Calendar of Events

WarMachine and Hordes Jan and Feb Events

Please join us for a Mixed Escalation Tournament on 1/24/2009

Army Composition: 4 Lists 350, 500, 750 and 1000 points. Each higher pointed list must include all models from the lesser pointed list.

Format: Steamroller v.4 Time Limits and Scoring, all matches will have Caster Kill as the only Victory Condition

Entry Fee: $6 pre-register, or $8 the day of the tournament

Start Times:
Registration : 12:00 pm
Table Setups : 12:50 pm
Round 1 : 1:00
Number of Rounds: 3 or 4 depending on participation level.

Prizes: Coins and if we get enough participation Gift Certificates for Winner and Best Painted.

CALL TO ARMS returns to Comic Store West on February 20th, 2009 with


Take control of massive warjacks or powerful warbeasts in the latest tour of the worldwide Call to Arms league. Sign up now to join the fray and claim victory over any who would stand in your path.

Leagues will run from Fridays to Thursdays with Friday being the official League Night.

Registration Fee: $8 if you register on or before February 13 or $10 after.

Medals will be awarded for Champion, Strategist, Relentless and Eliminator. All participants will receive a pin commemorating the tour.


Please join us for a 750 point mixed Steamroller v.4 tournament on 2/28/2008

Army Composition: 750 Points of Hordes or Warmachine, 2 lists from same faction.

Format: Steamroller v.4

Entry Fee: $6 pre-register, or $8 the day of the tournament

Start Times:
Registration : 12:00 pm
Table Setups : 12:50 pm
Round 1 : 1:00

Prizes: Coins and if we get enough participation Gift Certificates for Winner and Best Painted.

Monsterpocalypse Events !!

MonPoc supported events have been created through early March. Check out the calendars in the store or on the right of our site. We are doing some supported events on Friday nights and some on Saturdays in Jan and Feb.

December and January Calendars Updated

I have corrected some errors with the December and January calendars. Please check out the calendars on the right to make sure what day and time your favorite event is scheduled. Thanks.

Preliminary January Calendar Posted

I have just posted the preliminary January events calendar. Check out the link on the right.

HeroClix Update

It looks like HeroClix is alive and well. Comic Store West will be hosting Arkham Asylum Events in December, January, and February. Keep checking the calendars for what Saturdays we are playing and the exact prizes.

WizKids Closes (for now)

Most have heard Topps has closed the WizKids division of the company. What that means for the future of HeroClix is unknown. We will be holding supported events at least through January. I also have some great ideas for February but need people to show up so let me know.

If you want to try and help save HeroClix, create an account over at this website.

November and December Calendars Updated

The calendar of events for November and December have been updated. Click the links on the right to see what games are being played and when.

Monsterpocalypse Events Through 2008

All of the sanctioned Monsterpocalypse events have been scheduled for 2008. Please go to the PP website a register for these events as soon as possible. We need 8 people to register early so that we can get prize support.

Click here to register for events.

CSW Goes Punk

Comic Store West will have a booth at the Lancaster Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, November 15. Stop in and say hi to angry Scott and pick up some AWESOME deals on toys !!

Check out their website here.

Pokemon TCG League Play Starting

Pokemon Trading Card League Play is starting up this Sunday, November 2 from Noon until 2. We are going to try and hold games about 3 Sunday's a month. Prizes will be awarded. Stop in and ask for more details.

Click here for further details.

DC Back Issues are DONE !!

I've finally finished the backroom inventory of the DC comics. So click on the link at the right to see our complete backroom inventory of Marvel and DC Comics. Next up Darkhorse. Check back often for updates.

I've also filled the bargain bins with new goodies, dig through all the bins to find some hidden gems.

Congratulations !!

Congratulations to our first ever Monsterpocalypse winner - BERNIE !!
Next event will be 11/8 at 11AM.

Oct 25 - York Book and Paper Fair

We'll be there with thousands of CHEAP back issues.

Runes and Rifles

Runes and Rifles: A Warhammer and Warhammer 40k Event

When: Saturday, November 1 at 3:00PM - 6PM
What do you need: Nothing, no models required, just bring your imagination
Lots of prizes for all !!

Monsterpocalypse Event #1

CSW first Monsterpocalypse event. Start time is 11:00 AM. The format is open constructed.

Entry fee is $2.00. 16 spaces available.
Time Limit of 50 minutes per game, swiss style rounds, bring 8 - 12 units, and at least 4 buildings. 1 alpha monster and it's hyper form only.

