Calendar of Events

Magic The Gathering Update

We just restocked and repriced our Magic The Gathering - Mirage binder. We have a complete set of singles from the set to look through.

Also check out our current Ebay auctions for high-end Magic cards well below book value. You won't find better deals on Magic singles anywhere !!

Trade and Graphic Novels 20% OFF Tuesdays

TUESDAYS starting in January receive 20% OFF all trade paperback/hardback and graphic novels.

Don't forget we also have 2 bins full of 50% trades that we are continuously restocking.

HeroClix Events Dec / Jan

I have posted the prizes for the upcoming HeroClix Events.
Please make note of prize changes:

Sunday - 12/19 at 2PM - Buy 3 boosters, 400 points
Prizes = 1st Place = Impulse, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Saturday - 1/8 at 11AM - Buy 1 booster, 400 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Grodd, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Tuesday - 1/11 at 6PM - NO BUY IN REQUIRED, 400 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Ice Maiden, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Saturday - 1/22 at 11AM - Buy 1 booster, 500 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Troia, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

Tuesday - 1/25 at 6PM - NO BUY IN REQUIRED, 400 points (modern)
Prizes = 1st Place = Gleek, 2nd Place = White Lantern Special Object

** Prizes only provided on events with 3 or more players. Additional prizes may be offered with groups of 8 or more so bring your friends along.

Pokemon City Championship

Awesome York Sunday News article about our recent Pokemon City Championship event.
Check out the article here.

30,000 PAGE HITS !!!!

We just passed the 30,000 PAGE HITS mark on our website. Thanks to everyone for checking out our interweb.

Dust Tactics - First Impressions

A new YouTube video and Podcast has been put up over at The Keystone Gaming Society's website. Check out Brian and Sam's first impressions of the miniature combat game - DUST TACTICS.

Keystone Gaming Society

WarMachine / Hordes Team-Up Mash-Up - Jan 22

Warmachine / Hordes
Team-Up Mash-Up Tournament!

When: January 22nd
Starts at 11am - SHARP!
Cost: $10 per Team

I suggest teams try to play a few games together before the tournament, since we will still have timed turns!

You and a partner will team-up for this event! Any armies can team-up – except there will be NO DUPLICATE armies allowed in the team-up.

Every game will be played together, and you will be considered the same army. For example: A Troll & a Cygnar army are teamed up... they are now considered to be a Troll Cygnar army! Spells, Abilities and Feats will now affect each other! Minions that are taken in another army still follow the standard rules – no synergy unless it's normal allowed.

During a game, if a Warcaster or Warlock is killed, his warjacks / beasts are removed from play... but his units will continue to fight on!

Each Player is restricted to ONLY 1 Warlock or Warcaster for the entire tournament. For your leader, you will each need to create and hand in an army roster for the following size and types of armies:

15pt - Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw Army
Warcaster + ONLY Warjacks OR Warlocks + ONLY Warbeasts

25pt – Standard

35pt – Highlander
There can only be ONE! One Caster, One Unit, One Unit Attachment, One Solo, one named Warjack or Beast, and only one of each type of Warjack or Warbeast is allowed (Multiple heavy and lights allowed, no duplicate types). 1 Solo that is a group is allowed – Whelps are bought in fives, you get all five.

Rosters can be created and printed out from:

York Pokemon City Championship Tournament

Saturday December 11, 2010
10am registration

Format is Modified Constructed.

Entry is Free.
(Please call the store to pre register- seating is limited)

Prizes for each of three age groups
Each player brings a 60 card modified constructed deck.

Save time by printing your decklist ahead of time using decklist building websites such as
Find details on sets allowed at

NEW - HeroClix December Event

Sorry for the short notice, but with the shipping issues with the DC 75th Anniversary HeroClix set I did not know when we would be able to have the LAUNCH PARTY. It's going to be a tight fit but we are going to squeeze in games on Sunday, December 19.

I'm not sure what the prizes will be yet, but they will be the best figures from the prize kit. The game starts at 2PM.

Entry is purchase of 3 boosters (400 points).

Remember if you get a brick or case you get bonus stuff from CSW.

Warmachine/Hordes Winter Throw Down

Saturday 12/18/2010 -11am Registration

35 Point Steamroller Tournament - Two Lists
Holiday Themed Scenarios
Egg Nog

$7.00 Pre Registered
$10.00 Day Of Tournament

Small Business Saturday

Good morning and welcome to Small Business Saturday. Please make sure you stop in and support Comic Store West. Locally owned and operated for 24 years.

I just added a new section on the lower part of this page with NEW COMIC REVIEWS brought to you by Comic Book Resources website.

Are you a fan of New Avengers or Incredible Hulk? I just restocked some back issues of both of these titles.

Green Lantern Back Issue Bonanza !!

