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Small Business Saturday

Good morning and welcome to Small Business Saturday. Please make sure you stop in and support Comic Store West. Locally owned and operated for 24 years.

I just added a new section on the lower part of this page with NEW COMIC REVIEWS brought to you by Comic Book Resources website.

Are you a fan of New Avengers or Incredible Hulk? I just restocked some back issues of both of these titles.

Green Lantern Back Issue Bonanza !!

I spent the day going through the back room mess. I've uncovered 200 back issues of Green Lantern that I have begun pricing and putting out on the floor. If you are looking for back issues of Green Lantern stop in now before the movie rush.

Warmachine / Hordes Thrall Harvest 2010

Another successful food drive for the WarMachine / Hordes crowd. Here is the food collected for the food bank with this year's Thrall Harvest.

Fallen Comics (established in York, PA)

Did you know there is a local comic book company?

Meet the Fallen

Fallen Comics is a comic book company established out of York, Pennsylvania. Founded by Joey Logan and Robbie Bryan in September 2009 as a venture start-up in order to bring their ideas to life. From the elaborate characters and worlds which they create, the Fallen wish to entice their readers by allowing them to explore the mysterious dark corners of their minds.

Check them out.

Full Green Lantern Trailer

I am really looking forward to this movie. We'll see if Ryan Reynolds can pull off Hal Jordan.

Warmachine / Hordes - Alternate Reality Tournament!

Warmachine / Hordes
Alternate Reality Tournament!
Saturday, November 27th
11AM - ??
Cost $5.00

All money will go towards prizes!


Every player should bring in their entire army (one army). From their army, they choose 2 Warcasters / Warlocks. You MUST supply all the cards and models for an opponent to use. Those models will be put into a 'pot.' Everyone will then choose 2 casters (at random) from the 'pot.'

Those chosen models will now replace any faction affiliation with your faction, and will now support your army's Focus or Fury. Warcasters will now become Warlocks and vice Versa!

These 'Alternate Reality' casters are now the ONLY casters you can choose to run your army. You now have to build a 35pt. army around each of these 'Alternate Reality' caster. You may switch armies between rounds, but you only have to use 1 of the new 'casters.

WarMachine/Hordes - Cheat for Charity 2010


Comic Store West
November 20th
35 Point Steamroller!
Fee: 10 cans - which gets you 10 cheat tokens. Every can after that also gets you a cheat token!

Who's going to walk away with the custom trophies?

How many cans of food can you bring?

Back Issue Bins Restocked

I just restocked the back issue bins with a ton of goodies.
Uncanny X-Men #168 - #300 range, Superboy, Superman, Secret Origins, and some Batman Prestige format books. Check them out before they are gone....

Looking ahead to 2011 Comic Movies

I was just surfing at IMDB and I didn't realize how many comic book movies are coming out next summer.
You can bet we will be doing something special with all of these properties next year. Beginning with a special appearance by our very own Thor on Free Comic Book Day on May 7.

I also have it on good authority that Green Lantern will probably make a rare appearance on the weekend of June 18.

Thor - May 6
X-Men: First Class - June 3
Green Lantern - June 17
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - July 1
Captain America: First Avenger - July 22
Cowboys & Aliens - July 29th
Conan - August 19

Zombie Dice

Perfect Christmas gift and priced under $15.

Check their website

Also available for the iPhone

Games Discovery Night - 11/16

York City Girl Scouts and The Comic Store West are hosting a games discovery night for girls only from 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Asbury Church, 340 E. Market St., York.

Girls in grades K-12 are invited to participate in this evening of discovering new and different games. Girls will explore card games, board games, table top miniature games etc. while they meet new friends and learn cooperation, strategy, fair play and cooperation. Girls are welcome to bring a parent along to play with them.

This is a free event, and a few games will be given away as prizes.

For more info, contact Donna Willard, Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA, 757-3561 ext. 1228, or e-mail Chris Pettman, Pre-registration is not required.

Pokemon Battle Roads

We are accepting sign-ups for the next HUGE Pokemon Battle Roads tournament. The tournament will be held on Saturday, December 11. This event WILL fill up !! Sign-up now to ensure a spot.

This is a FREE event with great prizes.

WOW This is Just Wrong

November Flames of War SPECIAL

All Flames of War - Mid War Monsters Box Sets are 25% OFF for the entire month.

Just arrived - Game Box Rubberbands

We just received a shipment of small and large game box rubberbands. These are 'H' shaped and perfect to keep your boardgame boxes securely closed when you travel. We have a limited supply so stop in today.

Select Trade Paperbacks and Hardbacks 50% OFF

Help us make room for new stuff. We have select trade paperbacks and hardbacks at 50% OFF.

Christmas Bonus from Comic Store West

Comic Store West is proud to offer a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS bonus this year to all of our customers.  For the entire month of NOVEMBER you can purchase our NEW gift cards at 10% off ($25 minimum). 
Look at the savings you can enjoy:
Buy a $50.00 Gift Certificate for only $45.00
Buy a $100.00 Gift Certificate for only $90.00
Buy a $200.00 Gift Certificate for only $180.00
Buy a $10,000 Gift Certificate for an incredibly low $9000.00 (we recommend this one)

Costume Contest Winners (adult)

Hot School Girl - Strong 3rd showing

Yuppy Zombie - Solid 2nd place

WINNER, WINNER - Streetfighter Cammy !!!

Costume Contest Winners (under 13)

The costume contest top 3 in the under 13 group.

Boba Fett - Awesome mostly homemade costume placed 3rd

Young Jedi Padawan - Placed 2nd

Zombie Prisoner - won for the under 13 category (great zombie look on the photo)

Costume Contest Winners (Group)

We had no entries for ages 13 - 18 which was very strange so instead we chose best group costume photo.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivors won

More ZombieFest Coverage

Thor Loves Reading Comics at Comic Store West

The Mighty Thor was reading about some of his past adventures. Thor buys all of his comics and collectibles only from Comic Store West.

Thank You Best Buy

Thank you Best Buy for the TV and Sound System.

ZombieFest 2010 Photo Albums & Recap

ZombieFest 2010 - Walking Dead Premiere Party Photo Album

ZombieFest 2010 - Costume Contest Photo Album

Two days of AWESOME sales !!

We sold a ton of Walking Dead Trades.

The Stormtroopers from the 501st took a decent pile of donated action figures to area children's hospitals.

We ended up with 16 boxes (300+ lbs) of canned food donations to the York Food Bank.

The York BEST BUY was awesome to donate, deliver, set-up and tear down the AWESOME HD flat screen tv and rockin sound system.

We had 48 total entries in the costume contest (winners announced at the show and I will have them posted soon).

Over 50 people in the Zombie Safezone to watch AMC's The Walking Dead TV show.

Guess what ? We had such fun we are going to make this a yearly event.

Thank you everyone.

Donated Food

I dropped off all of the donated food to the York Food Bank this morning. It ended up being 16 boxes in all weighing in at a little over 300lbs. Thanks to everyone who donated, and special thanks to everyone who gave more than 5 cans.

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