilities
No Special Objects (including Infinity Gauntlet or gems)
Highlander rules (no duplicate named characters)
5 actions per term
60 minute time limit (when time is called the player is who currently
taking a turn will be able to finish all actions for that turn.

This is a single elimination tournament, swiss parings until only one undefeated player remains. Seeding based on total points, if bye is required the highest seeded player will receive the bye.

TableTop: Castle Panic

Green Day at Comic Store West?

No, the band Green Day is not making an appearance at the store. I'm calling today Green Day because I restocked a ton of back issues in the Green Lantern and Green Arrow section. If you are missing old issues from either of these series come in and check out the restock.

BATMAN Sale - This Saturday only !!

In honor of the final movie in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy we are having a Batman Sale Saturday. This Saturday, July 21 save 25% off ANYTHING BATMAN RELATED. That's right back issue comics, trades, graphic novels, HeroClix, action figures, statues. If it is Batman related you save 25% !!!

Also stop in Saturday and pick up your FREE Dark Knight Rises pin (while supplies last).

Before Watchmen - now guaranteed

If you have not read any Before Watchmen books, why not?
These are the best stories I've read in some time.

Let's make all the #1's guaranteed for 30 days!!

The NEW Comic Store West

For those who have not been in recently (what's wrong with you)? We now have a KID'S CORNER, a huge DC and Marvel statue area.

We are rapidly rebuilding our back issue bins and then on to redo of the gaming room.

Stop in and let us know what you think.

HeroClix - Infinity Gauntlet (Penultimate event)

Reminder for all you Clix players. This Sunday at noon at the York store is the PENULTIMATE EVENT in the HeroClix Infinity Gauntlet Event Series. It is a 2 booster sealed event. You will know at the end of this event if you qualify to play in next month's Climatic Battle For Thanos Event.

We have Chaos War in stock and bricks are 10% OFF for a limited time.

2012 Rules (as seen in the Dark Knight Rises Starter Set) are in effect.

See you Sunday at 2PM.

You Asked Us For Statues And We Give You Statues

We are bulking up on statues out of the request of many customers.
Currently in stock:

New Avenger Wolverine
Amazing Spider-Man mini bust (classic)
World War Hulk (EXCLSUIVE)
Bishoujo - X-23

Batman Black and White bust
Bishoujo - Poison Ivy
Bishoujo - Batgirl
Green Lantern - DC Universe Online
Swamp Thing

Walking Dead mini busts

Magic 2013 Booster Boxes - only $108 !!!

Pre-orders for the Magic 2013 Core Set must be in by Thursday, July 12 to get the 25% savings. MSRP = 143.64 you save 25% if pre-order (and pre-paid) by this coming Thursday. Your cost is $108 + tax.

Looking for Super Hero Cosplayers

We are looking for some super hero costumed participants in a function that we may be working on in September. If you have a super hero costume and wish to help us out on the last 2 weekends of September please email me at bwaltersdorff at

Star Trek Tactics Are Back !!

HeroClix - Star Trek Tactics are back in stock.
Hurry in before they beam out.

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