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Magic The Gathering - Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release

We had a full house with 40 Magic players playing in the Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release event. We had 80 of the ULTRA RARE and EXCLUSIVE Mirrodin Besieged Faction Boosters for prizes so everyone went home happy.

Beginning next week we will have a very limited number of these RARE faction specific boosters for sale. When these boosters run out they will no longer be available for us to reorder. Make sure you stop in next weekend to pick up these boosters because they will go fast.

Also next weekend we will have the Mirrodin Besieged RELEASE event. This event will be $25 and will start sharply at 10:30AM.

Chosen Supreme Wargamer, Update 1

The results of the Team Up Mash Up Event have been compiled and here are the point totals for everyone so far.

If you aren't in the lead don't get discouraged. There are plenty of opportunities to earn CSW points coming up in the next 11+ months.

Jorrie Laughman 16
Matt Titus 15
Randel Wood 15
Bernie Frick 11
Chris Johannesen 10
Eric McClure 10
Kevin Schrader 10
Kurt Vossler 10
Matt McDunnell 10
Rowan McDunnell 10
Scott Koehler 10
Tim Brown 10
Ben 5
Chris Oleg 5
Jason Korabau 5
Marlon Kirton 5
Mike McAdams 5
Thomas McAdams 5

Shattered Grounds: Windless Wastes starts on Feb 6

Just a quick reminder that the next Shattered Grounds League Starts in less than 2 weeks...

The League Kit has arrived, but as it stands we only have enough supplies for 8 players so if you want a Battle Journal and a rank patch, please sign up as soon as possible.

League signup is only $8 and includes your Battle Journal.

The League Map, Rules and Cards can be found here:

Our Pre-League Hobby Night is February 4th. Alexis, who does the bi-weekly painting clinic, has agreed to set aside that night for any Hordes and Warmachine folks who want to get some tips and tricks for painting armies or single figures. Anyone in attendance will earn the Combat Engineer commendation

And don't forget attending the Hobby Night and playing in the League will earn you points toward the Chosen Supreme Wargamer Program.

See you at the tables (as long as the snow stops at some point)

Zombie Dice Drawing

Brett asked me to share this. A customer did this drawing of the Zombie from our hottest selling game - Zombie Dice. I wish Brett would have told me who drew it so I can give credit.

Chosen Supreme Wargamer 2011

CSW is proud to announce a new program for our Hordes and Warmachine community.

Full press release

HeroClix vs WarMachine / Hordes

We had two tournaments going on at the same time today. A HeroClix event which brought in 8 people and some bystanders and a WarMachine and Hordes team-up event which brought in 20+ players. Needless to say we had them packed into the back. As always a good time was had by all.

Magic - Mirrordin Besieged - Pre-Release Main Event.

Magic Mirrordin Besieged Pre-Release Main Event.
The prizes are in for next Saturday. We have a limited number of Hero of Bladehold and Glissa, the Traitor foil promo cards for next Saturday. For $25 you will receive 3 Scars of Mirrodin boosters and 3 EXCLUSIVE Mirrodin Besieged faction packs only available at the Pre-Release.

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