I spent the day going through the back room mess. I've uncovered 200 back issues of Green Lantern that I have begun pricing and putting out on the floor. If you are looking for back issues of Green Lantern stop in now before the movie rush.

Warmachine / Hordes Thrall Harvest 2010

Another successful food drive for the WarMachine / Hordes crowd. Here is the food collected for the food bank with this year's Thrall Harvest.

Fallen Comics (established in York, PA)

Did you know there is a local comic book company?

Meet the Fallen

Fallen Comics is a comic book company established out of York, Pennsylvania. Founded by Joey Logan and Robbie Bryan in September 2009 as a venture start-up in order to bring their ideas to life. From the elaborate characters and worlds which they create, the Fallen wish to entice their readers by allowing them to explore the mysterious dark corners of their minds.

Check them out.

Full Green Lantern Trailer

I am really looking forward to this movie. We'll see if Ryan Reynolds can pull off Hal Jordan.

Warmachine / Hordes - Alternate Reality Tournament!

Warmachine / Hordes
Alternate Reality Tournament!
Saturday, November 27th
11AM - ??
Cost $5.00

All money will go towards prizes!


Every player should bring in their entire army (one army). From their army, they choose 2 Warcasters / Warlocks. You MUST supply all the cards and models for an opponent to use. Those models will be put into a 'pot.' Everyone will then choose 2 casters (at random) from the 'pot.'

Those chosen models will now replace any faction affiliation with your faction, and will now support your army's Focus or Fury. Warcasters will now become Warlocks and vice Versa!

These 'Alternate Reality' casters are now the ONLY casters you can choose to run your army. You now have to build a 35pt. army around each of these 'Alternate Reality' caster. You may switch armies between rounds, but you only have to use 1 of the new 'casters.

WarMachine/Hordes - Cheat for Charity 2010


Comic Store West
November 20th
35 Point Steamroller!
Fee: 10 cans - which gets you 10 cheat tokens. Every can after that also gets you a cheat token!

Who's going to walk away with the custom trophies?

How many cans of food can you bring?

Back Issue Bins Restocked

I just restocked the back issue bins with a ton of goodies.
Uncanny X-Men #168 - #300 range, Superboy, Superman, Secret Origins, and some Batman Prestige format books. Check them out before they are gone....

Looking ahead to 2011 Comic Movies

I was just surfing at IMDB and I didn't realize how many comic book movies are coming out next summer.
You can bet we will be doing something special with all of these properties next year. Beginning with a special appearance by our very own Thor on Free Comic Book Day on May 7.

I also have it on good authority that Green Lantern will probably make a rare appearance on the weekend of June 18.

Thor - May 6
X-Men: First Class - June 3
Green Lantern - June 17
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - July 1
Captain America: First Avenger - July 22
Cowboys & Aliens - July 29th
Conan - August 19

Zombie Dice

Perfect Christmas gift and priced under $15.

Check their website

Also available for the iPhone

Games Discovery Night - 11/16

York City Girl Scouts and The Comic Store West are hosting a games discovery night for girls only from 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Asbury Church, 340 E. Market St., York.

Girls in grades K-12 are invited to participate in this evening of discovering new and different games. Girls will explore card games, board games, table top miniature games etc. while they meet new friends and learn cooperation, strategy, fair play and cooperation. Girls are welcome to bring a parent along to play with them.

This is a free event, and a few games will be given away as prizes.

For more info, contact Donna Willard, Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA, 757-3561 ext. 1228, or e-mail Chris Pettman, Pre-registration is not required.

Pokemon Battle Roads

We are accepting sign-ups for the next HUGE Pokemon Battle Roads tournament. The tournament will be held on Saturday, December 11. This event WILL fill up !! Sign-up now to ensure a spot.

This is a FREE event with great prizes.

WOW This is Just Wrong

November Flames of War SPECIAL

All Flames of War - Mid War Monsters Box Sets are 25% OFF for the entire month.

Just arrived - Game Box Rubberbands

We just received a shipment of small and large game box rubberbands. These are 'H' shaped and perfect to keep your boardgame boxes securely closed when you travel. We have a limited supply so stop in today.

Select Trade Paperbacks and Hardbacks 50% OFF

Help us make room for new stuff. We have select trade paperbacks and hardbacks at 50% OFF.

Christmas Bonus from Comic Store West

Comic Store West is proud to offer a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS bonus this year to all of our customers.  For the entire month of NOVEMBER you can purchase our NEW gift cards at 10% off ($25 minimum). 
Look at the savings you can enjoy:
Buy a $50.00 Gift Certificate for only $45.00
Buy a $100.00 Gift Certificate for only $90.00
Buy a $200.00 Gift Certificate for only $180.00
Buy a $10,000 Gift Certificate for an incredibly low $9000.00 (we recommend this one)

Costume Contest Winners (adult)

Hot School Girl - Strong 3rd showing

Yuppy Zombie - Solid 2nd place

WINNER, WINNER - Streetfighter Cammy !!!