1st Prize is Mega Defender X.

Sign up here.

Monsterpocalypse has arrived !!

This Saturday we will host our very FIRST Monsterpocalypse event. This will be the release event, bring all of your figures to play and to trade. The winner of the event will receive a FREE MEGA DEFENDER X figure.

The event starts at 11AM and should last until about 3PM.

We should also have singles of Monsterpocalypse units available for sale later this week.

New Game from Bandai COMING SOON

Here is a great online version of the new strategy game from Bandai - Miracle Five.

Click here

WizKids Blog

Check out the new WizKids blog at:

HeroClix 2009 Announcements

Next HeroClix sets:

*Marvel - Hammer of Thor

*DC - Brave and the Bold - features exclusive dual characters (Batman and Green Arrow).

*Marvel - Collector Set (70yrs of Marvel) will feature 7 figures including a 'FAST BALL SPECIAL dual figure).

BATMOBILE !!! and Accessory sets also coming in 2009.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY FIGURE - Alternate paint - Classic Wolverine (just in time for the movie)

Yes, my friends HeroClix is very much alive.

Hammer of Thor - Brick Figure

Thor's Mighty Chariot.
WizKids has said this figure weighs 4x what the Clown Prince of Crime Brick Figure weighs. It's gonna be massive !

Lastest Spirit Trailer

EXCLUSIVE HeroClix Images

Paizo's Pathfinder Society Roleplaying

Paizo's Pathfinder Society roleplaying event Nov. 6th, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, 6 players only. Sign-up now.

D&D 4e - Weekend in the Realms

CSW presents "Weekend in the Realms" on Oct. 25th. Forgotten
Realms RPGA event. Stop in and sign-up now.

Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck League!

Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck League!
Starts Thursday, Oct. 9th - 5:15pm

Come check out Magic: The Gathering's Newest Set –

Start up Fee: $25
You get: 1 Shards of Alara Tournament deck
2 boosters of Shards of Alara
& a cardboard deck box.

Weekly Fee: $5
Each week after the first, for 4 weeks, you get

1 additional Shards of Alara booster to add and alter your deck.
All extra money from start up and weekly fee goes towards buying prize support

Back Issue Inventory Update

Well, I'm finally almost done the DC back issue inventory. Next up is DarkHorse. Check out our back issue inventory here.

Email us or call us with your list of wants.

DC HeroClix Arkham Asylum

The next HeroClix set - DC's Arkham Asylum comes out in about 30 days. Our release event of that is scheduled for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 at NOON.

Monsterpocalypse is Coming !!!

The newest Collectable Miniature game 'Monsterpocalypse' invades Comic Store West on October 10. Our release event is scheduled for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18th at 11AM. Stop in learn to play the HOTTEST GAME of 2008. Trade armies with others.

If you buy 24 boosters you can send away for an EXCLSUIVE figure (details at the store).

Check their website.

Magic The Gathering CORRECTION

The Shards of Alara release event scheduled for 9/27 will have a max of 24 players not 36 as previously mentioned. We have at least 8 confirmed paid participants so far, so hurry in and reserve your spot today !!

Next DC HeroClix Set ?

My sources tell me this is the figure list for the next HeroClix set due out at the end of October.

001 WHITE MARTIAN (generic)
002 MANHUNTER (Paul Kirk?)
004 THE QUESTION (Renee Montoya?)
006 GOTHAM CITY DETECTIVE (Crispus Allen?)
016 BATMAN (crouching on gargoyle?)
023 WONDER WOMAN (Diana Prince)
036 ZOOM
041 FRANKENSTEIN (from 7 Soldiers)
042 VENTRILOQUIST (w/Scarface)
043 CALCULATOR (Purple costume?)
044 YELLOW LANTERN (Bizarro)
048 BIZARRO #1
056 THE FLASH (Jay Garrick)
058 CHANG TZU (aka Egg Fu)
059 THE JOKER (Straightjacket?)
BITB Clix: 061 THE CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME - Joker escaping Arkham Asylum

101. Crispus Allen (as Spectre)

We are now on ComicSpace

Everyone has heard of MySpace, well now there is ComicSpace. Check it out at

We have our own ComicSpace page here:

X-Box Live Players?

Any customers play X-Box Live?
Here is my gamertag and info if you want to look me up and play sometime.

Attention Star Wars Fans

I just stocked the back issue bins with a ton of classic Marvel Comics Star Wars Issues. Including issue #1 and the VERY HARD to find final issue of the series.

