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OPEN RPG DAY - Deathwatch Role Playing Game

The Influence of the Xeno's

Rule system: Deathwatch
Genre: Warhammer 40k
Referee: Sam

You are one of the children of the Emperor, one of the legendary Space Marines. As a member of the Adeptus Astarties your Chapter had detached you to the Deathwatch to fight the enemies of the Deathwatch and Inquisition.
The watch Captain has called you and your team is assembled.

The mission is clear:
Primary objective - Kill the traitor General Essan Kahn
Secondary objective - Eliminate General Kahn's advisors
Tertiary objective - Cause as much destruction as possible including the destruction of the Cathedral of the Emperor's Grace.

This game will be hosted by the Keystone Gaming Society.

Sign-up for the 11AM - 3PM session of Deathwatch at our Open RPG Game Day on Saturday, March 12

OPEN RPG DAY - Lone Wolf Role Playing Game

Based on the fan-favorite Lone Wolf solo adventure book series from the 80's, Lone Wolf Multiplayer allows role players to explore the fantasy world of Magnamund in a simply and easy to learn role playing system. Kai Warriors, Knights of Sommerlund, Kalte Barbarians, Dwarven Gunners of Bor, and more band together to thrwart the evil of the Dark Lords!

This game will be hosted by the Keystone Gaming Society.

Sign-up for the 11AM - 3PM session of Lone Wolf at our Open RPG Game Day on Saturday, March 12.

Countdown to the ANNUAL BACK ROOM SALE !!

30 days and counting until the ANNUAL BACK ROOM SALE.

This year's sale will be the biggest one yet. Hardcover RPG books only $5, RPG modules only $1, bargain bin comics and more priced lower than at any other sale we've had. You do not want to miss this sale. VIPs will be getting their special invitations soon for the Friday night 9PM until Midnight Sneak Peek Sale (March 18). If you are not a VIP no worries the sale will be going on Saturday, March 19 10am-9pm and Sunday, March 20 Noon-5pm.

As always no gaming this weekend because the gaming area will be full of cheap stuff priced to move.

So mark your calendars !!!

Mansions of Madness Preview Video

This game is available for pre-order now.
We also have a copy of the game in our 'open to the public' gaming room available available for you and your friends to play.

Open RPG Events Finalized

Sign-ups are now open for all RPG Games on Open RPG Day March 12 at the store. 
The following games will be played.  Game seats are limited to 6 players per game.

11am - 3pm - Deathwatch (DM - Sam)
11am - 3pm - Dungeons and Dragons 4e (DM - Brett)
11am - 3pm - LoneWolf (DM - Scott)
11am - 3pm - Mutant and Masterminds - 2nd edition (DM - Kevin)

4pm - 8pm - Mutants and Masterminds - 3rd edition (DM - Jason)

4pm - 8pm - Atomic Highway (DM - Sam)
4pm - 8pm - Hollow Earth Expediations (DM - Kevin)

4pm - 8pm - Pathfinder (DM - Brett)

Marvel Comics Variant Sale

For the remainder of February ALL Marvel Comics variants will be on sale for cover price plus $1.00

Dust Tactics - Operation First Strike 4 Week Event Series

Dust Tactics events have just been added to our event calendar. Dust will be played Thursday nights beginning at 6PM at the store. The first series of events will be called 'Operation First Strike'. There are patches available for all participants (while supplies last). Prizes to be awarded after the first 4 week cycle finishes.

Players should bring a copy of the game to play. There will be one copy available for demos, so if interested in learning the game come in Thursdays for a demo.

Mutants and Masterminds Pre-Order

Pre-Order the Muntants and Masterminds Heroes Handbook and save 10% off and receive a SECRET CODE which will allow you to purchase the .PDF of the handbook for only $5.00. Handbook must be pre-ordered and paid in full by February 27 to receive the discount and SECRET CODE.

Mansions of Madness Preview Night

Special Preview of Mansions of Madness - Saturday, February 19th at 6PM

Play in the event and get a coupon for 20% off your order of the Mansions of Madness Game.

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