Calendar of Events

Pokemon TCG League Play Starting

Pokemon Trading Card League Play is starting up this Sunday, November 2 from Noon until 2. We are going to try and hold games about 3 Sunday's a month. Prizes will be awarded. Stop in and ask for more details.

Click here for further details.

DC Back Issues are DONE !!

I've finally finished the backroom inventory of the DC comics. So click on the link at the right to see our complete backroom inventory of Marvel and DC Comics. Next up Darkhorse. Check back often for updates.

I've also filled the bargain bins with new goodies, dig through all the bins to find some hidden gems.

Congratulations !!

Congratulations to our first ever Monsterpocalypse winner - BERNIE !!
Next event will be 11/8 at 11AM.

Oct 25 - York Book and Paper Fair

We'll be there with thousands of CHEAP back issues.

Runes and Rifles

Runes and Rifles: A Warhammer and Warhammer 40k Event

When: Saturday, November 1 at 3:00PM - 6PM
What do you need: Nothing, no models required, just bring your imagination
Lots of prizes for all !!

Monsterpocalypse Event #1

CSW first Monsterpocalypse event. Start time is 11:00 AM. The format is open constructed.

Entry fee is $2.00. 16 spaces available.
Time Limit of 50 minutes per game, swiss style rounds, bring 8 - 12 units, and at least 4 buildings. 1 alpha monster and it's hyper form only.

1st Prize is Mega Defender X.

Sign up here.

Monsterpocalypse has arrived !!

This Saturday we will host our very FIRST Monsterpocalypse event. This will be the release event, bring all of your figures to play and to trade. The winner of the event will receive a FREE MEGA DEFENDER X figure.

The event starts at 11AM and should last until about 3PM.

We should also have singles of Monsterpocalypse units available for sale later this week.

New Game from Bandai COMING SOON

Here is a great online version of the new strategy game from Bandai - Miracle Five.

Click here

WizKids Blog

Check out the new WizKids blog at:

HeroClix 2009 Announcements

Next HeroClix sets:

*Marvel - Hammer of Thor

*DC - Brave and the Bold - features exclusive dual characters (Batman and Green Arrow).

*Marvel - Collector Set (70yrs of Marvel) will feature 7 figures including a 'FAST BALL SPECIAL dual figure).

BATMOBILE !!! and Accessory sets also coming in 2009.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY FIGURE - Alternate paint - Classic Wolverine (just in time for the movie)

Yes, my friends HeroClix is very much alive.

Hammer of Thor - Brick Figure

Thor's Mighty Chariot.
WizKids has said this figure weighs 4x what the Clown Prince of Crime Brick Figure weighs. It's gonna be massive !

Lastest Spirit Trailer

EXCLUSIVE HeroClix Images

Paizo's Pathfinder Society Roleplaying

Paizo's Pathfinder Society roleplaying event Nov. 6th, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, 6 players only. Sign-up now.

D&D 4e - Weekend in the Realms

CSW presents "Weekend in the Realms" on Oct. 25th. Forgotten
Realms RPGA event. Stop in and sign-up now.

Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck League!

Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck League!
Starts Thursday, Oct. 9th - 5:15pm

Come check out Magic: The Gathering's Newest Set –

Start up Fee: $25
You get: 1 Shards of Alara Tournament deck
2 boosters of Shards of Alara
& a cardboard deck box.

Weekly Fee: $5
Each week after the first, for 4 weeks, you get

1 additional Shards of Alara booster to add and alter your deck.
All extra money from start up and weekly fee goes towards buying prize support

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