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Are you a geek, a nerd or a dork?

Are you a geek, a nerd or a dork?


Comic Store West has the honor of hosting a Pokemon City Championship event.
This event will be held on Saturday, December 10 beginning at 10AM.
FREE for all.

ON SALE NOW - HaloClix

Now fully compatible with HeroClix. Get them now in preparation for the big Zombie Hunt event to be help on Sunday, October 30 during ZombieFest.

ON SALE NOW - Superman HeroClix

Don't forget the Superman HeroClix Marquee Event is this Saturday evening at 5PM. Buy 3 boosters, build a 400 point team and win the MEGA RARE - SUPERMAN BEYOND figure (only available as a prize).

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 09/28/2011

HeroClix Superman Marquee - Saturday, October 1 at 5PM

Saturday, October 1 at 5PM

Buy 3 boosters of the newest HeroClix set and build a 400 point team.
Prize for this event is SUPERMAN BEYOND FIGURE.
(prizes only available with 4 or more partipants)

Pokemon NOBLE VICTORY Pre-Release Event

Just added to our November calendar.
Sunday, November 6 will be the Pokemon Pre-Release for the next expansion called NOBLE VICTORY.

Cost is $25 per player

Each person gets 6 boosters to build a deck with, a deck box and promo card.
Players will receive extra boosters as prizes when the event is over.

NEW Thursday Night MAGIC Events - DCI Sanctioned EVERY WEEK

Thursday Night Magic just got better at Comic Store West.
We now have DCI SANCTIONED events every Thursday.

October 6 - STANDARD
$5 entry fee, 1 booster to the prize pool for each person who plays.

October 13 - DRAFT
$13 entry fee, 3 boosters to draft from, 1 booster per person to the prize pool.

October 20 - STANDARD
$5 entry fee, 1 booster to the prize pool for each person who plays.

October 27 - DRAFT
$13 entry fee, 3 boosters to draft from, 1 booster per person to the prize pool.


We have a box of miniatures, reduced to 50% OFF.
Stop in and check them out.

Bargain RPG Books

We now have a Bargain RPG Book Section.
Many of these books only see the light of day during our annual back room sale.

Check them out at prices that can't be beat.

Hardbacks = $4.99
Paperbacks = $1.88

ALSO ARRIVING TODAY - Star Trek Fleet Captains

I'm picking one of these up myself.

There will be one copy on display at the counter later this weekend, and then available to demo in the gaming room next week.

ARRIVING LATER TODAY - The Walking Dead Board Game

The Walking Dead: The Board Game from Z-Man Games transforms the Robert Kirkman comic book series into a board game, giving "fans the opportunity to play Rick, Shane, Andrea, and other favorite The Walking Dead characters as they deal with zombies, collect supplies and pick up the pieces of their lives", according to a press release announcing the game. Encounter and location cards recreate scenes and events from the comic book series.

You can bet we'll be playing this game during ZombieFest at the end of October.

Comic Store West Supplies Other Local Comic Stores

I just found out that the Comic Store West has become a major supplier to many of the smaller, fly by night local comic stores in the York and Lancaster area.  Cut out the middle man and come directly to an established store.  We've been in York for 25 years and are still the biggest and best store in the tri-state area.


October HeroClix Events

HeroClix Events for October:

Saturday, October 1 - 5PM 
Superman Marquee Event
Purchase 3 boosters of the Superman HeroClix Set and build a 400 point team
Prizes = to be announced 

Sunday, October 16 - 2PM - 5PM
500 points of figs from the Superman Expansion
Prizes = to be announced 

Sunday, October 23 - 2PM - 5PM 
800 points, only figures with the word SUPERMAN on them
Prizes = to be announced 

SUNDAY, October 30 - 2PM - 5PM 
Bring a 400 point team and fight the zombies
Prizes = to be announced

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 09/21/2011

For those viewing from Facebook, click here.

Running Out of Time for Magic Innistrad

You are running out of time to sign-up for the Magic Innistrad Pre-Release Tournaments to still have a chance to win a RANDOM PLANEWALKER card, I also have some more digital Magic codes for X-Box, PlayStation and PC for all players.

Don't play at the more expensive places, we charge only $25, and offer a ton more prizes. Plus sign-up and pre-pay early (by Friday) and one player will receive one random PlanesWalker card (valued up to $40).

We are the only store in the area offering great prizes at this low cost PLUS both Saturday and Sunday events.

I'll probably also do pizza and soda for another $5 on Sunday like I did at our Magic Celebration event (cash only for the food).

If you have not seen the entire artwork for the new set check it out here.

NEW Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

Don't forget ZOMBIEFEST 2011 is Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30.
Come watch the first two episodes of season 2 with us on Sunday October 30th.