Comic Collector Sets - 35% OFF

Save on pre-bagged comic collector sets such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Weapon X, and many many more. 35% OFF until they are sold.


Huge sale on most of our ANIME DVDs. Get 50% off their original price.

WarMachine/Hordes Special Events

Last Rampage in York - September 13, 2008

Start Times:
Registration : 1:00 pm
Table Setups : 1:50 pm
Round 1 : 2:00

What: 500 points, 2 Lists

How much: $5

Prizes: Summer Rampage Medals

Due to a tie in our Summer Rampage event we are resetting the stats and throwing down in a single day, Summer Rampage style (with Rampages and Finishing Moves). We will be using Steamroller 4 rules and scenarios but with all the added mayhem of Rampage.

New Steamroller 4 rules are here:

Call to Arms 2008 - Caspia Sul Incursions October 3- November 6

League Nights: Fridays 5-9 (but you can play any time the store is open.)

This is your last chance this year to grab those nifty Call to Arms medals. Every major force in the Iron Kingdoms is converging on Caspia/Sul. Seige brought down the walls but you can bring the pain to your opponents. 5 weeks of bloody urban fighting will decide who stands victorious.

Venue specific rules to follow.

Legends Legacies Release Event - October 11, 2008

Start Times:
Registration : 1:00 pm
Table Setups : 1:50 pm
Round 1 : 2:00

What: 750 points, 3 Lists

How much: $5

Prizes: Buttons for participation, and Legacies awards (see rules).


Bring two copies of your 3, 750 point lists. As per the rules, a character can only appear once in all three lists, including Warcasters/Warlocks. Example: Finn can be in list 2 but only list 2.

Magic - Shards of Alara Pre-Release Event

Magic - Shards of Alara Pre-Release event has been scheduled for Saturday, September 27 at 11AM. We are now taking pre-paid sign-ups, remember we have room for only 36 players. Sign-up now to ensure a spot.

WOW !! Back Issue Blowout Redo

The boss says blow out those back issues. So since the boss is away on August 3rd stop in and save big on all of out back issues.

From 10 - 12, yes 10AM on Sunday August 3 until Noon
All regular bagged back issues - SAVE 35% !!!
All bargain back issues are 5 for $1 or a small box full for only $40 (you even get the small box with that price).

Then from Noon until 5
All regular bagged back issues - SAVE 25%
All bargain back issues are 4 for $1 or a small box for only $50


Call To Arms League Results

After tallying up all the scores for the sixteen players we had in
this tour, I am pleased to announce the following medal winners:

Strategist: Jason Altland (by TO decision, based on League Points and
using Kreoss for almost all of his games)

Relentless: Jon Sirico 5 wins in a row, with a different caster each

Eliminator: Scott Koehler 15 VPs of slain light jacks/beasts

And finally, the Call to Arms 2008, Tour 3 Warlord medal is awarded

Randy Wood with 38 league points

Congratulations to all of the medal winners.


We will have thousands of back issues on tables in the backroom.

10 - Noon - All bargain issues are 5 for $1 or a small box full for $40

Noon - 5PM - All bargain issues are 4 for $1 or a small box full for $50

Save 20% on all bagged back issues throughout the day.


Subscription Service

Stop in or drop us an email to sign-up for our NEW COMIC SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE and save 10% and even more on all of your purchases. Never miss a key issue again !!

Free RPG Day - June 21

Sign up is now available for FREE RPG Day. Free RPG Day is Saturday June 21, we will be offering 3 RPG sessions at 11AM - Dark Hersey, Mutants and Masterminds, and D&D 4th edition. We also have a 4PM session with Serenity and D&D 4th edition. Spots are limited so sign up early.

D&D Miniature Singles NOW AVAILABLE !!

Just in time for 4th ed. D&D. We have a limited number of D&D miniatures available, check out the front display shelf.

2008 Convention Exclusive Items

We have a very limited number of Convention Exclusive items from Wizard World Philadelphia in store including the HeroClix Knightfall Batman, and Pirates convention Exclusive packs. Stop in and grab some before they are gone.

** Revised 6/8/2008 - Currently sold out of the KnightFall Batman. We still have a pack or 2 of the EXCLUSIVE Pirates packs.

World of WarCraft Card Game Open Play

NEW - Wednesday nights come in and play the World of WarCraft TCG game.

