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Runes and Rifles Upcoming Events - November

Champion Of The Gods

Rules: Fantasy – made to fit the event

Models Required: Club Members – Single Champion Model (any race), Non-Members – None (can be provided)

Objective: Become the Champion Of The Gods by defeating all other player’s Chaos hero models

Story: Several weeks ago you began feeling a desire to leave your tribesmen and travel into the east. As the weeks passed the compulsion grew to a point where you could no longer resist the urge. As you walk eastward away from your tribe you begin to feel a tingle of something powerful growing within you. Several days you wander towards the horizon as snow storms batter your cold skin, but something deep inside feels warm… hot even, to the point where you can’t even feel the winter around you. As you close on the mountains that used to be so distant, you notice colorful lights dancing in the sky over a desolate snow-covered ruin. You step up to the open arch of the ruin and notice several pairs of fresh snowy footsteps on the stone floor inside. Stepping through the doorway you feel a sudden burst of power explode through your veins as a voice in your head echoes “There can be only one!”

Who Needs Friday Night Magic?

CSW Magic players don't. Just because we can't fit Friday Night Magic into our gaming schedule doesn't mean you can't get cool foil promo cards. CSW holds THURSDAY NIGHT Magic every Thursday night at the store starting between 5 and 6 pm.

Lists of available foil promo cards and formats will be posted by the end of October.


We are in the process of finalizing our plans for Winter Fest 2009. From December 28 - January 3 we plan on doing a huge week of sales and games.

Monday, December 28

Tuesday, December 29
Family Boardgame Day

Wednesday, December 30
Miniature Day
Special HeroClix Events
BLACKEST NIGHT #6 will be on SALE !!!!!!
Marvel comics is also sending some cool swag

Thursday, December 31
Thurday Magic, who needs Friday Night Magic? Not our customers. Play magic all day, earn points to redeem for foil promo cards.

Saturday, January 2 and Sunday January 3

Marvel Exclusive News

This just in - Marvel just announced the addition of Captain
America:Reborn #6. Originally only planned for 5 issues.

Marvel's New Year's eve eve party coming Dec 30. Includes exclusive
Avenger's ID card.

Coming in 2010:
1) Women of Marvel
2) Secret Wars III starring the Marvel women.
3) Doomwar !!
4) X-men Second Coming
5) Lady Deadpool is coming
6) Deadpool Corp (yes you heard it right)
7) New Ultimates March 2010
8) Ultimate X
9) Fall of the Hulks
10) World War Hulks - Spring 2010

Steve Rogers will be the new Iron Man !!!!

Free Comic Book Day Promo

Check out this video on YouTube:

HeroClix announcements

Directly from the mouth of Drew at Wizkids:

After Hammer of Thor will come Marvel Classic 3 packs. Then mid 2010 DC Brave and Bold set featuring 55 figs, 25% are duo figs and a new game mechanic - ALTER EGOS !!

Organized play starts again in November. You will not believe the prizes available with this new set.

Hammer of Thor will sell out, order yours now.

Privateer Press News

In case you weren’t aware, Privateer has released the unedited Warmachine MK2 Rules and Model Stats. These files contain no fiction, art or unreleased models but do provide an excellent preview of Warmachine Prime MK2.

For more info:

Additionally, Privateer has announced that the Hordes MK2 field test will start on November 24th. You will need to register on the new play test site to participate. Rules and stat cards will be posted at 3:00pm EST.

For more info:

This month marks the release of the Grind Boardgame. Grind is a 2 player boardgame where each player controls a team of steamjacks in a heavy metal, extreme sports battle royale. Especially awesome is the swappable weapon loadouts for each steamjack.

For more info:

The gobbers from Infernal Contraption have returned in the new boardgame. Scrappers.

For more info:

Warmachine and Hordes Events

October 2nd through November 5th - Call to Arms 2009: War Torn Fronts

Call to Arms returns to Comic Store West! Take control of massive warjacks or powerful warbeasts in the latest tour of the worldwide Call to Arms league. Sign up now to join the fray and claim victory over any who would stand in your path.

League weeks will run from Fridays to Thursdays with Friday being the official League Night.

Registration Fee: $10

Medals will be awarded for Champion, Strategist, Relentless and Eliminator. All participants will receive a pin commemorating the tour.

Check out the rules, awards and scenarios at

Discuss this event at:

October 24th, 11:00am - Retribution of Scyrah: Flash Point

Bring your 750-point force to the Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Flash Point event and pit your strength one–on-one against any who stand against you.

The following medals are up for contention:

  • The Dawnlord medal goes to the player with the most consecutive wins as defender. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest flag count is the Dawnlord.
  • The Fane Knight medal goes to the player with the highest flag count at the end of the day (counting the flags captured as well as the flags defended). If there is tie for most flags, the player with the most Mage Hunter VPs is the Fane Knight.
  • The Mage Hunter medal goes to the player with the most Mage Hunter VPs. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest flag count is the Mage Hunter.
  • The Arcanist medal goes to the player who wins the painting contest for best-painted Retribution model.

This event will last approximately 8 hours.

Check out the rules online at:

Discuss this event at:

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