HeroClix - Sunday, September 18

This Sunday's HeroClix is FREE PLAY.
There will not be a judge or prizes this week.

Watch for the Superman Marquee announcement.  As always the Marquee event will offer the best prizes for the expansion and be a 3 booster sealed event.

Remember to pre-order Hulk bricks, cases, gravity feeds and fast forces packs now to save BIG !!

Magic The Gathering Innistrad Pre-Release Update

Remember, the Magic Innistrad Pre-Release is coming Saturday, September 24. For a chance to win a PlanesWalker card you must sign-up and pre-pay (only $25 !!) by Friday, September 23.

One random early sign-up will win one of the following PlanesWalker cards:

Jace, Memory Adept
Liliana Vess
Nissa Revane
Sorin Markov
Chandra Ablaze
Karn Liberated
Gideon Jura
Sarkhan Vol
Nicol Bolas
Ajani Vengeant

DC Comics The New 52 Week 1 Reviews

Ok, I finally just finished reading the first wave of the NEW 52 from DC Comics.  Here is my 30 second non-spoiler review of the first 13 issues.

Listed in order of how I liked them:

Detective Comics - Awesome art, great story, The Joker as he should be written.
Batgirl - Again awesome art, great story, loved the flash backs to the Killing Joke.
Action Comics - Was worried about this because I hate what Supes is wearing and I am not a huge Grant Morrision fan.  Good art, great action shots, good story.
OMAC - Surprise of the week.  I thought this may be a stinker book but it was GREAT.
Static Shock - Another huge surprise.  I was never a fan of Static Shock, but this was a very good story.  I like the surprise character who makes an appearance.  Was not planning on continuing to get this but have changed my mind.
StormWatch - Never read the book when it was put out by Wildstorm.  Liked the art and the story.  Was not planning on continuing to get this but have changed my mind.
Swamp Thing - Was never a Swamp Thing fan.  Art was good, liked the story.  May continue this title, have not decided yet.

** Every title below this needs a little work to win me over **

Hawk and Dove - Never a huge Rob Liefeld fan, but the art was ok and the story was good (not great though).  Not sure how to improve.
Green Arrow - I don't like the younger Green Arrow, the story is decent and the art is good but I really like Green Arrorw to be one of the 'old men' when it comes to experience.
BatWing - This was my early pick as the first book to go.  I hate the Batman Inc.  story and BatWing comes directly out of that.  The story was actually surprised me.  Not a fan of the art style.  Better than I thought but end it now.
Men of War - Read some Sgt Rock as a kid.  Not a fan of the modern grandson of Frank Rock.  Plus there was meta humans in the book.  DC if you want to do a war comic keep the meta humans out.
Justice League International - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.  Remember the old JLI?  This is worse.
Animal Man - I have never like Animal Man.  I tried to go in open minded.  This book is bad.  The art is terrible, the story is not very good.  (Yet I had several customers tell me they liked this so go figure).

I look forward to this week's batch of 13 comics.  Look for a review next Sunday.

Code Word: Geronimo - True Story Behind The Raid Against Bin Laden


Code Word: Geronimo is the amazing, moment-by-moment story of the clandestine raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  This historical tribute commemorates the bravery and valor of SEAL Team 6 as it descends into foreign land and achieves the near impossible.

JUST ARRIVED - HeroClix Watchmen FastForces Pack

Comes with

6 Watchmen Clix Figures with new cards
2 dice

New RPG Shelves

Stop in and check out the new RPG shelves !!

HeroClix - Sunday, September 11 - REMEMBER 9/11 EVENT

2PM - 5PM

600 points All sets are valid (whole way back to Infinity Challenge, up to Street Fighter and Gears of War).
5 actions per turn

Gabe Jones and Nick Fury LMD

JUST ARRIVED - Two New D&D Expansions

Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium ($29.95)

Madness At Gardmore Abbey w/Deck of Many Things ($39.99) 

Because Wizards of the Coast loves us, we can sell new D&D expansions early.
Come and get 'em now !!



Start a subscription with us today (it's free).

More Important Magic Innistrad Information

Magic Innistrad Info Click Here Remember CSW is proud to be one of only a few stores in the country to offer 2 different Pre-Release Events. Sign-up now to reserve your spot. It's only $25. All early sign-ups have a chance at winning 1 of NOW 10 different PlaneWalker cards valued at up to $40. Saturday, September 24 - 40 seats available. Sunday, September 25 - 16 seats available.

Magic Celebration - THIS SATURDAY STARTING AT 10:30AM

Limited Space for this special event.

All players start with 1 Magic 2012 booster and 3 of each colored land.
These 30 cards comprise your deck.
After each round all winners will receive an additional booster of M12 which is added to their deck.

They must build a minimum 40 card deck.

Since similar records play each other, decks will always be even.

