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Runes and Rifles Upcoming Events - December

Christmas Events:
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Rules: WFB 500pts per person (can bring back destroyed troops as reinforcements) – Special rules for The Grinch

Objective: Defeat the Grinch and his army of goblin “Helpers”

Story: As the folk of the world awoke on Christmas day cries of dismay and disappointment echo from town to town. No presents for anyone this year and each stocking hangs empty above the fireplaces. News is spreading quickly from the north of a large band of goblin raiders headed by a tall green figure who seems to be riding on Santa’s sleigh. Peasants and soldiers alike from all races gather to ride forth and catch this green menace before Christmas is completely lost.

Santa’s Sleigh Racing
Rules: WFB chariot race using made-to-measure rule set
Objective: Earn points from damaging Santa’s and other’s chariots as well as winning the race

Call to Arms War Torn Fronts Results

After much delay I am proud to announce the results of the most recent Hordes/Warmachine League.

New player Matt Crane captured the Relentless Medal.

Jon Sirico whupped up on the greatest variety of opponents snagging him the Eliminator Medal.

Prone to running beast heavy lists anyway, Dan Paddock will be taking home the Strategist Medal.

And finally, Jorrie Laughman racked up the greatest number of league points and will be named Warlord.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Winners can pick up their medals at CSW during regular business hours.

HeroClix Events for 2009

SATURDAY - 12/12/2009 1PM
500 points, figures from any set ever produced.
Entry fee: FREE
Prizes: Samantha Parrington LE

Buy any booster of HeroClix we have in the store and get a Silver Anvil Light Object and bonus card FREE with purchase.

WEDNESDAY - 12/30/2009 - WINTER FEST 2009
11AM Event #1 prize = Gharskygt
500 Points - Hammer of Thor Only
Entry Fee = Buy 1 booster (at 20% off)

1:30PM Event #2 prize = Son of Surtur
500 Points - Must have at least 1 Green Lantern on your team
Entry Fee = Buy 1 booster (at 20% off)

Participation prizes for all


Yes we have Thursday Night Magic every week at the store from 5pm until close but on December 31, 2009 (yes New Year's Eve) we will be holding special Magic events, with AWESOME foil promo prizes (all prizes will be left over support from 2009's pre-release and launch party events).

Additional boosters will be provided as prizes based on attendance of these events.

Play starts at 11AM sharp and lasts until we close at 5PM.

entry fee = $25 in which everyone receives 6 boosters to play with. We will provide all of the basic land you need for FREE.

Magic The Gathering WORLDWAKE Events

The next Magic Expansion comes out February 5, 2010.

The Pre-Release event will be Saturday, January 30 at 10AM. The event will be $25 and each player will receive 6 boosters of the new set.

The launch party will be Saturday, February 6 at 10AM. This event will also be $25 and each player will receive 6 boosters.

Space is limited so sign-up early.

Thrall Harvest Charity Tournament on Saturday 11/28

November 28th - ThrallHarvest Charity Tournament to Benefit the York County Food Bank

Once again Comic Store West is proud to be hosting a Thrall Harvest tournament. This is a mixed Warmachine and Hordes event to help those in our community without enough to eat.

We will be accepting donations of canned food and in return the player will receive tokens that can be spent to break the rules.

Some of the effects generated by can donations include:
  • Re-rolling one die
  • Forcing your opponent to re-roll one die
  • Move terrain before the game starts.
Registration Opens at Noon
Table Setup at 12:50pm
Dice Roll at 1:00pm

Each player should bring one 750pt army list, either Hordes or Warmachine. Turns will not be timed and the only measure of victory is survival.

The registration fee for this event is 10 cans of food.

Full rules can be found at:

Privateer Forums Thread:

Rise of December Malifaux Tournament

What: 30 Stone Scrap tournament, and a Wyrd single figure painting competition. There will be a $5 entry fee for the tournament. This helps cover prize support.
When: December 19th 2009.  Registration starts at 11:00. 1st round for the tournament starts at high noon. Painting will be judged after the second round.

Where: The Comic Store West

Tournament Details:
The tournament will consist of 3 rounds of 30 stone scraps. The strategies will be Holiday themed, and there is the possibility of special Holiday schemes. Players may bring 2 crews/lists for their chosen faction. When it is time to hire crews, players can choose whichever crew they'd like for that round. Each round will have a 90 minute time limit. Prizes are at this time to be announced, but willl be determined by participation level.

Painting Competition:
The painting competition will be for any single Wyrd miniature. The judging will be based on the criteria used for the Single Figure category at Gen Con. If you have entered the same model for this year's Rotten Harvest contest, it will not be eligible for this competition. Wyrd has also agreed to provide some generous prize support for this competition, and the competition entries will be photographed and sent to Wyrd. They might even end up in the next issue of the Wyrd Chronicles. There will be prizes for the top 3 models.
Please sign up in advance at the Comic Store West

Pokemon City Championships 2009-2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010
Registration 10:00am, play starts at 11:00am

Format is Modified Constructed.
Entry is Free.

Prizes for each of three age groups:
1st place: 18 boosters + a Medal
2nd place: 10 boosters
3rd and 4th place: 4 boosters each
Each player brings a 60 card modified constructed deck. See the more information link below for a list of legal card sets.
Three age groups:
Junior Division: Born in 1999 or later
Senior Division: Born in 1995, 1996, 1997, or 1998
Masters Division: Born in 1994 or earlier

All participants will receive a promo card while supplies last.
Door prizes (to be announced)

HeroClix is Back

Wow, HeroClix is back in a big way at Comix Store West. We had our first new event in a year with an awesome prize from WizKids - a figure from the next set - Hammer of Thor

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