Calendar of Events

Online Store is OPEN !!

We have just opened our online store. Here you will find stuff we just don't have room to put out at the store. We will ship to you or you can save on shipping and pick up your order at the store. Check the store out here.

Attention WizKids Fans

We have just received our WizKids Convention Weekend Kits in and are prepping everything for Saturday, Feb 2 and Sunday, Feb 3. We received THREE kits so have THREE of the ULTRA RARE PURPLE PANTS FOOMS and 6 of the ULTRA RARE Johnny Thunders. We have loads of Thors, Batmans, Pirate ships, Vladd the Impaler and Halo Clix LE figs too. Make sure you stop in to the store Feb 2 and Feb 3 to get these hard to find items.

On a side note those who saw the WizKids announcement that WizKids is sold out of the next HeroClix set - CRISIS before it even ships have no fear. We have ordered a total of 10 cases of CRISIS and should have plenty to satisfy everyone's need for the RARE (limit to 5000) LE figure that you get for purchasing a brick. If you are worried you may PRE-ORDER your BRICK today (PRE SALES do not count toward purchase requirements for WizKids Convention Weekend).

Roadtrip to Gemstone Publishing

Brett and I went over to Gemstone Publishing this morning to visit them and tour the place. Gemstone Publishing does the Disney Comics and the Overstreet Price Guide. They used to be based in Maryland but now are only 5 minutes from the store. We met some great people and saw some awesome Vintage Pop Culture items. We even held a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the first appearance of Spider-Man). We had a great time and look forward to working with them in the future.

Check out their website here.

Our TOP 20 Subscriptions

Here are the top 20 comics subscribed to by our customers. If there's something on the list that you are not reading give it a try and see what the fuss is about. Remember the more comics you subscribe to the better the perks you get.

1> New Avengers - Marvel
2> Justice League of America - DC
3> Countdown - DC
4> Amazing Spider-Man - Marvel
5> Incredible Hulk - Marvel
6> Ultimate X-Men - Marvel
7> Superman / Batman - DC
8> Mighty Avengers - Marvel
9> Captain America - Marvel
10> Batman - DC
11> Astonishing X-Men - Marvel
12> Ultimate Spider-Man - Marvel
13> All Star Batman and Robin - DC
14> Wolverine - Marvel
15> Detective Comics - DC
16> Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Darkhorse
17> Action Comics - DC
18> Wonder Woman - DC
19> Ultimate Fantastic Four - Marvel
20> Green Lantern - DC


We have recently purchased several large collections and have been going through and loading both the regular back issue bins and the BARGAIN BINS with new material. Keep checking the bins weekly because I still have several THOUSAND comics to sort through.

Also check out our back room inventory (even though it is in the early stages) you can see what we have in the back that may not be out on the floor. I am half way through the Marvel Comics and am making good progress. Click here to see the list so far.

Magic City Championships

Here is a link to the 'OFFICIAL' DCI standings for the store championships. I'm still awaiting word on our 12/22 event.

Magic City Championship Event #4 Update

Apparently since our Event #4 only had 7 players DCI declined the event and results. I have an email into our contact to double check on this. It sucks and I am very sorry. The results may need to be removed with the store standings updated to reflect the declined event. I will post an update when I learn more.

Magic City Championship - Event #5 Results

Magic City Championships
Event #5 Results

Steven S
Brad W
Bill K
Zach K
Steven A
Chris T
Anthony T
Justin W
Drew D
Ryan B
Dave D
Nick B
Ron B
Owen F
Michael D

Magic - Morningtide Release Party

Saturday, February 2 at 11PM. Entry fee is $25. All players receive a Lorwyn Tornament Deck and 2 boosters of Morningtide to play with. Sign up early, these release parties fill up quickly. We have room for a maximum of 32 players.

Magic - Morningtide Sealed Deck League

The weekly league begins on Thursday, Feb 7th at 5:15PM. Startup fee is $25, for which you will receive 1 Lorwyn tournament pack and 2 boosters of the latest Magic set - Morningtide and a cardboard deck box. Weekly fee is $5, each week after the first; you get one additional Morningtide booster to add to your deck each week. All extra money goes toward prize support, the more players the more prizes !!!

Back Room Inventory

I've made a huge breakthrough with the back issue inventory. Keep checking back late this weekend for an exciting new way to see what we have in our back issue collection. (No the inventory won't be finished but the new method of displaying it will be finished).

Jan and Feb Calendars Posted

The January and February calendars have been re-posted after I made some updates to some events. Check them out again. New copies were also printed and hung in the game room of the store.

Kingdom Hearts

We are going to try and play some Kingdom Heart games on Tuesday nights, Tuesday January 15, January 29, February19 and February 26. Official games begin at 7PM, there is a $3 entry fee which will go toward prizes for the winner. If we get enough turnout we may even have some EXCLUSIVE promo cards as prizes.

Mutants & Masterminds Game Day

Session 1 had two fine games. 4 players enjoyed a Paragons Campaign run by Jason Altland. Paragons is a world of normal people with paranormal powers. Game 2 was the "Liberty Corp" a Golden age adventure set in 1938 America. The Gamemaster of this game was Bill Jordan. Four players battled Nazi's on a moving train. Session 2 saw 5 players assume the identity's of the Justice League. Jason Altland led this DC adventure. Six other players portrayed new hero's in Kevin Hakes "Time of Crisis part 2" adventure.

Back Issue Inventory

I've decided to take on the task of taking an inventory of our back issue collection. Yes, I may be insane but I'm gonna try. I have added a link to the right under the COMICS section that will take you to the page that will list our back room inventory. It's gonna take a while but as I get a box counted I'll post it to the page.

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