Worldwide D&D Day

Sign up is now available for WORLDWIDE D&D DAY which is Saturday June 7. We will have 2 different blocks with 3 sessions in each block. Each session can take up to 6 people. Sign up now, spots are limited!!

We are also taking pre-orders for D&D v. 4.0 which comes out, Friday June 6.

Back Issue Inventory Update

Ok folks I've been slacking off lately but I made a big push this weekend and have up to the F's done for DC. I have updated the Back Issue links over on the right and you can see what we have in the backroom.

I also pulled some 'stale' back issues today and put out some newer back issues and filled up the bargain bin.


Thanks to everyone who came out for our most successful FREE COMIC BOOK DAY ever !!! We raised about $150 to the Martin Memorial Library and have a bin full of Star Wars toys for the 501st to take to local hospitals. Thanks again for the support !!

Congratulations to our coloring contest winner - Destiny. She won a hardback copy of a Spider-Man Trade.

Also thanks to Eric Berry, local writer for the comic SPORKMAN for coming out on FCB Day. We have a limited number of Sporkman comics on the rack, come in a help support a local writer/creator.

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures League

The D&D Miniature Summer League launches Thursday nights beginning June 1 and runs the first Thursday of every month from 6PM to 9PM.

For more info check out:


Reminder FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is tomorrow. There will be lots to see at the store and plenty of great sales.

10% off everything in the store
25% off ALL bagged back issues (35% if your back issue total is over $100)
15% off commic supplies
15% off ALL toys (20% off if the toy is used for the Star Wars toy drive donation).
15% off all TRADE PAPERBACKS (25% if your trade paperback total is over $100)

Remember everyone gets one FREE comic, if you want additional comics from our FREE table we ask that you make a 50 cent donation to the Martin Memorial Library fund in the store.

We also have an exclusive IRON MAN HeroClix figure to give away for FREE, extras of these can be picked up with a $1.00 donation to the library.

Also bring in your new or slightly used Star Wars toy and hand it over to one of our friendly stormtroopers for local charities.

Eric Berry (writer of the comic Sporkman) will also be available to meet after 12pm.

Hope to see you all there.


Date - Saturday, May 17th, 2008
Time - 12 noon registration, 1st round starts at 1pm
Format - Super Secret Steamroller Beta
No of Rounds - 3-5 rounds
Time Limit - last turn at 75 mins
Entry Fee - $5
Prize Support - Gift Certificates for Champion and Best Painted.

The Tournament will follow the not yet public Steamroller 4 Beta Release 5 Rules: Timed Turns, a new victory condition and other fun.

We will be using Prime Remix and Primal/Evolution rulesets. If you are fielding any models with special rules that have been updated/clarified in the PP FAQ, please bring a printed copy to avoid any confusion.

Players must bring their own models, stat cards, dice, measuring devices, tokens, wreck markers, and templates they require for play. The Tournament Organizer (TO) must approve any printed media used to track damage.

Army and Horde Lists
Players must also bring at least two printed or legibly handwritten copies of their army lists complete with point costs and an army or horde point total. They must register one of these lists with the TO prior to the start of the tournament. The player's opponent may view the other copies upon request.

Army and horde point totals cannot exceed 500 points and cannot be less than 450 points .

Alternate Lists
Players may bring a second army or horde list for use at the event. Mercenary players may use different contracts for their primary and alternate lists. Faction players may likewise use any or no Special Forces for their lists. This alternate list is subject to the same point constraints as the primary list and must be from the same faction. Players must prepare the alternate list before the event and register it with the TO at the same time as the primary list.

Painting, Conversions and Proxies
While models are not required to be painted it is encouraged and will be rewarded with a Gift Certificate for the best completely painted force as voted on by the players.

All models must be completely assembled: arms, head, everything.

Proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any circumstances, nor can a player enter a tournament with a model that has not been released to the general public.

All models must be WARMACHINE or HORDES models appropriate to the tournament venue. Conversions (modifications to Privateer Press models) are acceptable as long as they are clearly based on WARMACHINE or HORDES models. Conversions must represent the model from which they are most obviously drawn. For example, a heavily converted Haley model is not a substitute for Sorscha.

Weapon changes are acceptable provided they represent the same type of weapon replaced. For example, trading a sword for a sword is legal. However, mixing and matching warjack weapons is not allowed.

The TO may make exceptions and approve any reasonable conversion. To avoid confusion and conflict, players must have an unaltered version of the model available in case a TO asks to remove a questionable model from play. The TO makes the final call on any particular model.