This will be a 3 or 4 round event.

Pokemon Battle Roads Autumn 2011 Details

Pokemon Battle Roads 2011 Autumn

Sunday, October 2, 2011 - Comic Store west

2111 Industrial Highway,York, PA 17402 717-845-9198 717-845-9198

Registration starts at 11:00am.
Play starts at 11:30am

Format: Modified Constructed

Bring a 60 card deck (using cards from HeartGold SoulSilver and later).

Decklists are required. We will use the Black & White Rules

Entry: Free

Prizes: Prizes to the top 4 in each of the three age groups

1st prize: 1st place Gold Victory Cup Trophy Card, 4 boosters

2nd place: 2nd place Silver Victory Cup Trophy Card, 4 boosters

3rd place: 3rd place Bronze Victory Cup Trophy Card, 2 boosters

4th place: 2 boosters

These are Premier events (so you can gain rating points). After the swiss rounds (where everyone plays); there will be a maximum single elimination cut of top 4

FREE Magic 2012 Sample Decks (30 cards)

Spend $15 in Magic Products and receive your choice of a FREE 30 card sample deck.  
While supplies last.

HeroClix - Incredible Hulk Pre-Orders - Save 20%

Pre-Orders available now on the next HeroClix Expansion - Incredible Hulk.  Pre-orders (with Pre-Pays) due by 10/31/2011 in order to receive 20% OFF BRICKS AND CASES.

Magic The Gathering

Thanks for making this past Thursday's DCI Magic Draft more successful than last Thursdays. We had 20 this week and everyone looked like they had a blast.

Don't forget on Saturday, September 10 - Magic Celebration. It's totally free to play. You start with a Comic Store West supplied M12 booster and 3 of each land. Every time you win a match you with another M12 booster. I've got special XBox, PS3, and PC Magic Game Codes and T-shirts to give out too.

Games start at 10:30, we do have a limited supply of boosters, but should be able to support at least 40 people.

Also sign ups are now available for the MTG Pre-Release event.  We have a 40 seat event on 9/24, starting at noon.  We also have a 16 seat event on 9/25 starting at noon.  Everyone who signs up early (and pays) gets a shot at winning a Planeswalker card that will be chosen at random and valued between $5 and $50.

Looking for GMs for ZombieFest

We are looking for some people to run some horror based games during ZombieFest weekend come on KGS, speak up).

Anyone out there interested in running Zombies, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, World of Darkness, or any other horror based game please reply back to this message on Facebook or email Brian at the store.

ZombieFest is our annual Halloween event and will be held on Saturday, Oct 29 and Sunday, Oct 30.

More details on ZombieFest coming soon.
Remember Comic Store West is your PA Zombie Safe House.

NEW BOARDGAME - King of Tokyo


King of Tokyo is a game from Richard Garfield for 2 to 6 players in which you play mutant monsters, gigantic robots, and other aliens; all of whom are happily whacking each other in a joyous atmosphere in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo.

Each turn, throw six dice. The dice bear the following six symbols: 1, 2 or 3 Points of Destruction, Energy, Healing and Whack. In three successive throws, choose whether to keep or discard each die in order to win destruction points, hoard energy, restore health, or whack other players into understanding that Tokyo is YOUR territory.

The fiercest player will be crowned King of Tokyo... and will end up facing all the other monsters alone!
Top this off with special cards, purchased with energy, that have a permanent or temporary effect: such as the growing of a second head which grants you an additional die, body armor, nova death ray, and more.... and it's one of the most explosive games of the year!

In order to win the game, one must either destroy Tokyo by accumulating 20 destruction points, or be the only surviving monster once the fighting has ended.

Superman HeroClix - PRE-ORDER SPECIAL

This is your absolute last chance to pre-order Superman HeroClix bricks and cases and get a 20% discount.
This special will end at close of business on Wednesday, September 7.

Superman HeroClix is already sold out at WizKids and is scheduled to hit store shelves on September 28.  We expect it to fly off shelves as much as the last two or three HeroClix expansions.

Street Fighter HeroClix Back In Stock

We just received a very small order of HeroClix Street Fighter Clix.
Even though this set is sold out and unavailable from our distributors we managed to wrangle up a few more.

Stop in soon, these will probably sell by the weekend.

HeroClix This Sunday 2-5PM

The rules for this Sunday's HeroClix event are as follows:
600 points All sets are valid (whole way back to Infinity Challenge, up to Street Fighter and Gears of War).
5 actions per turn

Prizes are: Bob, Agent of Hydra and Nick Fury LMD

Big Bang Theory Does the DC Relaunch

Big Bang Theory gets involved in the DC Relaunch. Read all about it here

Who Is The Hooded Woman Running Around the DC U?

Has everyone seen the strange hooded woman in Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1?

Check out the following articles:
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