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ZombieFest 2011 Update

We had crappy weather and no internet all weekend but we made the most of it.  We collected lots of food for the York County Food Shelter.  We played some great Zombie games.  Special thanks to all that helped (Josh, Joe, Dave, and Sarah and of course anyone I missed).

Next year early plans are for a create your own horror themed covered dish and bring in to share and a special showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show (yes with audience participation).

Remember we will extend the costume contest through Monday in case you want to come in and enter.
Instructions on the GRAND CHAMPION voting will be coming this TUESDAY so stay tuned.

ZombieFest 2011 - The Zombie Penguin

Hey Scott, you know you can't win right?

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 10

Oh look another cute doggie.

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 9

Pumpkin pie anyone ?

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 8

How can the cute doggie (he's the smaller of the two) not win?  

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 7

A very cheerful gryffindor student.

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 6

A witch in purple (my least favorite color so that's an instant disqualification)

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 5

A referee for the afternoon games.

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 4

Look it's DC NEW 52 - Action Comics Superman.

** And the Comic Store West's official stance on the 'GD' word balloon is that it is not God damn. **

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 3

Here we have a Zombie solider.

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 2

Here we have Spider-man Clone.  

ZombieFest 2011 Continued Through Monday

The snow has slowed down the costume participants and cancelled a few of our planned events for Saturday (Zombies and Zombie Dice).  So we will be extending ZombieFest 2011 through Monday.  Come in Sunday or Monday (and yes we are still open Saturday) in costume for the costume contest.

Bring in your canned food donations to receive big discounts through MONDAY, OCTOBER 31.

For everyone who came out Saturday, thanks.  Hopefully you had a great time.

ZombieFest 2011 - Costume Contest 1

Even with the bad weather people showed up in costume. Here is the best of the day so far. Some might say it's a kick ass costume (literally) presenting - HIT GIRL

Now Playing at Comic Store West Theater - Shaun of the Dead

Now Playing at Comic Store West Theater - Batman Vs Dracula


Even if it turns to snow we have food, games and spooky movies so come on out.
For your maximum discount bring along 30 canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank.
30 cans will save you 25% on all purchases for the day.

COMING SOON - Magic The Gathering Comic Book

Attention Magic Players

IDW is producing Magic The Gathering the comic book.  Each comic is to come with and EXCLUSIVE ART card.  These issues WILL SELL OUT, ensure your copy today by becoming a subscriber.

Becoming a subscriber is always FREE.

Did you know Magic the Gathering comics were sold before?
We have a limited number of these still sealed with the original card and creature tokens.

HeroClix This Sunday 2PM - 5PM

The rules for this Sunday's HeroClix event are as follows:
400 points from the newest expansion SUPERMAN

Prizes are: Commander El
** Prizes available with 4 or more participants

(No judge present, so you'll need to manage yourselves)


I just did a major restock of many of the Magic Singles Binders.
If you've checked for singles recently and we were out of a particular card stop in I filled many of the gaps that we had.


What would ZombieFest be without a sale?

We are going to try something new this year.  We are trying to make this a successful food drive like last year so we want your canned food donations.

Make your discount

5 food items = 5% discount
10 food items = 10% discount
20 food items = 20% discount
30 food items = 25% discount

Get your Christmas shopping done early this year with this incredible sale and help out those less fortunate.

What food qualifies:

  • Canned vegetables & fruits 
  • Canned and boxed meals (i.e., soup, chili, stew, macaroni & cheese)
  • Canned or dried beans and peas (i.e., black, pinto, lentils)
  • Pasta, rice, low sugar cereals 
  • Peanut butter
  • Baby formula & baby foods (check expiration dates)
  • Holiday foods during the holiday season (cranberry sauce, dry stuffing mix,cake mixes & frosting, etc.)
  • Instant mixes like potatoes, gravies and sauces that add a little something special to holiday meal.
  • Canned meats (tuna, chicken, salmon) that do not require refrigeration before opening.
  • 100% fruit juice (canned, plastic or boxed) 

JUST ARRIVED - Dungeons and Dragons - The Legend of Drizzt Board Game

A cooperative game of adventure for 1-5 players set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

It is named after the book series by the same name telling the adventures of the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden and his friends.

Designed for 1-5 players, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative game play. Players explore the game world, which is built during the game by laying out tiles, using ready-made player characters and encountering enemies with corresponding miniatures. Encounters are generated by drawing cards and resolved using a D20 die. All players win together, depending on the scenario, by escaping, saving others or overcoming a threat.