Costume Contest Winners (under 13)

The costume contest top 3 in the under 13 group.

Boba Fett - Awesome mostly homemade costume placed 3rd

Young Jedi Padawan - Placed 2nd

Zombie Prisoner - won for the under 13 category (great zombie look on the photo)

Costume Contest Winners (Group)

We had no entries for ages 13 - 18 which was very strange so instead we chose best group costume photo.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivors won

More ZombieFest Coverage

Thor Loves Reading Comics at Comic Store West

The Mighty Thor was reading about some of his past adventures. Thor buys all of his comics and collectibles only from Comic Store West.

Thank You Best Buy

Thank you Best Buy for the TV and Sound System.

ZombieFest 2010 Photo Albums & Recap

ZombieFest 2010 - Walking Dead Premiere Party Photo Album

ZombieFest 2010 - Costume Contest Photo Album

Two days of AWESOME sales !!

We sold a ton of Walking Dead Trades.

The Stormtroopers from the 501st took a decent pile of donated action figures to area children's hospitals.

We ended up with 16 boxes (300+ lbs) of canned food donations to the York Food Bank.

The York BEST BUY was awesome to donate, deliver, set-up and tear down the AWESOME HD flat screen tv and rockin sound system.

We had 48 total entries in the costume contest (winners announced at the show and I will have them posted soon).

Over 50 people in the Zombie Safezone to watch AMC's The Walking Dead TV show.

Guess what ? We had such fun we are going to make this a yearly event.

Thank you everyone.

Donated Food

I dropped off all of the donated food to the York Food Bank this morning. It ended up being 16 boxes in all weighing in at a little over 300lbs. Thanks to everyone who donated, and special thanks to everyone who gave more than 5 cans.

UPDATE - Costume Contest Entries (so far)

All 48 entries to our costume contest are up on our facebook page. Check out the album here:

AWESOME Cupcakes for ZombieFest

Thanks Mrs. Stoner for some AWESOME Halloween cupcakes.

NOW Accepting HeroClix Pre-orders

I have the sign-up sheets available for the next two HeroClix expansion sets - DC 75th anniversary and Giant Size X-men.

As always all pre-orders get 20% OFF and other exclusive item(s).

We have a special offer for the Giant Size X-Men set. When you pre-order a brick you can also pre-order a SECOND giant size booster. These are going to be extremely rare so make sure you take advantage of this offer. Plus the BRICK FIGURE will be coming to you directly from us now (no more mail order).

Rainchecks Available 10/30 and 10/31




Sunday ONLY Sales and Events

Stormtroopers will arrive at 1pm. Stop in for FREE photos. Bring a new or lightly used UNWRAPPED STAR WARS TOY to donate to the Garrision. All donations go to local children’s hospitals. Buy a Star Wars toy from us and donate it and Comic Store West will match your donation with another toy.

Stop in wearing a costume, we’ll take your picture and you could win a prize (judging on Sunday at 9:30PM, you do not need to be present to win). There are three ages categories.

Kids come in wearing your Halloween costume, and receive free comic and candy (ages 13 and under)

We will have zombie movies playing all day in our gaming room for anyone into the genre. These movies are usually RATED R if you are under 17 we need your parent to tell us it’s ok for you to watch. Play Zombie Fluxx, Zombies !!, or other zombie or horror related games all day.

Thanks to the York Best Buy we will have a BIG SCREEN, HIGH DEFINITION TV in the Zombie Safezone in order to watch the most anticipated cable tv series of all time. Admission to this event is at least 5 canned food items which we will donate to the York Area Food Bank.



Saturday ONLY Sales and Events

Stop in wearing a costume, we’ll take your picture and you could win a prize (judging on Sunday at 9:30PM, you do not need to be present to win). There are three age categories.

Kids come in wearing your Halloween costume, and receive free comic and candy (ages 13 and under)


Sales for both Saturday 10/30 and Sunday 10/31

Remember we are going to have different sales for both Saturday and Sunday, but the following items will be on sale both days this weekend:







•ALL D&D 3.0 AND 3.5 STUFF - 75% OFF


•DVDS – 50% OFF


JUST ADDED - Warhammer Fantasy Tournament - November 13

JUST ADDED - Warhammer Fantasy Tournament - November 13

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament
1500 point armies
Entry Free: $5
Date: Saturday November 13th
Time: 11:30am- 6pm (Dice roll at noon)

The Walking Dead viewing party

The Walking Dead viewing party

If you are coming to the Walking Dead viewing party, you may want to bring a lawnchair we are expecting a full house. See you Sunday !!

