Calendar of Events

Magic The Gathering - Rise of the Eldrazi

The THIRD expansion in the Zendikar block is available for pre-order NOW. Receive 20% a sealed booster box (MSRP of $143.00) when you pre-order a box by the end of FEBRUARY.

Pre-order price is $115.00.

Requires a $25 deposit.

Voltron is coming to Monsterpocalypse

COMING JULY 2010 Voltron invades the Monsterpocalypse universe.
Pre-Order a Voltron starter set ($49.99) and get a chance to win a MEGA VOLTRON FIGURE.
Sign-up sheet is available now ($15 deposit required)

HeroClix - Brave and the Bold

The DC HeroClix Brave and Bold Expansion has been pushed back. The release date is now Friday, April 16.

As a result the DC HeroClix Brave and Bold Marquee that was scheduled for February 28 will now be held Sunday, April 18 at 1PM.

Retro TV Commercial (Feb 2002)

Here is a TV commercial for CSW filmed in February of 2002.
And don't forget we are no longer at Loucks Rd as indicated at the end of the commercial.

Runes and Rifles Upcoming Events - February

New Release Event

Rules: Build and Paint event

Objective: Using the newest release all participants will build and paint a model for judging on several categories

Models Required: Paints if you have them, some will be avaliable

Magic The Gathering WORLDWAKE Update

The Pre-Release and Launch Parties have been canceled. I'll take the blame on this one guys, I scheduled the event but DCI was asking for a confirmation and I never confirmed the events. I am very sorry.

Anyone that has already paid for the event stop in and we will give you a credit.

Again I am very sorry to all of our Magic players that I screwed up. We will make it up to you all (more info coming soon).

Wyrd Miniature Painting Contest Ends Feb 1st!

Paint any Wyrd miniatures figure and bring it to the store by 12:00 pm on Feb. 1st for your chance to win. There are already a number of entries in the display case at the front of the store. First place winner will recieve a minimum of $20 credit for the Wyrd online store. Prizes are based on participation. The more entries we have- the larger the prize pool becomes.

HeroClix - January and February

There will be 2 more HeroClix Hammer of Thor events. The first will be January 16 at 11AM. The final Hammer of Thor event will be on Saturday, February 13 at 1PM.

We will be accepting pre-orders on bricks and cases of the next HeroClix expansion BRAVE AND THE BOLD throughout January and February. Pre-order by January 30 and receive 20% off the final price.

All preorders require a $50 deposit.

Rescheduled Malifaux Tournament

The December Malifaux tournament has been rescheduled for Jan 16th.

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