JUST ARRIVED - Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cup Challenge Board Game

Hogwarts: House Cup Challenge is an Adventure Board Game that allows 2 - 4 players to portray Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville in their quest to win the House Cup for Gryffindor!

Players move their characters around the board encountering Adventure Cards and increasing their Knowledge, Skill, and Honor. As the Characters' abilities grow, they will face harder challenges based on the first five Harry Potter films, from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

Players who complete difficult adventures earn victory points for themselves and for Gryffindor. When Gryffindor reaches 500 points, the player with the most points wins the game!

The First Play Rules allow beginners to play a full game in 30 minutes. The Full Rules allow for a complete adventure as the characters progress and grow through the first five films.

Check the official website at:

ICv2 - A Second Free Comic Book Day in 2012

ICv2 - A Second Free Comic Book Day in 2012

Looks like we will incorporate this into next year's ZombieFest.
Plans for next year include a big screen showing of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

JUST ARRIVED - New Walking Dead Merchandise !!

Even though the first episode of the second season was poor we still got in some Walking Dead goodness on sale today. Also available the Walking Dead Survival Guide, Walking Dead Boardgame, and Walking Dead Calendar.
Don't forget CSW is your PA Zombie Headquarters

ICv2 - Bendis & Bagley on ‘Avengers Assemble’

ICv2 - Bendis & Bagley on ‘Avengers Assemble’

Marvel to Sell 'Dexter' Comic

Check out the details here.

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 10/19/2011

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details - Gaming Event #5

** Hey That's My Brains **
** Saturday and Sunday at the top of the hour if we have enough players **
This is a Zombie game created by Scott.  It uses the base rules of the game - Hey! That's My Fish.

Entry fee = 2 Canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank

Hosted by Scott

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details - Gaming Event #4

** HeroClix **
** Sunday, October 30 at 2pm **

400 points of figs from the either the new Halo set or Gears of War.
Entry fee = 2 Canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank
Prizes = Complete set of kryptonite for FIRST and SECOND place

Hosted by Brian

Have You Ever Created Your Own Game?

Scott had the great idea to revise the game Hey! That's My Fish and created Hey! That's My Brains.  Have you ever tried something like this.  Start thinking about games that you have modified to create a new game.  We will be having a contest in December where you our customers get to vote on the winning game.  The winner will receive a cool prize.

Check back here in a week or two for complete details.

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details #2

** Trick or Treating **

Kids 13 and under come in costume say 'Trick or Treat' to any employee and get candy and comics for FREE both Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30.

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details - Gaming Event #3

** Zombie Dice **
** Saturday, October 29 at 6PM **

Available Seats = UNLIMITED
Entry fee = 2 Canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank

Hosted by Kat

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details - Gaming Event #2

** Zombies! **
** Saturday, October 29 at 6PM **

Available seats = 6-8
Entry fee = 2 Canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank

Hosted by Dave

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details - Gaming Event #1

** Dungeons and Dragons 4e **
** Saturday, October 29 at 2PM **

Strange things are happening at Lunar Base Epsilon. New recruits are disappearing. Talk of an uncontrolled outbreak.  You and your fellow recruits must find out what's going on, and possibly find a way off the base.

Near-future survival horror meets Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition in this custom game created specifically for ZombieFest.

Entry fee = 2 Canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank
Hosted by Joe Sites

** Dungeons and Dragons 4e **
** Sunday, October 30 at 2pm **

Part 2 of the adventure from Saturday.  You do not need to play in both parts to enjoy the adventure.

Entry fee = 2 Canned food items to donate to the York Food Bank
Hosted by Joe Sites

Keystone Gaming Society Posts New Podcast

The Keystone Gaming Society as posted a new podcast featuring their review of the Lone Wolf Multiplayer RPG game.

Check out their website at: http// or download directly from iTunes,

Comics By The Pound Update - Sunday

Well over 300 LBS of comics were sold this weekend.
Thanks to everyone for helping clear some inventory.

Look for our next sale in 3 weeks during ZOMBIEFEST 2011.

York County Literacy Council

All of the remaining paperback and hardback novels left from this weekend's sale is being donated to the York County Literacy Council.

If you have books that are just taking space in your home consider donating it to this local cause.