Some of the ZombieFest Sales

OK some of you don't have twitter ad want to know what sales we are having next weekend. Well here are about half of them. These are all of the twitter posts that I have been making this week. Remember you don't need to be on twitter to read our twitter feed (just click the twitter link on the left or here.

ZombieFest Sale #1 - ALL WEEKEND - Walking Dead volume 1 trade only $5, all other volumes are 25% OFF all weekend.

ZombieFest Sale #2 - ALL WEEKEND - All back issues in the bins are only $1 regardless of their sticker price.

ZombieFest Sale #3 - ALL WEEKEND -All D&D 3.0 and 3.5 stuff is 75% OFF

ZombieFest Sale #3.5 - ALL WEEKEND - All variants are cover price (no matter what the sticker price)

ZombieFest Sale #4 - SATURDAY (10/30) ONLY - Marvel trades 25% OFF

ZombieFest Sale #5 - SUNDAY (10/31) ONLY - DC trades 25% OFF

ZombieFest sale #6 - SATURDAY (10/30) ONLY - DarkHorse Trades are 25% OFF.

ZombieFest sale #7 - SUNDAY (10/31) ONLY - No Darkhorse or Image but all other Indy trades are 25% OFF.

ZombieFest sale #8 - SATURDAY (10/30) ONLY - Image Trades are 25% OFF.

ZombieFest sale #9 - SUNDAY (10/31) ONLY - ALL Boardgames are 25% OFF.

ZombieFest sale #10 - SATURDAY (10/30) ONLY - ALL Role Playing Game Materials are 25% OFF.

ZombieFest sale #11 - SUNDAY (10/31) ONLY - Non-Games Workshop Miniatures are 25% OFF.

Spread the Dead

Click the badge above to spread the dead.

Scars of Mirrodin Game Day

Here are the cards we got for the Magic Game to be held next Saturday 10/30 at 10:30am

HeroClix Events for November


Entry fee = FREE
Rules - 600 points, modern age only (no cardboard)
Prize(s) - All remaining prizes from the Web of Spider-man expansion will be given out.

Entry fee = $10
Rules - ANY DC figures, no cardboard, 600 points, bonus points for using the Charlton Heroes that the Watchmen were based on (if you don't know who look it up).
Prize – Winner will get a complete set (sealed) of Watchmen figures.

** Tournament must have at least 5 participants or it will become a FREE tournament with RANDOM PRIZES instead of the complete Watchmen Set.

Also don't forget - HeroClix free play every Tuesday night in November (no prizes just loads of fun)

ZombieFest sales

I'm starting to leak the ZombieFest sales on our twitter page. Check it out !!

Back To The Future the Card Game

From the makers of Fluxx comes the card game - Back To The Future. Ask to check out the demo deck we have at the store.

Captions So Far



“Did I ever tell you guys about my 20th level paladin/thief. His name is Karnak Stompevil and he’s totally awesome! He’s got a magical flying warhorse named Thunder that was a gift from the elves, a holy avenger named Throatcutter from an adventurer my brother ran, and his full plate armor which lets him totally use his thief abilties without penalties. We should totally play Dungeons and Dragons together while we’re here! I can DM, totally. I brought my dice, and I don’t need any books, since I have them memorized. Don’t worry, I’ll have Karnak come along with you guys so you don’t get killed. We can get some Mountain Dew and cheetos, and go up to my room to play. It’ll be AWESOME!”
- Jason

"I hate it went then roll on a random encounter table to determine what they serve."
"and then I told Scott to sort 100,000 magic cards! Hillarious!"
"I've managed to create a crude six sider with my biscuit and corn."
"Have you guys been reading the Keystone Gamer Society Blog? It's great! Why, just the other day..."
"So, guys... who do you think is hotter, Picard or Kirk?"
- Scott (member of the Keystone Gaming Society)

Now... Which spoon do I eat the salad with again?
- Anonymous

Caption Contest

The following photo is of our favorite comic store owner - Brett Stoner at the recent Alliance Games Dealer Convention. Snag the picture and add a caption and send it back to me at and I'll post all the entries. If there are any that make me ROFL then I'll find some kind of prize to give you. Otherwise enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

Let's have all submissions by 10/30.

Comic Subscription Service

Don't forget we offer the best comic subscription service in PA.

* Subscribers receive 10% on all purchases (comics, trades, games, supplies, etc)
* We never charge you to become a subscriber (that's just silly).
* FREE Previews for subscribers who get 20 or more comics per month.
* Subscriber only sales and event admissions.

Tell your friends, tell your family, heck tell your enemies. Nobody beats our subscription service.

Comics instead of Candy?

Want to give comics instead of candy this Halloween? Ask us about our special Halloween mini-comics.

