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D&D Miniature Singles NOW AVAILABLE !!

Just in time for 4th ed. D&D. We have a limited number of D&D miniatures available, check out the front display shelf.

2008 Convention Exclusive Items

We have a very limited number of Convention Exclusive items from Wizard World Philadelphia in store including the HeroClix Knightfall Batman, and Pirates convention Exclusive packs. Stop in and grab some before they are gone.

** Revised 6/8/2008 - Currently sold out of the KnightFall Batman. We still have a pack or 2 of the EXCLUSIVE Pirates packs.

World of WarCraft Card Game Open Play

NEW - Wednesday nights come in and play the World of WarCraft TCG game.

Worldwide D&D Day

Sign up is now available for WORLDWIDE D&D DAY which is Saturday June 7. We will have 2 different blocks with 3 sessions in each block. Each session can take up to 6 people. Sign up now, spots are limited!!

We are also taking pre-orders for D&D v. 4.0 which comes out, Friday June 6.

Back Issue Inventory Update

Ok folks I've been slacking off lately but I made a big push this weekend and have up to the F's done for DC. I have updated the Back Issue links over on the right and you can see what we have in the backroom.

I also pulled some 'stale' back issues today and put out some newer back issues and filled up the bargain bin.


Thanks to everyone who came out for our most successful FREE COMIC BOOK DAY ever !!! We raised about $150 to the Martin Memorial Library and have a bin full of Star Wars toys for the 501st to take to local hospitals. Thanks again for the support !!

Congratulations to our coloring contest winner - Destiny. She won a hardback copy of a Spider-Man Trade.

Also thanks to Eric Berry, local writer for the comic SPORKMAN for coming out on FCB Day. We have a limited number of Sporkman comics on the rack, come in a help support a local writer/creator.

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures League

The D&D Miniature Summer League launches Thursday nights beginning June 1 and runs the first Thursday of every month from 6PM to 9PM.

For more info check out:


Reminder FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is tomorrow. There will be lots to see at the store and plenty of great sales.

10% off everything in the store
25% off ALL bagged back issues (35% if your back issue total is over $100)
15% off commic supplies
15% off ALL toys (20% off if the toy is used for the Star Wars toy drive donation).
15% off all TRADE PAPERBACKS (25% if your trade paperback total is over $100)

Remember everyone gets one FREE comic, if you want additional comics from our FREE table we ask that you make a 50 cent donation to the Martin Memorial Library fund in the store.

We also have an exclusive IRON MAN HeroClix figure to give away for FREE, extras of these can be picked up with a $1.00 donation to the library.

Also bring in your new or slightly used Star Wars toy and hand it over to one of our friendly stormtroopers for local charities.

Eric Berry (writer of the comic Sporkman) will also be available to meet after 12pm.

Hope to see you all there.


Date - Saturday, May 17th, 2008
Time - 12 noon registration, 1st round starts at 1pm
Format - Super Secret Steamroller Beta
No of Rounds - 3-5 rounds
Time Limit - last turn at 75 mins
Entry Fee - $5
Prize Support - Gift Certificates for Champion and Best Painted.

The Tournament will follow the not yet public Steamroller 4 Beta Release 5 Rules: Timed Turns, a new victory condition and other fun.

We will be using Prime Remix and Primal/Evolution rulesets. If you are fielding any models with special rules that have been updated/clarified in the PP FAQ, please bring a printed copy to avoid any confusion.

Players must bring their own models, stat cards, dice, measuring devices, tokens, wreck markers, and templates they require for play. The Tournament Organizer (TO) must approve any printed media used to track damage.

Army and Horde Lists
Players must also bring at least two printed or legibly handwritten copies of their army lists complete with point costs and an army or horde point total. They must register one of these lists with the TO prior to the start of the tournament. The player's opponent may view the other copies upon request.

Army and horde point totals cannot exceed 500 points and cannot be less than 450 points .

Alternate Lists
Players may bring a second army or horde list for use at the event. Mercenary players may use different contracts for their primary and alternate lists. Faction players may likewise use any or no Special Forces for their lists. This alternate list is subject to the same point constraints as the primary list and must be from the same faction. Players must prepare the alternate list before the event and register it with the TO at the same time as the primary list.

Painting, Conversions and Proxies
While models are not required to be painted it is encouraged and will be rewarded with a Gift Certificate for the best completely painted force as voted on by the players.

All models must be completely assembled: arms, head, everything.

Proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any circumstances, nor can a player enter a tournament with a model that has not been released to the general public.

All models must be WARMACHINE or HORDES models appropriate to the tournament venue. Conversions (modifications to Privateer Press models) are acceptable as long as they are clearly based on WARMACHINE or HORDES models. Conversions must represent the model from which they are most obviously drawn. For example, a heavily converted Haley model is not a substitute for Sorscha.

Weapon changes are acceptable provided they represent the same type of weapon replaced. For example, trading a sword for a sword is legal. However, mixing and matching warjack weapons is not allowed.

The TO may make exceptions and approve any reasonable conversion. To avoid confusion and conflict, players must have an unaltered version of the model available in case a TO asks to remove a questionable model from play. The TO makes the final call on any particular model.

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