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Thanos Comics

You want Thanos comics?
I found some Thanos related comics. They are hanging above the back issues. Get them fast these have been selling out everywhere.

Time is Running Out for M13 Pre-Registration

One week to go before the Magic 2013 Pre-Release Event.
Remember we have limited space so sign up today.

Saturday, June 7 - 3PM
Sunday, June 8 - Noon

Also limited spots left in our FIRST EVER FAT Pack Sealed Event. This is the only way to guarantee you will get a M13 FAT pack because they are very limited. Plus you get it for only $35 (MSRP is $40).

This special event will be held on Saturday, June 14 at Noon. Only $35.

NEW ITEM - The Skull Tape Measure

This is one of the coolest gaming accessories I've ever seen !!
Would also make a great gift for your favorite handy man.

Magic 2013 Has Arrived !!

We have Magic 2013 (M13) Sample decks available now.
Buy any 4 Magic boosters and get a 30 card deck for FREE.
All colors available !!

Bring us your X-Box, PS3, or PC redemption forms for the new Magic Duel of the Planeswalker boosters.

We will be open on the Fourth of July

The fourth of July is quickly approaching. WAIT !! The 4th is on Wednesday this year. But Wednesday is NEW COMIC DAY !!

Have no fear true believers, Comic Store West will not leave you hanging. We will be open on Wednesday, July 4th from 11AM - 4PM.

HeroClix Chaos War

The Chaos War has begun !!
HeroClix Chaos War single figure packs now available.

We also still have some Dark Knight Rises single boosters on hand.

TableTop: ZombieDice

Magic 2013 Events now available for sign-up

We have the early sign-up sheets availabsle for the Magic 2013 Pre-Release events and the EXCLUSIVE Comic Store West only FAT Pack sealed event.

As always we have limited space so sign-up early.

$25 gets you in to one of our Pre-Release events, either Saturday, July 7 at 3PM or Sunday, July 8 at NOON.

$35 gets you in to our NEW FAT Pack Sealed event.  This is a new event for us and promises to be lots of fun.  Everyone receives a FAT pack to build a 40 card deck from.  Prizes include boosters and various PLANESWALKER cards to be announced later.  This event will be held on Saturday, July 14 at NOON.  Space for this is limited to ONLY 20 so sign up today !!!!

Walking Dead #100 Covers Revealed

All of the variant covers for Walking Dead #100 have been revealed.
Check them out here.

Not a subscriber?
Why not?

New Store Painter

We have a new store painter to help us with our FREE paint clinic on Friday nights.
Come in an meet Chris this Friday and then pop in for FREE painting every Friday from 5-8.

** Chris will be in at 6pm for the paint clinic.

Free RPG Day Update

We still have a few spots left for FREE RPG day, this Saturday.
Remember 25% OFF all RPG stuff for players, 20% OFF for everyone else.

TableTop: Munchkin

Check out more games here:

Just Arrived - New HeroClix Sets !!

Giant Size X-Men Fast Forces - only $14.99

Single boosters of the Batman - Dark Knight Rises expansion - $2.69 each or 6 for $14.99

RPG Sale Next Saturday - June 16

Next Saturday, June 16, is FREE RPG Day.
With that we will be having a huge sale on ALL Role Playing Games and accessories.

Save 20% all day Saturday on RPG stuff.
Anyone playing in a FREE RPG DAY Game Session saves 25%.

There are still a few gaming spots available.

X-Men Back Issue Restock

We've restocked the X-Men (mostly Uncanny) back issues with over 100 issues dating back to the early 80's. All priced to sell quickly, so stop in and check them out today.

NEW GAME - Fill The Barn

We just received a demo copy of a new game called FILL THE BARN from York, PA Game Company - HoopCATGames.

Stop in and check out the game in our spacious game room.
We would be happy to order this game for you, MSRP is $24.99.

Check out their website at:


FREE RPG DAY is just two weeks away.  We still have some openings in every game session being run.  If you play a session you receive 25% OFF RPG purchases for the day.  If you don't play in a session you still get 20% RPG purchases for that day only.

FREE RPG DAY is Saturday June 16.

Mega Magic Single Restock

I restocked the RARE Magic the Gathering singles today from a collection we just purchased.
New rares from the following sets were put in binders:

6th edition
7th edition
8th edition
9th edition
10th edition
Mercadian Masques
Urza's Saga
Urza's Destiny
Urza's Legacy
Fifth Dawn
Champions of Kamigawa
Betrayers of Kamigawa
Saviors of Kamigawa
Planar Chaos
and Torment

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