Star Wars Collector Meeting Canceled

The PA Star Wars Collectors meeting that was to me held on Saturday, May 10 has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. There will be a Star Wars miniatures demo on Saturday, May 10 at noon for anyone interested.


Comic Writer - Eric Berry at FCBD

Just added for Free Comic Book Day, next Saturday - May 3. Meet independent comic writer - Eric Berry, creator of Sporkman. Come and get a Sporkman comic and learn who the heck Sporkman is. Meet Eric at around noon on Saturday until 2 or 3 on Saturday.

Check out the official Sporkman website here.

HeroClix - Battle for Foom !

When: Saturday, June 28 at 10AM

Entry Fee: $20

600 points, UNRESTRICTED, NO bystanders, NO Battlefield Conditions, NO feat cards. Each map will use 4 LIGHT and 4 HEAVY objects instead of the normal amount. No Spectre, Galactus, or Foom figures may be played. Each round will be 45 minutes (total rounds to be determined by attendance).

Winner will be determined by total points (not WINS/LOSSES). Winner gets a Foom ($90 value). Runner up gets the CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE MIGHTY THOR LE figure ($20 value).

PA Star Wars Collecting Society at FI

The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society will be presenting a collecting panel entitled "Star Wars Collectible Mania!" at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday, April 24th at 7:00pm. The Franklin Institute is currently hosting the traveling exhibit "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" and invited PSWCS to host this panel to enhance the Star Wars experience at the museum.

Five members of PSWCS will share their passion and expertise in Star Wars collecting, and will display an assortment of their collectibles for your perusal. The event is free, but if you'd like to attend, the Franklin Institute asks that your register ahead of time, as seating is limited. guide/events/special-events.php

Top 30 Subscribed to Comics at CSW as of April

21. THOR
24. HULK

Warmachine and Hordes Update

Just wanted to let everyone know what has been happening in our local Warmachine and Hordes community.

On March 29, we had a tournament with 6 players trying out the not-yet-official tournament rules from Privateer Press. Pewter was flying across the table as the competitors tried to get their turns completed in the alloted 8 minutes. After a game of frenzied play, we all agreed that 8 minutes might be a bit too fast for now and changed the limit to 10 minutes. Games still progressed quickly but the danger of cardiac arrest greatly subsided. In the end, Mike Stephens stood victorious as his undead legions snagged both the best of Cryx and Champion awards. Dave Gentzler, also playing Cryx, took home the award for Best Painted Army.

On April 4th, a dry, howling wind ripped through Comic Store West as the Bloodstone Borderlands Tour of the 2008 Call To Arms League kicked off with a bang. By the end of the night, 15 players had played 9 games in the unforgiving land separating Western Immoren from the wasteland of the Bloodstone Marches. Dust storms, scalding hot geysers and aggressive cacti made a memorable night for all. If you haven't signed up yet there are still 4 weeks and several player slots open.


Free Comic Book Day is quickly approaching. Come in and join the fun. We have tons of different free comics for everyone. As in the past we ask that each person take 1 FREE comic and then make a small 50 cent donation to the Martin Memorial Library for every additional FREE comic book. There will be HUGE sales all day, Stormtroopers from the local 501st garrison will be on hand for photos. The stormtroopers will be collecting toys (they prefer Star Wars toys) for their local charity.

At the Kenpo Karate school, beside us, will be karate demos they will be collecting for St Jude's Children's Hospital.

Check back here for more info.

April and May Events

The April and May calendars are just about finalized. Check the links to the right to see all of the special events we have in April and May. Calendars will also be posted at the store.

May is turning into a very busy month for us with FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, the next Magic Release, PA Star Wars Collector's Meeting and much much more.

Magic Store Championship Results

The results are in and the WINNER of the MAGIC THE GATHERING Store Championship is STEVEN SPOTTS. BRAD WANTZ finished in second and both will go on to the City Championship event on APRIL 12.


REMINDER MAGIC Store Championship, this SUNDAY, March 30 at 11AM

Back Issues

The Back Issue Library (link to the right) has had a big update. I'm finished 5 boxes of DC and still working on filing are large collection we of Marvel comics we just purchased. Let us know if you see anything that you need.

Kingdom Hearts Tournament

Our next officially sanctioned Kingdom Hearts Tournament will be held on Sunday, March 30 at 1PM. More details coming soon.

Magic Store Championship

The Store Finals are Standard Format, 16K with a regular REL. Store Finals have no entry fee. They have three Swiss rounds with no time limits.

