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Magic The Gathering Update

We just restocked and repriced our Magic The Gathering - Mirage binder. We have a complete set of singles from the set to look through.

Also check out our current Ebay auctions for high-end Magic cards well below book value. You won't find better deals on Magic singles anywhere !!

Trade and Graphic Novels 20% OFF Tuesdays

TUESDAYS starting in January receive 20% OFF all trade paperback/hardback and graphic novels.

Don't forget we also have 2 bins full of 50% trades that we are continuously restocking.

HeroClix Events Dec / Jan

I have posted the prizes for the upcoming HeroClix Events.
Please make note of prize changes:

Sunday - 12/19 at 2PM - Buy 3 boosters, 400 points
Prizes = 1st Place = Impulse, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Saturday - 1/8 at 11AM - Buy 1 booster, 400 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Grodd, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Tuesday - 1/11 at 6PM - NO BUY IN REQUIRED, 400 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Ice Maiden, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Saturday - 1/22 at 11AM - Buy 1 booster, 500 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Troia, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Tuesday - 1/25 at 6PM - NO BUY IN REQUIRED, 400 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Gleek, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

** Prizes only provided on events with 3 or more players. Additional prizes may be offered with groups of 8 or more so bring your friends along.

Pokemon City Championship

Awesome York Sunday News article about our recent Pokemon City Championship event.
Check out the article here.

30,000 PAGE HITS !!!!

We just passed the 30,000 PAGE HITS mark on our website. Thanks to everyone for checking out our interweb.

Dust Tactics - First Impressions

A new YouTube video and Podcast has been put up over at The Keystone Gaming Society's website. Check out Brian and Sam's first impressions of the miniature combat game - DUST TACTICS.

Keystone Gaming Society

WarMachine / Hordes Team-Up Mash-Up - Jan 22

Warmachine / Hordes
Team-Up Mash-Up Tournament!

When: January 22nd
Starts at 11am - SHARP!
Cost: $10 per Team

I suggest teams try to play a few games together before the tournament, since we will still have timed turns!

You and a partner will team-up for this event! Any armies can team-up – except there will be NO DUPLICATE armies allowed in the team-up.

Every game will be played together, and you will be considered the same army. For example: A Troll & a Cygnar army are teamed up... they are now considered to be a Troll Cygnar army! Spells, Abilities and Feats will now affect each other! Minions that are taken in another army still follow the standard rules – no synergy unless it's normal allowed.

During a game, if a Warcaster or Warlock is killed, his warjacks / beasts are removed from play... but his units will continue to fight on!

Each Player is restricted to ONLY 1 Warlock or Warcaster for the entire tournament. For your leader, you will each need to create and hand in an army roster for the following size and types of armies:

15pt - Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw Army
Warcaster + ONLY Warjacks OR Warlocks + ONLY Warbeasts

25pt – Standard

35pt – Highlander
There can only be ONE! One Caster, One Unit, One Unit Attachment, One Solo, one named Warjack or Beast, and only one of each type of Warjack or Warbeast is allowed (Multiple heavy and lights allowed, no duplicate types). 1 Solo that is a group is allowed – Whelps are bought in fives, you get all five.

Rosters can be created and printed out from:

York Pokemon City Championship Tournament

Saturday December 11, 2010
10am registration

Format is Modified Constructed.

Entry is Free.
(Please call the store to pre register- seating is limited)

Prizes for each of three age groups
Each player brings a 60 card modified constructed deck.

Save time by printing your decklist ahead of time using decklist building websites such as
Find details on sets allowed at

NEW - HeroClix December Event

Sorry for the short notice, but with the shipping issues with the DC 75th Anniversary HeroClix set I did not know when we would be able to have the LAUNCH PARTY. It's going to be a tight fit but we are going to squeeze in games on Sunday, December 19.

I'm not sure what the prizes will be yet, but they will be the best figures from the prize kit. The game starts at 2PM.

Entry is purchase of 3 boosters (400 points).

Remember if you get a brick or case you get bonus stuff from CSW.

Warmachine/Hordes Winter Throw Down

Saturday 12/18/2010 -11am Registration

35 Point Steamroller Tournament - Two Lists
Holiday Themed Scenarios
Egg Nog

$7.00 Pre Registered
$10.00 Day Of Tournament

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