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Don't Forget Magic DCI Draft ($13) Tomorrow - Thursday, Sept 1

We had 19 for our first OFFICAL Thursday Night Magic Draft.
Our next DCI/Draft will be this Thursday, September 1 same time (arrive between 5 and 6).

ONLY $13 for 3 boosters (+1 booster to the prize pool).
Event is DCI Sanctioned, FOIL promos and boosters for top finishers !!

Great Fan Made Commercial for DC New 52

Keystone Gaming Society Reviews Eclipse Phase

The KGS has just posted a new podcast review of the Sci-Fi RPG game - Eclipse Phase.

Check out their website here: or jump right to the review of Eclipse Phase here.

Search for them on iTunes so you never miss an episode of this local gaming group podcast.


DC's New 52 starts this week.

Make sure you pick up Flashpoint #5 this Wednesday to see how it happens and then grab Justice League #1 Wednesday to see DC Comics new direction.

The story and artwork are incredible and I HIGHLY recommend checking out all of the number 1's that will be released throughout September.

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 08/31/2011

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2011 Breast Cancer Brawl Rules

Format: Steamroller 2011

Date: 9/17   10am

Admission: $10.00

Game Format:  Mixed WARMACHINE and HORDES

Game Size:  35 Points  Single List

Game Length: Accelerated – 60 min games  - 7 min turns   - One 3min extension

Scenario: Kill Box Only

Re-Rolls or Paying to Cheat Fate: Players may buy re-roll tokens at the start of the event and any time between games. Each player will get 20 tokens for registering for the event. Each additional token costs a  50 cent  donation to the charity being sponsored by the event

Here’s how the re-rolls work. Each table will have a box where players can deposit tokens. At any time during a game round (a round consists of each player taking one turn) either player may spend tokens by dropping them into the box to buy a re-roll of all the dice in any roll – either his own or forcing his opponent to do so. The costs are as follows for each player:

First re -roll – 1 token Second re-roll – 2 tokens Third re-roll – 3 tokens Fourth re-roll – 4 tokens Fifth re-roll – 8 tokens

Each player may only buy 5 re- rolls of the dice per game round. The count (and the cost of the re-roll) resets to the beginning at the beginning of the next round of the game.

Thus, on turn 1, if Paul is the first player he could get a bad roll, pay 1 token to re-roll all the dice and get a great roll. His opponent, Hugh, could then spend 1 token to force him to re- roll that. If the roll is poor, Paul could then spend 2 tokens to roll it again and spend 3 more tokens to re-roll yet again if the roll was still not to his liking. In Hugh’s first turn, he would have to spend 2 tokens to buy his first re-roll because he had already spent his first re-roll forcing Paul to do so on his turn.

Additional Rules

The following are additional rules. These give players even more ways to “cheat for charity”

Pink Ribbon Special
3 tokens
A player using this special rule must do so at any time during his turn.  Player selects one

non-warlock/warcaster model to gain +3 DEF and ARM for one round.  The model also

cannot be targeted by ranged or magic attacks for that round.  May not be used in

conjunction with any other of these special rules on the same model and may not be used

two consecutive turns in a row.
Early Detection
After regular deployment, each player (starting with the first player) may donate tokens to

advance deploy one model/unit from his army.  For every token donated, one model/unit

may be repositioned up to 1" beyond the standard 10" deployment zone – 3 tokens gets you

3 inches, 5 gets you 5 inches - to a maximum of 10” beyond the normal deployment zone.

The Self-Exam
4 tokens
A player using this special rule must do so at any time during his turn.  The player’s

warlock/warcaster may add +1 to his/her DEF for each point of fury or focus currently on

him/her.  May not be used in conjunction with any other of these special rules on the same

model and may not be used on two consecutive turns.

Awareness is
Before the start of the game, players may spend tokens to gain a bonus to the roll to

determine first player.  Each token spent provides +1 to the roll and each player may spend

as many tokens as he or she wishes for this roll.
See your doctor
8 tokens
Once per game, you may spend 8 tokens at the end of your turn to send an opponent’s non-

warlock/warcaster model/unit to the doctor for a checkup.  The affected unit does not

activate during your opponent’s next turn.  However, all continuous effects and enemy

upkeep spells on the affected model/unit are removed.

Women are tough
8 tokens
At the beginning of the game, you may spend 8 tokens to make all female models (they must

be visibly and recognizably sculpted female or named as such in the background fluff) in

your army tough.  When a tough model takes sufficient damage to be destroyed, roll a d6.

On a result of 5 or 6, the model is not destroyed, but retains one wound and is knocked

down.  In the case of models that are already tough (trollbloods, etc.) this ability increases

their tough roll to 4, 5, or 6.  This ability lasts the entire game.