The top 8 players from the Store Rankings are invited to that store’s Final. Ties are broken by the highest number of first-place finishes, then second-place, etc. until the tie is broken. (Stores must use the rankings provided on the Wizards website). Absolute ties are broken by the highest-place finish in the first Qualifier event of the season. If any of the top 8 do not show up for the Store Finals, then their invite(s) pass down to the 9th-ranked player, then 10th, etc. until 8 players are available. If 8 eligible players are not available to play at the advertised date and time of the event, the event is cancelled and no invitations will be awarded.

The top two players from the Store Finals receive invitations to the 2008 City Championships for their City. Players that finish in the top 2 of a Store Final may not play in another Store Final.

** Remember if you know of someone who is an official DCI judge, we need him or her. This event requires us to have a judge.

** Also if you are one of the unlucky players to have just missed the cutoff we urge you to still show up for the event in case someone does not make it. There needs to be 8 people for us to have the event.

EBay Store

Check our EBay store (link on the right) for new items that we have just posted.

HeroClix CRISIS Singles

We have reduced and expanded on our loose HeroClix single figures from the newest set - CRISIS. Stop in a grab some before they are gone. WizKids has announced this set - CRISIS is sold out.

We have also reduced ALL of our GIANT FOOM figures. We have both the standard green figure (only 1 left) and the 2008 Purple Pants exclusive figure (only 2 left).

Halo ActionClix

We finally have some turnout for the Tuesday night Halo events. Stop in Tuesday nights in March at 7PM to learn/play in a fun and easy to learn game.

** NOTE - The Tuesday March 4 event has been canceled due to illness - my apologies.

Magic Store Championship

The Magic City Championship - Store Championship standings are finally official after lots of discussion with our DCI rep. Here are the store top 8 players:

1 Steven Spotts 18
2 Michael Scheffenacker 13
3 Anthony Topper 12
4 Brad Wantz 10
5 William Kasper 10
6 David Danilowicz 6
7 Zach Kleiser 4
8 Nicholas Brango 4

These 8 players are eligible to play in the store championship event scheduled for SUNDAY, MARCH 30. Thanks to everyone that came out to play in the event. We had fun hosting this.


Dungeons and Dragons V.4

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Dungeons and Dragons is coming out with it's latest v.4 rules set this Spring/Summer. We of course will be getting in lots of copies of the Player's Handbook, DM Guide, etc.

Here is a really good 2 part review of the game system. I am really looking forward to some of the exciting new changes (I have not played D&D since v.1)

Part 1

Part 2

Magic Packs Restocked

Scott worked on making more random Magic Packs this weekend so stop in and pick up some of these bargain packs for the same low price of $5.

Finally Starting on the DC Inventory

I have finally started on the DC Comics inventory of the back room. Keep checking the link on the right to see what issues we have in the back.

Back Issues Restocked Again

I filled up the bargain bins again this weekend and I also stocked the COUNTDOWN section of the back issue bin in case you are missing an earlier issue of this DC Comics weekly series.

Pokemon Club 1st Meeting March 8

Join the Pokemon Club. Our first group meeting will be Saturday, March 8th at 1:00PM until about 2:30PM. Bring your Pokemon trading cards for trading and open game play, bring your Nintendo Gameboy and/or DS with all of your Pokemon games and even bring your Pokemon trading miniature figures for trading and open game play.

We are going to try and meet every other week depending on interest shown.

Learn to Play Universal Fighting System 1PM

Come in on President's Day, Monday February 18 at 1PM and learn to play the HOTTEST new trading card game - Universal Fighting System (UFS) from trained Sabertooth Games Judges. Have a BLAST and get free SWAG!!

New Star Wars Movie Coming Aug 15 !!

Wow, this went under my radar. Apparently there is a new Star Wars movie to be released to theaters August 15. It will lead into the new 30 minute Animated series on Cartoon Network. It will be interesting to see how much this movie makes.

Black Lotus and Mox Jet Magic Cards

We have posted 2 AWESOME must have MAGIC cards on EBay. They are 2 of the most valuable cards in the Magic The Gathering Game. Save on shipping and buy them now. These cards will sell in 7 days. Bid now and bid often.

The Black Lotus

Mox Jet

Tons of New Bargain Comics

I went through all of the bargain comics this weekend and pulled a bunch and replaced then with new bargain comics. I also created special Batman and Iron Man sections in preparation for this summer's movies. As always these are 3 for $1.

