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The Walking Dead Trailer

The following is a hint of what is coming to CSW on Sunday, October 31.

Thor Movie Trailer

The ZOMBIES Are Coming .....

The Zombies are coming ...

Sunday, October 31, the biggest event in Comic Store West's 25 year history.

Details soon ...

HeroClix Watchmen

The NEW HeroClix Watchmen set has arrived at CSW. Price is $99.95 but comes with 25 HeroClix figures and a collectible storage case.

Pokemon Random Packs

Pokemon random card packs are back at CSW. Our first batch of these sold out in record time so I made an extra large batch this time. Same low price of $5.00 for 50 random cards from all sets. Guaranteed at lest 5 RARE cards in each pack.

Also don't forget Sundays from noon until 2PM is our Pokemon league and then on Saturday, October 9th is our next Pokemon Battle Roads. Sign-up now. Space is limited and will fill up fast.

Prizes for the White Rose Magic Championship

You've asked for the list of prizes for the White Rose Magic The Gathering 2010 Championship, well here it is:

Prizes include but not limited to FOIL, DCI versions of the following cards:


Sun Titan, Obelisk of Alara, Emrakul the Aeons Torn, Birds of Paradise, Rampaging Baloths, Wolly Thoctar, Ant Queen, Ancient Hellkite, Lord of Shatterskull Pass, Hellspark Elemental

Extra sealed boosters of Magic cards

Participation prizes include FOIL, DCI versions of the following cards:

Ant Queen, Ancient Hellkite, Lord of Shatterskull Pass

Dungeons and Dragons 4e

Role Playing games have never been more successful. We always stock a complete line of D&D 4th ed game books. Don't forget to stop in every Wednesday night at 6PM and then again at 7:30PM for D&D Encounters.

Revamped the HeroClix Singles

I cleaned up the HeroClix Singles and slashed prices on most of them. Now is the perfect time to pick up some figures you may have been missing. These figures work great with the new DC Adventures RPG that just arrived also.

Don't forget the new expansion - Web of Spider-man comes out in a few weeks and we will start up the organized play program again.

Aug, Sept, Oct events finalized

I've updated the store event calendars for August, September, and October. Check them out now online or on the event board in the back room.

D&D Day - Dark Sun and Crimson Hand Gamers RPG Day

Saturday, August 21 we will be hosting an RPG day focusing on the NEW D&D Dark Sun book release.

We will have a total of six gaming sessions.

11AM - 3PM
Session 1 - D&D Dark Sun
Session 2 - D&D Dark Sun
Session 3 - Mutants and Masterminds

4PM - 8PM
Session 4 - D&D Dark Sun
Session 5 - Global Defense League
Session 6 - Hollow Earth

Sign up now, each session has a maximum of 6 players

Collectible Miniature Night

Tuesdays have just become collectible miniatures night. Alternating between Tuesdays will be HeroClix and Monsterpocaypse. All events will be officially sanctioned with prize support.

Tuesday, September 7 6-9PM - Monsterpocalypse (Mega Blastik-Rukivall and glass Psi-Eel)

Tuesday, September 14 6-9PM - HeroClix (Clark Kent LE)

Tuesday, September 21 6-9PM - Monsterpocalypse (Mega General Hondo and glass Earth Kami)

Tuesday, September 28 6-9PM - HeroClix (Diana Prince LE)

All events free but we encourage you to purchase a booster to play. MonPoc events require sign-up 10 days prior to the event if you want a participation prize. Also remember we need 6 people signed up to have an official event (link to sign-up page attached to each event's description).

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