Race for the Cure
8 Tokens
All models/units in the warcaster/lock’s control area can charge at SDP +5 inches without

having to spend focus, be forced or given orders. All charging models can charge through

rough terrain.  May only be used once per game.
United We Stand
6 Tokens
All models/units in a warcaster/lock’s control area gain +2 to ARM and DEF, they also gain

Fearless and cannot be knocked down or made stationary for one round.  This may only be

used once per game.
Targeted treatment
5 tokens
May only be used once per game.  Select a friendly model/unit in your army.  This unit may

select a target model/unit.  When declaring ranged/magic attacks or charges the affected

model/unit ignores all models and terrain between it and the target for purposes of

movement and line of sight except impassible objects.  On the charge, the affected models

must still end their movement without overlapping the base of any other model, though they

may pass through them freely.  Models affected by this rule may damage an incorporeal

target even if they are not normally able to do so.
Awareness and
At any time that your opponent attempts to use any of the above listed abilities, you may

immediately spend the same number of tokens to negate that ability.  For abilities that are

usable a limited number of times per game, they are not counted as used if countered with

this ability.  Your opponent is free to immediately spend more to try to use the ability again.

Spider-Man Helps Fight Hurricane Irene

NEW - Magic The Gathering Innistrad Pre-Release - $25

For the first time ever we will be hosting TWO Magic Pre-Release events.

Saturday, September 24 at noon.
Boosters will be handed out at noon, you will need to register your decks and build a deck to begin the first round at 1PM.  
There are 40 spots available for this event.

Sunday, September 25 at noon.
Registered decks will be handed out for a first round start time of 12:30PM
There are only 16 spots available for this event.

Pre-Release events are only $25

Everyone that signs up (and pays) by Friday, September 23 will be eligible to win a random Planeswalker card valued at up to $50.  A random drawing of the winner and the actual card will occur at the time of the events.

You can sign up for both events, but hurry these spots will disappear quick.

This THURSDAY - Magic The Gathering - DCI Draft - only $13

We had 19 for our first OFFICAL Thursday Night Magic Draft.
Our next DCI/Draft will be this Thursday, September 1 same time (arrive between 5 and 6).

ONLY $13 for 3 boosters (+1 booster to the prize pool).
Event is DCI Sanctioned, FOIL promos and boosters for top finishers !!

New Comics On Sale Beginning - 8/24/2011

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Magic Celebration Details - September 10 at 10:30AM

Limited Space for this special event.

All players start with 1 Magic 2012 booster and 3 of each colored land.
These 30 cards comprise your deck.
After each round all winners will receive an additional booster of M12 which is added to their deck.

They must build a minimum 40 card deck.

Since similar records play each other, decks will always be even.

This will be a 3 or 4 round event.

No Pokemon on Sunday, August 28

The Pokemon League will not be meeting next Sunday, August 28 or the next Sunday, September 4.

We will be back on Sunday, September 11.

Don't forget sign-ups are now available for the Autumn Pokemon Battle Roads. Seating is limited and we will fill up so sign-up today.

D&D Encounters - Lair Assault - Forge of the Dawn Titan

Sign up now, limited space available.

Thursday Night Magic - Draft

We had 19 for our first OFFICAL Thursday Night Magic Draft. Our next DCI/Draft will be Thursday, Spetmeber 1 same time (arrive between 5 and 6). Let's try and beat our total number with each draft we have.

So the number to beat is 19.

Don't forget every Thursday night is Magic night at the store, sometimes it's casual Magic sometimes it's DCI Sanctioned, it's always a lot of fun.

Gears of War HeroClix ON SALE NOW

Get them now, if they sell anything like the Street Fighter HeroClix they will be gone before the weekend.

Digital Comics For Sale Beginning Soon

Help support your local comic book store and buy all of your digital comics directly from us. Check out the links on the left side of our page for EXCLUSIVE access to our NEW digital store. The store opens later next week, be patient while we work out the bugs.

50,000 HITS !!!

We are approaching the 50,000 hit mark on our website. Thanks to all. Don't forget LIKE us on Facebook and check in with us on Foursquare.

Thursday Night Magic

Don't forget Thursday Night Magic this week will feature a 3 booster M12 draft.
For only $13 everyone gets THREE BOOSTERS to draft from and 1 extra booster per person for the prize support pool.

Foil promo cards available to winner.

Ashen Stars

The Ashen Stars RPG Preview games originally scheduled for Monday, Aug 22 and Wednesday, Aug 24 are being moved to Monday, Aug 29 and Wednesday, Aug 31 due to a delay in receiving the core rules.

Time is Running Out

DC's New 52 starts August 31 with Justice League #1.
Make sure you don't miss an issue and subscribe today.

HeroClix Singles Reduced

I've marked down a bunch of our older HeroClix singles to 50 cents each. Stop in and grab them while you can. I don't expect them to last long at this price. I also have a large collection of singles from the latest set - Captain America priced at only $2.99 each.

HeroClix 1 Booster Draft Event This Sunday 8/14

Sunday, August 14 2PM - 5PM


Entry fee = $12, everyone receives 1 booster of the SOLD OUT Captain America expansion and additional boosters will be provided as prize support (1 booster for every two paid players).

Build the best 200 point team you can with your selected figures (you get to keep them when finished).
Prizes are Map and and 'Successful' Dirk Anger LE Figure

NEW - Malifaux Mondays

Malifaux Mondays has just been added to the weekly game calendar. Come in beginning at 5pm (or when you can) to play this unique miniature game. Don't know how to play? That's ok stop in and someone will be happy to teach you.

NEW PodCast and VideoCasts from KGS

The Keystone Gaming Society has just posted new Podcasts and VideoCasts of the box opening of Battleship Galaxies and Smallworld Underground.

Check them out at their website: http:\\

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