Free Comic Book Day - May 3

The buzz around Free Comic Book Day has started. Free Comic Book Day will be held Saturday, May 3 this year and feature loads of free comics, several different free Star Wars miniature figures and an exclusive free HeroClix figure. All while supplies last. For a look at the goodies that you can get check out the FCBD site here.

As in years past we will have plenty of free comics for everyone. We ask that you take 1 free comic and then pay a very small donation fee to the Martin Memorial Library fund for each additional comic.

We are also working or some awesome activities for FCBD. Check back here closer to the date for all of the info.

Marvel Back Issues Finished

The Marvel back room inventory is finished or at least on paper. The online version will be finished and up to date on Sunday, Feb 10. Keep checking the back issue bins I have been constantly restocking with hidden gems from the back room.

I will be starting the DC back room inventory next week. I expect it to about a month to finish the DC books. I'll keep you all posted of my progress.

Best In York

Surfing the web with nothing to do? Why don't you stop by here and vote for us (Comic Store West) in the Specialty Gift Store category. Thanks for taking the time, we really appreciate it.

HeroClix - Crisis - 11 Week Play Event

Map: Dawn of man
45 Minute rounds

March 1, 10:00AM Crisis Week 1, Sealed 300 pt.
Entry fee is 2 boosters

March 8,
10:00AM Crisis Week 2, Restricted 300 pt.
CSW Clix VIPs play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

March 15,
10:00AM Crisis Week 3, Floor:50% 300 pt
CSW Clix VIPs play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

March 22,
10:00AM Crisis Week 4, Restricted 300 pt.
CSW Clix VIPs play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

Map: Dawn of Man & all Timezone maps
60 Minute rounds

April 5,
10:00AM Crisis Week 5, Floor:50% 400 pt.
CSW Clix VIPs** play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

April 12,
10:00AM Crisis Week 6, Restricted 400 pt.
CSW Clix VIPs** play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

April 19,
10:00AM Crisis Week 7, Floor:50% 500 pt. – WE NEED A JUDGE !!
Entry fee is FREE for all

April 26,
10:00AM Crisis Week 8, Special Restricted 500 pt. This Special event follows the rules for Constructed (Restricted) events, with the following addition: The only legal HeroClix sets for this event are Legion of Super Heroes, Collateral Damage, Origin, Justice League, and Crisis, along with the Green Lantern Corps Pack and the DC Giants Pack.
CSW Clix VIPs** play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

There is no recommended map for this phase; any HeroClix map with the modern HeroClix color designations can be used.
60 Minute rounds

There will be a combined 5% limit on feats and bystander tokens for Phase III; that is, no more than 5% of any build total can be made up of these two elements in this phase. Battlefield conditions and special objects are subject to their normal restrictions.

May 10,
10:00AM Crisis Week 9, Floor:75% 600 pt. Note that at least one dial of the Anti-Monitor colossal figure will be legal for this event.
CSW Clix VIPs** play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

May 17,
10:00AM Crisis Week 10, Special Unrestricted 600 pt. Note that this Special event uses part of the Unrestricted figure pool, but is not to use any unofficial rules or scenarios. It follows the rules for Constructed (Unrestricted) events, with the following addition: The only legal HeroClix sets for this event are Hypertime, Cosmic Justice, Unleashed, Legacy, Icons, Collateral Damage, Origin, Justice League, Legion of Super Heroes, and Crisis, along with the Green Lantern Corps Pack and the DC Giants Pack. Also note that at least one dial of the Sinestro, Spectre, Starro, and Anti-Monitor colossal figures will be legal for this event.
CSW Clix VIPs** play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

May 24,
10:00AM Crisis FINAL Week 11, Restricted 600 pt. Note that at least one dial on all HeroClix colossal figures will be legal for this event.
CSW Clix VIPs** play for free; everyone else should purchase 1 booster of any HeroClix product.

** Become a CSW Clix VIP by purchasing a brick of DC HeroClix Crisis (membership is non-transferrable).



This exclusive sales event begins SATURDAY, February 2 and runs through SUNDAY, February 3.