ZombieFest 10/30 and 10/31

I am finalizing the sale details today and will start posting info on the sales this week. Remember come in wearing a costume on Saturday the 30th or Sunday the 31st and let us photo you for our website and be entered into a costume contest. Three age brackets for winners.

Kids also can stop for trick or treating on Saturday and Sunday and get candy and comics (no purchase necessary).

Two New Podcasts

The Keystone Gaming Society (the guys that play on Tuesday nights) have posted two new podcasts on their website. A review of the RPG Colonial Gothic and a review of the RPG game Aces & Eights.

Check it out and here.

Lady Mechanika #0

I don't do comic book reviews on this site as much as I should but I had to post my review of the new comic - Lady Mechanika by publisher Aspen Comics. It's a creator-owned comic by Joe Benitez (the only artist, in my opinion, who draws women better than Frank Cho and J Scott Campbell).

The art work is top notch giving a steam punk feel to what is a good introduction to this character. Issue #1 hits stores in December so make sure you add this title to your pull list.

Lady Mechanika is even on facebook. Check out her page here.

Pokemon Battle Roads

Very nice turnout for the Autumn 2010 Pokemon Battle Roads. In fact the Pokemon turnout slightly edged out our last big Magic event by 6.

Pokemon Players 1 vs Magic Players 0

DC and Marvel Lowering Comic Prices in 2011

WOW !! The biggest piece of comic book news I read in a LONG time. DC has announced it will lower prices of comics back to the $2.99 price (from $3.99) beginning in 2011.

Marvel has also come onboard (and I'm sure all other publishers will follow suit).

Read the entire article here.

Stormtroopers from the 501st

Stormtroopers from the 501st will be here beginning at 1pm on Sunday, October 31. Come in for free photos with them.

Don't forget to bring an unwrapped Star Wars toy to donate to local children's hospitals. You can also buy a toy from us, for every toy bought at CSW on Halloween we will donate an additional toy to the 501st.

Just Arrived

We only have ONE of these oversized HeroClix figures. Get it while you can !

Surprise Sale This Weekend

Brett and Scott are away all weekend, so Brian is in all day Saturday and Sunday. So to make things interesting I am having a sale on the following items:

All VARIANT COMIC BOOKS - Buy 1 get 1 (at equal or lesser cost) FREE !!

All ACTION FIGURES (except any that may have arrived this week) - Buy 1 get 1 (at equal or lesser cost) FREE !!

SAVE 50% on all WORLD OF WARCRAFT miniature boosters and starter sets.

Save 50% on all loose HEROCLIX figures.

WarMachine/Hordes 10/30 event POSTPONED

The WarMachine/Hordes event originally scheduled for Saturday, 10/30 has been POSTPONED.  We are working on trying to fit it in somewhere on our full calendar and we will let you know the new date.
Remember 10/30 and 10/31 is ZombieFest weekend with sales and other cool events going on.

The White Rose Magic Championship has been CANCELLED

The White Rose Magic the Gathering 2010 Championship that was scheduled on 10/16 as part of the York Paper and Book Fair has been cancelled. The York Paper and Book Fair is still going on and is always a lot of fun so please stop in to the show from 9AM until 4PM at the Holiday Inn near the West Manchester Mall on Saturday 10/16.

Scars of Mirrodin Game Day

What: Magic The Gathering - Scars of Mirrodin Game Day
When: Saturday, October 30 (yes, ZombieFest Weekend) beginning at 10:30AM
Where: Comic Store West
How Much: $5

Everyone receives a FOIL PROMO MEMNITE card (while supplies last).

The top 8 finishers also receive an exclusive FOIL PROMO TEMPERED STEEL card. As a bonus players that come with Mirran or Phyrexian affiliated decks have a shot at winning prize cards from the NEXT MTG EXPANSION - MIRRODIN BESIEGED !!

This is not a SEALED event, please bring a legal constructed deck (with deck sheet already completed) in order to play.

Atomic Highway RPG Open Game - 10/23

Comic Store West will be hosting a RPG day on October 23 to celebrate the release of GAMMA WORLD. The Keystone Gaming Society will be holding a gaming session of ATOMIC HIGHWAY on this day. Sign-up at the store today before all of the available spots fill up.

CSW now on FourSquare

Comic Store West is now on FourSquare.

What is FourSquare?
Foursquare is primarily for letting your friends know where you are and figuring out where they are. Secondarily, it's for collecting points, prize "badges," and eventually, coupons, for going about your everyday business.

Read more here.

One more way we hope to dominate the internet in 2010 (even though Prince said the internet is over).

York Book and Paper Fair

Don't forget the York Book and Paper Fair is quickly approaching. Comic Store West is proud to co-host the White Rose Magic the Gathering 2010 Championship in conjunction with the show on October 16.