Their website is

and their address is:

800 East King Street
York PA 17403

ZOMBIEFEST 2011 - Leaked Details #1

Here is the first ZOMBIEFEST 2011 event.

Yes, it's back our annual costume contest for kids ages 1 - 100.
We had 75 entries in our costume contest last year.  I want at least 100 entries this year, as an incentive for you to tell your friends if we hit 100 or more entries we will double the amount of prizes we will be giving out this year.

As with last year we will have 3 age categories.
Under 13 (make sure you say TRICK OR TREAT to get some goodies too)
13 - 18 years old
Over 18

All category winners will compete for the 2011 Costume Contest Trophy and a special prize.
All category winners photos will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE.  The category winner with the most comments (by unique users) at 11:59PM on November 4 will win the GRAND PRIZE and trophy.

Come in Saturday or Sunday in costume, have your photo taken and allows us to post your photo.  On Sunday, October 30 judges will vote for best within each category.  JUDGES WANT TO SEE ZOMBIES, SUPERHEROES (OR HOT CHICKS), therefore bonus points will be awarded for costumes with any of those themes.

Comics By The Pound Update - Sunday

We sold over 200 LBS of comics on Saturday.
Let's try and double it on Sunday.

Come in and tell me you want the SPECIAL RATE and I'll hook you up with an extra special price.

Also all paperback and hardback novels in the backroom are FREE today.  So come in and get some.

Comics By The Pound - 1 hour down, 50 Lbs SOLD !!

Customers love comics by the pound.
50 lbs sold in the first hour !!!

Customers Love Comics By The Pound !!!!

Comics By The Pound Update

I just unloaded the first 25 long boxes.  This is hard work.
Lots of Batman, Superman, X-Men and Spider-man.

I'll post an update in an hour with photos when its all set up.

12,000+ comics only $3 per pound.  What could possibly go wrong?

More Info on Comics By The Pound

I swung by the store this morning to take a peek at what will be available for the Comics By The Pound Sale.  I was AMAZED.  I'm gonna have to spend some time in the back room on Sunday picking through some of the back issues after you all have had a chance to go through them.  There is some really good stuff, including some issues I know I need for my personal collection.

There are 60 long boxes full of comics (Marvel, DC, and Independent) that we will have in the gaming area all weekend.  These comics will go for $3 per pound.  This is an INCREDIBLE price and well worth the time to come out and pick through the boxes.

We are also going to have close to 100 paperback and hardback novels priced at 50 cents each.  So stop in and grab some reading material too.  This weekend is the only chance you will have to get these comics and books.  After this weekend they will be moving on to a new location, so don't miss your chance to complete some of your collections.

12,000+ Comics for this Weekend's Sale

12,000 COMICS

Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 all day in our spacious game room we will have comics for sale by the pound.  This is our THIRD such event and are always a huge hit.

The comics available this weekend have never been available at a per pound sale before.

We will also have paperback and hardback novels priced as low as 50 cents each.

Stop in and check out this AMAZING event.

WOW - More Avengers Movie Pics

ICv2 - WizKids Plans Infinity Gauntlet

ICv2 - WizKids Plans Infinity Gauntlet

It looks like 2012 will be the year of HeroClix.
Play will continue every Sunday from 2PM - 5PM.  Also look for at least 1 Saturday game each month to fight for the INFINITY GAUNTLET.

Pre-order all of your HeroClix bricks and cases from us and receive 20% off.

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 10/05/2011

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

HeroClix Superman

We had such a great turnout for the HeroClix Superman Release Event I repriced many of the older HeroClix singles.  I also put a ton of singles from the new set in the display case at a 'SUPER' low price.  Bricks of this set are still available but going fast.

ZombieFest 2011 Full Details Coming This Week !!!

Keep checking this site, we will have the full details of this year's ZombieFest up later this week.

COMICS BY THE POUND (version 3.0)

Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 all day in our spacious game room we will have comics for sale by the pound.  This is our THIRD such event and are always a huge hit.

The comics available this weekend have never been available at a per pound sale before.

We will also have paperback and hardback novels priced as low as 50 cents each.

Stop in and check out this AMAZING event.

HeroClix - Superman Marquee

Don't forget the Superman Marquee event is today (October 1) at 5PM.
The prize is a SUPERMAN BEYOND figure.

The rest of the prizes and dates of events are shown in the photo above.

** Prize support will be available anytime we have 4 or more participants.

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