Calendar of Events

HeroClix Update

It looks like HeroClix is alive and well. Comic Store West will be hosting Arkham Asylum Events in December, January, and February. Keep checking the calendars for what Saturdays we are playing and the exact prizes.

WizKids Closes (for now)

Most have heard Topps has closed the WizKids division of the company. What that means for the future of HeroClix is unknown. We will be holding supported events at least through January. I also have some great ideas for February but need people to show up so let me know.

If you want to try and help save HeroClix, create an account over at this website.

November and December Calendars Updated

The calendar of events for November and December have been updated. Click the links on the right to see what games are being played and when.

Monsterpocalypse Events Through 2008

All of the sanctioned Monsterpocalypse events have been scheduled for 2008. Please go to the PP website a register for these events as soon as possible. We need 8 people to register early so that we can get prize support.

Click here to register for events.

CSW Goes Punk

Comic Store West will have a booth at the Lancaster Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, November 15. Stop in and say hi to angry Scott and pick up some AWESOME deals on toys !!

Check out their website here.

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