Calendar of Events

Free Comic Book Day - Saturday May 5


Everybody can select up to 3 FREE comic books.

If you would like additional ‘FREE’ comics please make at least a 50 cent cash donation to the Martin Memorial Library fund that we have set-up.

Presenting the debut of the Comic Store West Movie Theater !!

We just had an 8 foot HD screen installed in the game room so to celebrate we will be playing all of the Avengers Lead in movies.

Hulk - 10am - Noon
Iron Man - Noon - 2PM
Iron Man 2 - 2PM - 4PM
Thor - 4PM - 6PM
Captain America - 6PM - 8PM


Two outdoor tents (11AM  - 5PM)

Tent #1
HeroClix Game Demo (Avengers vs X-Men)
Check out the game and get a FREE HeroClix figure (Thor or Green Lantern)

Tent #2
Hot Dogs $1
Hot Dog/Chips/Soda $2


Back issues by the pound
$5 per pound for all back issues

VARIANT COVERS (over 1 month old)
$10 per pound

All trades and graphic novels save 30%

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 05/2/2012

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The Helvault is open !!!

The Helvault has been opened.
Five different Angel cards, Demon and Angel tokens and spin downs for everyone.

Great day, thanks everyone.
See you all tomorrow for the second pre-release event.

CSW Theater - Marvel Movie Marathon

We just had the 8 foot movie screen installed in our spacious game room.
Just in time for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY's Marvel movie marathon.
On Saturday, May 5, which is Free Comic Book day, we will be playing all of the Marvel movies leading up to the Avengers movie.

We have an HD movie projector and an awesome surround sound system for the movie marathon.

Spend the day with us next Saturday.

Movies will be played in this order:
The Hulk
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Captain America

A Message from Archie Comics

Zoom in, Archie Comics says Comic Store West is the best comic store in the world.

Thanks Archie Comics.

Pokemon Players Line Up at 6:30Am

These 5 guys drove down from Buffalo, New York. They were first in line at 6:30am for the Pokemon Pre-release.

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What If the Avengers Movie was made in 1978?

Magic Random Packs are Back

Back by popular demand - Magic Random Packs.
We made up a ton of Magic random packs this week. For those who don't know these are the 50+ random cards from all Magic expansions. They usually contain 3 rares, 9-10 uncommons, and 40 commons. Every so often a mythic rare will show up. We sell these for only $5.

Magic Avacyn Restored Pre-Release This Weekend

Today will probably be the last day to sign up for Saturday's Magic - Avacyn Restored Pre-Release and get a shot at prizes from the EXCLUSIVE Helvault. Saturday's Pre-Release starts at 3PM and is still ONLY $25 !!!

There is still space available for Sunday's Pre-Release. Same great prizes. Sunday's event starts at noon and is also ONLY $25 !!!

Avacyn Restored booster boxes are on sale now, we are offering 25% OFF retail for a VERY LIMITED TIME. Reserve your booster box now at this special low price and we will include an EXCLUSIVE FOIL card for FREE.

New Employees !!

We are doing our part to fight unemployment by hiring 2 new employees.
I will let them introduce themselves later next week.

In the meantime if you see someone working behind the counter who you have never seen before, introduce yourself to them.

Steve Jackson - Ogre The Designer's Edition

Ogre (you know the game that many of you 40+ gamers grew up on) is coming back.
Comic Store West is proud to be a backer of the design of this game.

We will be getting in a very limited number of the all new OGRE Designer's Edition (it weighs over 14 pounds !!) in before the actual game is released.  We expect these to come in early November 2012.

PRE-ORDERS are up right now.
We will only accept up to 3 PRE-ORDERS at this time because we don't expect to get more than about 4 copies of this EXCLUSIVE VERSION of the game in.

Preview Orders Are Due Today !!

Previews Special Orders from the current catalog (April) are due today, Sunday April 22.
Get them in to us ASAP !!

Magic Avacyn Restored Pre-Release

ONLY $25, why pay more ?

Saturday, April 28 at 3PM
Still a few spots remaining.
Everyone gets a promo card and at least 1 item from the Helvault.

Sunday, April 29 at noon
Everyone gets a promo card and at least 1 item from the Helvault.