As usual we will have hundreds of comics priced to sell at 5 for $1.00. I'm also planning on bringing plenty of zombie related goodness to help spread the word about the coming zombiepocalypse.

Don't forget to stop buy our booth and pick up a 20% off coupon to be used at our store.

Green Lantern Theme Song

What do you think, should this be the Green Lantern movie theme song? Kirby Krackle is the name of a great band that performs 'Nerd Rock'. Check out their website

ZombieFest 2010 - October 30 and October 31

Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31 will be ZOMBIEFEST weekend at Comic Store West.

KIDS 13 and under – Come TRICK OR TREATING either Saturday or Sunday (that means stop in the store in costume) and get a treat. We will have Halloween comics and candy for all kid's 13 and under who come in (no purchase necessary).

EVERYONE – Anyone can come in costume Saturday or Sunday and let us photograph you for our website and be entered in a costume contest. We will be judging the winners Sunday at 9:30PM (you do not need to be present to win). We will have three categories: Kids 13 and under, Teenagers, and adults.

There will be 1 winner in each of the three categories.

All weekend long you can purchase the Volume 1 trade paperback of the Image Comics series THE WALKING DEAD for only $5 !!

All other sales info for the weekend is a secret right now, but plan on coming in both Saturday and Sunday because we will have different SPECIALS each day.

Magic The Gathering Scars of Mirrodin Game Day beginning at 10:30AM
Entry fee = $5
Bring a constructed deck and play for for additional boosters and EXCLUSIVE preview cards from the next MAGIC THE GATHERING expansion set.

Members of the Star Wars Stormtrooper 501st Garrison Cardia will be on hand beginning at 1PM. The 501st collects NEW and LIGHTY USED Star Wars toys for area children's hospitals. Please bring a Star Wars toy to donate (or purchase a toy from us). There will be photo opportunities, so stop in and have you picture taken with a Stormtrooper.


The store will stay open on Sunday, October 31 until MIDNIGHT in order for us to show the WORLD BROADCAST PREMIERE of the new AMC TV show – The Walking Dead. The local BEST BUY has been generous enough to loan us a big screen TV for this event so come early to reserve a spot in our VIP back room to watch what many are calling the BEST NEW SHOW on TV.

To gain access to the VIP room we ask that you bring in FIVE (5) canned food items which we will donate to the York Food Bank. We will have plenty of FREE food and drinks for everyone in the VIP room.

WarHammer Fantasy and 40K Sundays !!

You asked for more WarHammer Fantasy Battles and WarHammer 40k Battles at the store and we listened. Beginning in October every Sunday afternoon (after the Pokemon League ends at 2pm) will Be Games WorkShop miniature games. Bring your WarHammer Fantasy armies and/or your 40k armies and battle it out with others. As long as we have 6 people show up and playing we will keep the store open for you until 6PM.

Also we will be holding a once a month store hosted event with PRIZE SUPPORT! More details on this coming soon.

Paul is Dead - The History of the British Zombie Invasion

I just finished reading Paul is Dead. This is a hilarious book about the British Zombie Invasion. In this alternate universe Paul, John and George are zombies and Ringo is a ninja lord. It's a funny look at the Beatles Phenomenon as if they were zombies. Loads of true historical stuff thrown in, I found myself continuously looking stuff up on the Beatles to see what facts were true and how much of them were true.

It's a very easy and quick read. Anyone into zombies or the Beatles (which has got to be everyone) should give this book a try. It's not a comic but does have a few funny illustrations too.

I'm sticking with the whole Zombie theme and just started reading Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. I'll let you know how it is when I'm finished.

Pokemon Battle Roads

Now is the time to pre-register for the Pokemon Battle Roads tourament to be held on Saturday, October 9. We had so many people last time (over 36) that we had to turn away some so come in and register now.

This is a FREE and very popular event.

Fall Cleaning

Brett and I started some needed FALL CLEANING in our stock room on Sunday and we came across some hidden gems which we immediately put out for sale. Come in and look around.

We also got about 10 more games for our backroom public gaming shelf. Including some very popular games like ZOMBIE FLUXX and MONTY PYTHON FLUXX.

WOW !! Huge Pokemon and HeroClix Crowd Sunday

Here is a photo from my phone from our backroom on Sunday. The rain really brought the people in for Pokemon and HeroClix. At one point I counted 38 people in the back playing games. It was very crowded but seemed like everyone had a great time.

All Things Zombie

Just arrived the miniature game - 'ALL THINGS ZOMBIE'. Awesome game using simple rules and really cool zombie miniatures. What better motto is there than 'Better Dead Than Zed'.

Check out this game before the coming Zombiepocalypse.

Monsterpocalpyse Events for Oct and Nov

The Monsterpocalypse events have been scheduled for October and November.
October 19 is Dentist's Worst Nightmare (Kit 37) and November 5 is Eye of the Storm (Kit 38).

