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Monsterpocalypse Update

I spoke with Kevin at PrivateerPress today to get an update on some issues we have been having.

1> The missing prize kit (kit #3) is on it's way and we should have it by end of this week. I will distribute prizes accordingly.

2> Player Rewards (for 5 or more events) are not yet ready. Sometime within the next few weeks you will see a button after you sign in that will allow you to claim player rewards. Please be patient.

3> The March 7th I Chomp NY Preview is a teaser for the next set that comes out later in March. This is a sealed event using 1 Monster and 2 units. The cost has been lowered from $50 to $45 for all those who wish to play. The prizes and participation prizes will be only be available at this event so it's still important to participate. I have left a note and we should have plenty of product available for the event.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with us while resolving all of these issues.

Memoir 44 Tutorial

I found a great video that teaches one of my favorite new game - Memoir '44. Click the link to watch the video.

York Paper and Book Fair

Comic Store West will be at the bi-annual York Paper and Book Sale again this year. The fair will be held on Saturday, April 4. Check out their website for more info. We will have thousands of bargain bin comics on sale again at 5 for $1. Stop by the fair and then stop out at the store later because the first weekend in April is going to be our annual MASSIVE BACKROOM SALE !!!!

Free Comic Book Day

We are getting ready for Free Comic Book Day again this year. We just got confirmation the the local 501st Garrison of Stormtroopers will be on hand from 11am-3pm to provide security for the thousands we expect to come out to get one of the AWESOME free comics this year.

For info on what will be available click here.

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