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Rules & Rifles - May 15 Paint Competition

The Runes & Rifles club will be hosting a “Paint a Unit” competition.

Date: 15th May
Time: 1 pm Start, 7 pm Finish
Prize: $25 first place, $10 Second
Entry Fee: $2

- Pre-assembly is fine
- Pre-Primed in either Black or White is fine
- Must have no other color/shade of paint on them
- 10 model minimum for 20/25mm bases
- 5 model minimum for Cav/40mm (Ogres/Trolls/Swarms etc)
- Single character models with troops are also fine (see minimums for base sizes)
- Can be any GW product models (40k / WFB / WoTR)
- Bring your own paints and brushes, but there will be plenty to borrow as long as you ask nicely enough

Runes & Rifles - May 8 Event

“Elven scouts appear at the main gate of the Dwarven hold of Karak Vlag bearing ill news of an approaching army to the east. The Dwarves giving their Elven guests the typical hostility and distrust hold the scouts out of the city. Murmurs and gossip soon begin to stir within the hold until even the Runelord himself gets wind of the commotion. Making haste to the front gate he knocks the guards aside and admits the scouts into the city, leading them to the grand meeting hall. Once his new guests are seated and given refreshments he demands to know everything the scouts can tell him. Hours go by as incomprehensible loud voices are heard within the room until suddenly the doors burst open and with a booming voice the Runelord commands the guard to gather every soldier within the city and ready all machines of war! Tonight they march to join their new Elven allies in battle upon the Black Plains.”

The Runes & Rifles club will be hosting a 12000 point team battle (6000 per side) on Saturday May 8th at 1pm. The battle will be scenario driven over 6 turns between the forces of good (High Elves and Dwarves) vs evil (Warriors of Chaos and Skaven). All models will be provided on the day. There will be a small prize for the player with the most points at the end of the game.

The General of each side’s army will be by winning bid prior to starting the battle. As General you get to distribute your side’s army lists, control the majority of elite troops including the army General on Dragon and pick your Adjutant who will play the other Lord-level character. You may also purchase rerolls for 25c (unlimited) but only one reroll of any kind may be used per die roll and the second result stands.

For all the information regarding the event go to our forums at WWW.RUNESANDRIFLES.COM

Entry Fee: $2 – Bidding for army general will begin at 1pm. 25cent rerolls available throughout the game but only 1 reroll may be used per die roll. Bring your change!

All proceeds go towards the club’s Games Day fund.


Our Lancaster store will also be hosting a special event on Free Comic Book Day.

Mike Hawthorne, comic book artist and creator, will be spending the afternoon at the Lancaster store (from 1:00 to 4:00) signing copies and discussing his comic career. He has worked on all types of projects with different publishers, including GI Joe, Terminator, American Splendor, Fear Agent , Star Trek , Queen and Country, has assisted in illustrating a Punisher comic. He is currently writing and drawing a Vertigo original graphic novel for DC comics. The big news just announced is that he will be the new artist on next years run of Conan being written by the legendary scribe, Roy Thomas. Roy adapted and wrote most of Marvel's Conan comics in the 70's. Mike has also worked for Fox and Universal films. He has been nominated for both Eisner and Harvey awards. His art can been seen at


Stormtroopers from the 501st will be on hand for FREE photo ops.
They will be collecting new or slightly used Star Wars toys to take to area children's hospitals.

For every Star Wars toy a customer buys from us to donate to the 501st, we will donate another
Star Wars similar Star Wars toy to them.

**** RULES ****

1> One FREE comic or HeroClix figure per person !!

2> We will have nearly 100 different FREE comics to choose from, you may find you want to get more than 1. Simply donate 35 cents to our Martin Memorial Library fund. 100% of the proceeds go to the library.

3> Due to the high demand, we are limiting the WarMachine HeroClix figure to only 1 per no extras may be purchased.

**** SALES ****

1> 50% OFF all bagged back issues and Collected series sets.

2> All variants will be only $1 over the original cover price.

3> Bargain Bin Comics. We will have thousands of bargin bin comics for sale.

5 for $1
15 for $2
25 for $3
100 for $10

4> 30% OFF Independent Trades/Graphic Novels, Spend over $100 and get 35% OFF.

5> 20% OFF all other trades, spend $100 and get 25% OFF.

6> Everything else in the store is 10% for the day.

FREE Passes to Philadelphia Comic Con

Anyone want TWO FREE passes to Philadelphia ComicCon going on April 25? Stop in and ask Brett, Scott or Brian. We only have two so first one in gets them. Check out the con site

Magic the Gathering - Rise of Eldrazi Pre-Release

Just letting everyone know that we HAVE received our Magic Rise of Eldrazi Pre-Release Party promo cards and WILL be having the event as scheduled on SATURDAY, APRIL 17. Games start at 11 so make sure you arrive at the store between 10 and 10:30 to prepare a deck.

Bring your DCI Number.

Early sign-up will be available beginning Sunday, April 11.

Warhammer Fantasy 500 point Warbands Tournament

Warhammer Fantasy 500 point Warbands Tournament

The Runes & Rifles club will be hosting a 500 point Warbands Warhammer Fantasy tournament on Sunday 18th April at 2pm. We will be using the Adepticon Warbands rules with custom made scenarios. There will be a $35 first prize for the winner.

The tournament will comprise of 3 rounds, each of which will feature a different scenario and a new opponent. Each round will last 1 hour with a 10 minute break before the next round. 10 minutes will be allocated for set-up prior to each round.

For all Warbands rules, force construction requirements and scenarios log into the Runes & Rifles forums at in the “Scheduled Events” section.

If you have any questions or need some of the rules clarified you can contact us through the website or come and see us any day we are scheduled in the comic store.

Requirements: 3 Legible copies of your Warband list, 500 point legal warband
Date: Sunday 18th April
Time: 2pm until 6pm
Entrance Fee: $4 Members, $6 Non-Members
Prize: $35 for first place

Runes And Rifles - Build Your Own Vortex Grenade

Runes and Rifles Gaming Group:

Saturday 10th April at 2pm
Bring your own paint and brushes if you have them, there will be plenty to share around if you don’t. Vortex Grenade Template is supplied.
Participation fee is $3, you get to keep your Vortex Grenade 3D Template. Best one on the day wins a $15 prize!

York Book and Paper Fair

Just finished setting up at the York Book and Paper Fair at Holiday Inn near the West Manchester Mall. CSW will be here until around 4. Check us out, we brought a thousand bargain bin comics. Golden and Solver Age comics, short comic boxes ON SALE for only $5.

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