As always please register for these events online in order to get the free participation prize and to be eligible to win a LIMITED EDITION MEGA figure.

The October event is free but the November event MUST be sealed (as per Privateer Press rules).

Remember Tuesdays this fall are Collectible Miniature Night at CSW.

De-Escalation Warmachine & Hordes Tournament

"Oh sure, tiny skirmishes can escalate until there is all out war . More often, in my experience, - the armies whittle each other down. Usually at the end, it's just couple of warlocks and their mutilated beasts hashing it out in the bloody mud." - Hemrick Groot

Saturday Sept 18th - Registration starts at 11 a.m. and closes at 11:45 a.m. Dice roll at 12pm

Entry Fee
$7.00 Pre-Registered / $10.00 The Day Of The Tournament

Army Construction
Army lists for the first round must be 50 points.
Army lists for the second round must be 35 points all models must be chosen from the first round's list.
Army lists for the third and round must be 25 points all models must be chosen from the second round's list.

Epic Characters
You may start with "epic" characters in your first round list. If you do they may switch to their non epic form for either round two or round three, No epic characters are allowed in round three.

Additional Notes
1)This will be a three round event
2) We will be ordering pizza between rounds one and two

Pokemon Battle Roads Autumn 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Registration 10:00am play at 11:00 am

Format is Modified Constructed.

Entry is Free.

Prizes for each of three age groups: (boosters are Undaunted)

  • 1st place: 4 boosters + a Trophy card
  • 2nd place: 4 boosters
  • 3rd and 4th place: 2 boosters each

Each player brings a 60 card modified constructed deck. For legal sets please check

Decklists are required. We will have blank decklists available at the event, but you can save time by preparing one early. You can print out a decklist from sites such as:

I May Need to Go Back to School

A Zombie course is being offered at the University of Baltimore. I may need to go back to school before the coming zombiepocalypse.


Magic The Gathering - Scars of Mirrodin

The 249-card Scars of Mirrodin release, which is due out from Wizards of the Coast on October 1, marks the beginning of a brand new block for Magic The Gathering. Its release will mark the latest rotation of Standard Sets as it eliminates the Shards block and Magic 2010 from play. The Standard Format after the release of Scars of Mirrodin will consist of Zendikar Block, Magic 2011, and Scars of Mirrodin. The second set in the Scars of Mirrodin block, Mirrodin Beseiged, will be released on February 4, 2011.

The Scars of Mirrodin set revisits the artifact-laden world of Mirrodin and will mark the appearance of planeswalker Elspeth in her new form, Elspeth Tiriel. She will be joined the new planeswalker Koth. A number or popular tribal races including Elves, Cats, Elephants, Vampires, Dragons, Zombies, Sphinxes, Angels and Demons, return in Scars of Mirrodin.

Mox OpalThe “infect” game mechanic will return in Scars of Mirrodin, and a new Mox Artifact card, “Mox Opal,” will make its appearance in the set.

Don't forget limited space is available for our Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release Event and Launch Party.

Also shorty after this release Comic Store West will co-host the 2010 White Rose Magic Championship to crown the 2010 Magic Champion of the area. This event also has limited space and will be held at the York Paper and Book Fair on October 16. Sign up early and save $5, admission includes access to the Paper and Book Fair too.

CSW is your PA 'safezone' for the coming Zombiepocalypse

Comic Store West is the only Pennsylvania 'safezone' for the coming Zombiepocalypse. Stop in for copies of the Walking Dead series, several different zombie board games, the new game Zombie Dice and anything else that will get you through the zombiepocalypse.

HeroClix Events are Back

Don't forget our HeroClix events are starting back up again beginning this Sunday, 9/12 at noon.
This event is a 3 booster 400 point sealed event using the latest Web of Spider-Man expansion. Then on Tuesday, 9/14 we will have a 400 point event (figures from all modern sets are allowed). Then again on 9/28 another 400 point event will occur. Both Tuesday events start at 6PM and will include prizes from the new Web of Spider-man expansion. Tuesday events are free for all.

All events are Modern Age unless otherwise noted.


Don't forget Monday is Labor Day and the store will be closed. Also because of the holiday NEW COMICS DAY will be Thursday this week.

Rock’em Sock’em Stompas

Congratulations to our Runes & Rifles Club for taking BEST OVERALL IN SHOW at Games Day 2010. The game was Rock'em Sock'em Stompas.
Our Tuesday night gaming group have just posted their first PODCAST reviewing the RPG game - Atomic Highway.

Check out our blog here.

The Walking Dead Trailer

The following is a hint of what is coming to CSW on Sunday, October 31.

Thor Movie Trailer

The ZOMBIES Are Coming .....

The Zombies are coming ...