Don't Panic - The Store Layout is Changing !!

Scott has started the early changes to the racks that will let us reconfigure the front counter to better serve you.

Don't panic !!

Change is good (at least that's what they tell me).  Seriously, we have some changes we are slowly rolling out, let us know what you think.

Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 5 - ALL DAY

We will be playing Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Hulk movies to get everyone ready for the Avengers movie.

We are planning cheap hot dogs on the grill (weather permitting) and an outdoor tent with game demos

Back issue comics for sale by the POUND !!!


New Sunday Hours Beginning In May

The Warhammer/40k crowd has spoken and we have listened.
In order to get full games in of Warhammer and 40k we will be extending our Sunday hours until 7PM.

Beginning Sunday, May 6 our Sunday hours will be noon - 7PM.

Avengers Back Issue Restock


I've restocked the entire line of Avengers and related back issues.
Stop in and grab those early issues that you missed.

HeroClix - Sunday, April 22 at 2PM

Sunday, April 22
2:00pm - 5:00pm - Galactic Guardians Event #2
Prize = Hulk
Rules = Build a 500 point team

HeroClix - Saturday, April 21 at Noon

Saturday, April 21
12:00pm - 3:00pm - Galactic Guardians Event #1
Prize = Iron Man
Rules = Build a 300 point team

The Magic Helvaults have arrived !!!

The Magic Helvaults which contain many of the prizes for our next Pre-Releases have arrived.
They are under lock and key in our display cabinet.

We have one for each of the PRE-RELEASES we are doing.

Sign up now for either Saturday, April 28 at 3PM or Sunday, April 29 at noon.

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 04/18/2012

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VIP Tickets to National Halloween Convention

We have TWO VIP floor passes (valued at $50) to the National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention. These go to the first person to come in and purchase ANY Walking Dead trade. Make sure you tell the zombie running the register that you want your free tickets.

This is one of the largest horror themed conventions in America, expect everything pertaining to the season of Halloween or horror / haunted house industry under one roof.

Purchase animatronics, masks, costumes, props, learn mask molding, prop building and much more.

Haunted tours, costume ball, and more.

Friday, May 4th to Sunday May 6th 2012 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

Check out for more info.

HeroClix Events for April and May

Saturday - April 21 at noon
Construct 300 point team using only Galactic Guardians
Prize = Iron Man LE

Sunday - April 22 at 2PM
Construct 300 point team using only Galactic Guardians
Prize = Hulk LE

Sunday - May 6 at 12:30PM (IN LANCASTER)
Prize = Runner LE

Sunday - May 13 at 2PM
Construct 500 point team using only Galactic Guardians or Avengers
Prize = Wolverine LE

Sunday - May 20 at 2PM
Construct 600 point team using any legal Modern Age figure(s)
Prize = Spider-man LE

Saturday - May 26 at 10AM
Prize = Runner LE

Magic the Gathering Rare Restock

I spent Friday night and and Saturday restocking most of the Magic expansions with rare cards from a collection we just purchased. If you've been looking for a specific rare single stop in and check the binders. We have over 30 binders full of singles. Stop in today to go through some.

HeroClix - Saturday, April 14 at 10am

Saturday, April 14
10am - 2:00pm - Infinity Gauntlet Month #4
Prize = The Gardener LE (1st and 2nd place)
Rules = Buy 2 boosters of Galactic Guardians and build a 400 point team.
Everyone gets a 3D object (Gem)
Maps will go to the top players

** Special - If you don't like the contents of one of your boosters, put it to the side and buy another booster to build your team with.  You can even do this after each round.  While supplies of boosters last.

Super Dungeon Explore Day

Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday, April 14th is the Super Dungeon Explore Day from 3pm-9pm at Comic Store West.

HeroClix - Avengers vs X-Men Battle Report

For those who missed it Dave and Phil were kind enough to run a huge Avengers vs X-Men battle (2000 points worth) on Tuesday night. Here are Shoffs notes from the game.

As the Avengers took to the center of the battlefield the X-men went on assault with Emma Frost, Storm, and the duo of Cable and Deadpool knocking out Iron Man in the first turn.

The Avengers retaliated with Sentry and the Red Hulk crushing Cable and Deadpool into dust.

