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GI JOE TOYS in stock and on sale !!

Just in time for the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER - GI Joe - The Rise of Cobra, we got in a limited number of GI Joe toys. We have single figures, Four packs of figures with DVD and Vehicle Packs.

Warmachine & Hordes League Results

Comic Store West is proud to announce the winners of the Warmachine and Hordes Call to Arms 2009 Liberation of Umbrey League

First, we want to remind all Warmachine and Hordes players about Summer Rampage. Summer Rampage is a 3 week map campaign. There is a huge online component, which is why there is now a computer in the gaming area. The online theater of war map is updated daily. Warbeast and Warjacks get to perform Finishing Moves as well as go on Rampages. And up for grabs is the release order of the Mk2 forces of Warmachine books.

More details can be found in the current issue of No Quarter, on sale now.

To participate it is enthusiastically recommended, but not necessary, that you sign up at the and pre-register for the event.

If you do sign up, please let us know what your user name is so that we can add it to our records.

Summer Rampage starts on Monday, August 17th and runs through the 6th of September.

Anyhow, enough babbling....

The Call to Arms 2009 Liberation of Umbrey medal winners for Comic Store West are:

Eliminator: Scott Koehler
Relentless: Randel Wood
Strategist: Kevin Schoeder
and the Warlord medal goes to:

Jeff Kulzer!!!

Congratulations to all the winners. You can pick up your medals at the store anytime during normal business hours.

Monsterpocalypse - All Your Bases

Monsterpocalypse - All Your Bases has arrived and it looks to be the best expansion so far for the game. Buy 5 boosters and ask for a FREE SHADOW FIGURE (while supplies last).

We also have a limited number of the newest figures in our singles display. Get them before they are GONE !!

Monsterpocalypse - All You Can Eat Event

The ALL YOU CAN EAT EVENT for 7/12 has been canceled due to lack of support because enough players were not signed up online. If you wish to participate in any Monsterpocalypse events you need to sign up for the events online at

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