Sunday, October 31, the biggest event in Comic Store West's 25 year history.

Details soon ...

HeroClix Watchmen

The NEW HeroClix Watchmen set has arrived at CSW. Price is $99.95 but comes with 25 HeroClix figures and a collectible storage case.

Pokemon Random Packs

Pokemon random card packs are back at CSW. Our first batch of these sold out in record time so I made an extra large batch this time. Same low price of $5.00 for 50 random cards from all sets. Guaranteed at lest 5 RARE cards in each pack.

Also don't forget Sundays from noon until 2PM is our Pokemon league and then on Saturday, October 9th is our next Pokemon Battle Roads. Sign-up now. Space is limited and will fill up fast.

Prizes for the White Rose Magic Championship

You've asked for the list of prizes for the White Rose Magic The Gathering 2010 Championship, well here it is:

Prizes include but not limited to FOIL, DCI versions of the following cards:


Sun Titan, Obelisk of Alara, Emrakul the Aeons Torn, Birds of Paradise, Rampaging Baloths, Wolly Thoctar, Ant Queen, Ancient Hellkite, Lord of Shatterskull Pass, Hellspark Elemental

Extra sealed boosters of Magic cards

Participation prizes include FOIL, DCI versions of the following cards:

Ant Queen, Ancient Hellkite, Lord of Shatterskull Pass

Dungeons and Dragons 4e

Role Playing games have never been more successful. We always stock a complete line of D&D 4th ed game books. Don't forget to stop in every Wednesday night at 6PM and then again at 7:30PM for D&D Encounters.

Revamped the HeroClix Singles

I cleaned up the HeroClix Singles and slashed prices on most of them. Now is the perfect time to pick up some figures you may have been missing. These figures work great with the new DC Adventures RPG that just arrived also.

Don't forget the new expansion - Web of Spider-man comes out in a few weeks and we will start up the organized play program again.

Aug, Sept, Oct events finalized

I've updated the store event calendars for August, September, and October. Check them out now online or on the event board in the back room.

D&D Day - Dark Sun and Crimson Hand Gamers RPG Day

Saturday, August 21 we will be hosting an RPG day focusing on the NEW D&D Dark Sun book release.

We will have a total of six gaming sessions.

11AM - 3PM
Session 1 - D&D Dark Sun
Session 2 - D&D Dark Sun
Session 3 - Mutants and Masterminds

4PM - 8PM
Session 4 - D&D Dark Sun
Session 5 - Global Defense League
Session 6 - Hollow Earth

Sign up now, each session has a maximum of 6 players

Collectible Miniature Night

Tuesdays have just become collectible miniatures night. Alternating between Tuesdays will be HeroClix and Monsterpocaypse. All events will be officially sanctioned with prize support.

Tuesday, September 7 6-9PM - Monsterpocalypse (Mega Blastik-Rukivall and glass Psi-Eel)

Tuesday, September 14 6-9PM - HeroClix (Clark Kent LE)

Tuesday, September 21 6-9PM - Monsterpocalypse (Mega General Hondo and glass Earth Kami)

Tuesday, September 28 6-9PM - HeroClix (Diana Prince LE)

All events free but we encourage you to purchase a booster to play. MonPoc events require sign-up 10 days prior to the event if you want a participation prize. Also remember we need 6 people signed up to have an official event (link to sign-up page attached to each event's description).

New Website for CSW RPG Group

Have you been in the gaming room on Tuesdays?
If you have then you have probably saw 5 good looking guys sitting around a table having a lot of fun playing one game or another. Well guess what we've been having so much fun we decided to blog about the games we are playing and even try our hand at podcasting reviews of the games.

So in cooperation with Comic Store West (since I am one of the owners) I've created a web site for our group. Check it out and give us some feedback.

The address is

White Rose Magic The Gathering 2010 Championship

Comic Store West along with the York Book and Paper Fair are proud to host this year's White Rose Magic The Gathering 2010 Championship.

Where: Holiday Inn and Conference Center in York located at 2000 Loucks Road, York, PA 17408 (near the West Manchester Mall)

When: Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 9AM - 4PM

Cost: $30 in advance, $35 at the door (price includes free admission to the York Book and Paper Fair going on at the same time).

What Else: Space is limited, so sign up early at Comic Store West. There will be media coverage for this event. The event will be a sealed event using 4 boosters of the NEWEST Magic Set (Scars of Mirrodin) and 2 boosters of the Magic 2011 CORE Set (we reserve the right to alter the type of boosters based on product availablity). There will be 3 or 4 rounds of standard SWISS with the top 8 players competeting for the White Rose Magic The Gathering Championship Trophy.

Prizes: Everyone who signs up early will receive a FOIL PROMO card. There will also be tons of FOIL PROMO cards available to win and of course extra boosters for the winners.

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