Nightcrawler BAMFed the Red Hulk right into the path of the Gambit and Rouge duo followed by a devastating blow from Namor.  Kitty Pryde followed up with just enough damage to take Red Hulk out of the fight.

Stom nailed Sentry with a bolt of lightning enhanced with Emma Frost, but Sentry was not out.  Nightcrawler BAMFed him into better position and Archangel finished him off for good.

Captain America charged into Warpath who retaliated with a flurry of punches leaving Cap open for Storm to mop the floor with him.  The Avengers were now without their leader.

Thor charged in to avenge his fallen leader and smacked Magneto with an object.  Warpath and Magneto softened him up so that Kitty Pryde could do a Hail Mary run through with the transported ability with some help from Scarlet Witch’s Probability Control to end it for the Asgardian.

She-Hulk crushed Colossus but then was BAMFed back to Gambit and Rouge who buried her in the rubble.

A very beaten down Domino delivered a shocking 5 damage blades roll that Wolverine could not avoid ending the fight for the Canadian.

Cyclops got into the fight and fired a shot off blasting Nick Fury but the ever resourceful director of SHEILD pushed Hawkeye into the blast saving himself but crushing Hawkeye’s chances of fighting on.

Benjamin J. Grimm then came out from the back field to finish off what Wolverine could not and knocks out the very bruised and battered Domino.

Warpath continued his onslaught by knocking Luke Cage out after a devastating flurry.

Namor took out the wise cracking web head Spiderman when Spidey’s spider sense failed him.

Finally Psylock and Cyclops used teamwork to remove Maria Hill from the fight.

The fight seemed pretty one sided, the Avengers had solid strategy but the dice were not on their side.  The X-men’s ability to capitalize on the Avengers poor dice was further pushed by the use of Scarlet Witch and Domino’s probability control, as well as Nightcrawler’s battle field manipulation.

Here is the final list of Casualties:

Iron Man
Red Hulk
Captain America
Luke Cage
Maria Hill

Cable and Deadpool

Final Score:

X-men with 11 knock outs over the Avengers with 3.

Thanks again to the two Dave's and Philfor taking the time to run this demo.

Magic The Gathering - Helvault Prize Info

Sign up now for the Magic The Gathering Avacyn Restored Pre-Release event now.
This unique pre-release event titled Helvault offers the prize 'Helvault' which is an obelisk-like box that has many seals around its exterior.  During the pre-release event, when players earn achievements, the seals are broken.  When all seals are broken, the Helvault is opened and all the players at the event will receive a share of its contents, whatever they may be. 

Wizards of the Coast is keeping it's contents a secret but we are getting at least one.

Sign up now for one of our TWO pre-release events (Saturday, April 28 at 3PM or Sunday, April 29 at noon).  If we only get one Helvault then we will use it on the first day that hits 30 pre-registered players.  We have room for 40 players each day, and we will max out, so sign up and pre-pay today for a guranteed spot.

And don't forget about our regular THURSDAY NIGHT MAGIC at the store beginning at 6PM.

Avengers Vs X-Men Party

It's 10:30pm.  I'm tired and going home.

Awesome turnout for the Avengers vs X-Men party.
Thanks for everyone who helped and for every who came out.

We still have some variants left but they are going very quickly.

Avengers vs X-Men Launch Party Tonight at 8PM

Don't forget tonight starting at 8PM you can stop in and pick up your copy of Avengers vs X-Men.

We will have exclusive items and variant covers from both teams, as well as cake.

All Marvel trades and graphic novels are 20% OFF today.

Check out a demo of HeroClix as a 2000 point Avengers vs X-Men fight in sues.

Exclusive items, sale items and cake only available tonight beginning at 8PM.

Scott and Brian Screwed Up So You Luck Out

Scott and I forgot to hang the four signs for some sale items from this past weekend.  So you luck out and all this week the following items will be on sale:

Mercs Miniature Game - Starter and minis are 50% OFF
Firestorm Armada minis - 40% OFF
Dystopian Wars - 25% OFF
Uncharted Seas - 40% OFF

We also have some action figures and games left from the back room sale on the bargain shoppers table.  Save 75% on the action figures (World of Warcraft, Watchmen and more).

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