You can receive the following EXCLUSIVE items:

1 FREE HorrorClix Vladd the Impaler LE figure with any $10 HorrorClix Purchase

1 FREE Halo ActionClix LE figure with any $20 Halo ActionClix purchase

1 FREE Pirate Ship LE with any $10 Pirates purchase

1 FREE HeroClix Dark Knight Batman LE figure with any $25 total HeroClix purchase

1 FREE HeroClix The Mighty Thor LE figure with any $50 total HeroClix purchase

1 FREE HeroClix Johnny Thunder LE with any $125 total HeroClix purchase

(yes, purchasing $125 worth of HeroClix product gets you all three of the HeroClix LE figures)



(purchase includes all three of the HeroClix LE figures)


** supplies are limited

** Purchase amounts may change due to product availability, etc.


We also just restocked our HeroClix singles case and have some Limited Edition figures that we have never sold before available. These figures will not last long and they do count toward your total HeroClix purchase.

Online Store is OPEN !!

We have just opened our online store. Here you will find stuff we just don't have room to put out at the store. We will ship to you or you can save on shipping and pick up your order at the store. Check the store out here.

Attention WizKids Fans

We have just received our WizKids Convention Weekend Kits in and are prepping everything for Saturday, Feb 2 and Sunday, Feb 3. We received THREE kits so have THREE of the ULTRA RARE PURPLE PANTS FOOMS and 6 of the ULTRA RARE Johnny Thunders. We have loads of Thors, Batmans, Pirate ships, Vladd the Impaler and Halo Clix LE figs too. Make sure you stop in to the store Feb 2 and Feb 3 to get these hard to find items.

On a side note those who saw the WizKids announcement that WizKids is sold out of the next HeroClix set - CRISIS before it even ships have no fear. We have ordered a total of 10 cases of CRISIS and should have plenty to satisfy everyone's need for the RARE (limit to 5000) LE figure that you get for purchasing a brick. If you are worried you may PRE-ORDER your BRICK today (PRE SALES do not count toward purchase requirements for WizKids Convention Weekend).

Roadtrip to Gemstone Publishing

Brett and I went over to Gemstone Publishing this morning to visit them and tour the place. Gemstone Publishing does the Disney Comics and the Overstreet Price Guide. They used to be based in Maryland but now are only 5 minutes from the store. We met some great people and saw some awesome Vintage Pop Culture items. We even held a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the first appearance of Spider-Man). We had a great time and look forward to working with them in the future.

Check out their website here.

Our TOP 20 Subscriptions

Here are the top 20 comics subscribed to by our customers. If there's something on the list that you are not reading give it a try and see what the fuss is about. Remember the more comics you subscribe to the better the perks you get.

1> New Avengers - Marvel
2> Justice League of America - DC
3> Countdown - DC
4> Amazing Spider-Man - Marvel
5> Incredible Hulk - Marvel
6> Ultimate X-Men - Marvel
7> Superman / Batman - DC
8> Mighty Avengers - Marvel
9> Captain America - Marvel
10> Batman - DC
11> Astonishing X-Men - Marvel
12> Ultimate Spider-Man - Marvel
13> All Star Batman and Robin - DC
14> Wolverine - Marvel
15> Detective Comics - DC
16> Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Darkhorse
17> Action Comics - DC
18> Wonder Woman - DC
19> Ultimate Fantastic Four - Marvel
20> Green Lantern - DC


We have recently purchased several large collections and have been going through and loading both the regular back issue bins and the BARGAIN BINS with new material. Keep checking the bins weekly because I still have several THOUSAND comics to sort through.

Also check out our back room inventory (even though it is in the early stages) you can see what we have in the back that may not be out on the floor. I am half way through the Marvel Comics and am making good progress. Click here to see the list so far.

Magic City Championships

Here is a link to the 'OFFICIAL' DCI standings for the store championships. I'm still awaiting word on our 12/22 event.

Magic City Championship Event #4 Update

Apparently since our Event #4 only had 7 players DCI declined the event and results. I have an email into our contact to double check on this. It sucks and I am very sorry. The results may need to be removed with the store standings updated to reflect the declined event. I will post an update when I learn more.

Magic City Championship - Event #5 Results

Magic City Championships
Event #5 Results

Steven S
Brad W
Bill K
Zach K
Steven A
Chris T
Anthony T
Justin W
Drew D
Ryan B
Dave D
Nick B
Ron B
Owen F
Michael D

Magic - Morningtide Release Party

Saturday, February 2 at 11PM. Entry fee is $25. All players receive a Lorwyn Tornament Deck and 2 boosters of Morningtide to play with. Sign up early, these release parties fill up quickly. We have room for a maximum of 32 players.

Magic - Morningtide Sealed Deck League

The weekly league begins on Thursday, Feb 7th at 5:15PM. Startup fee is $25, for which you will receive 1 Lorwyn tournament pack and 2 boosters of the latest Magic set - Morningtide and a cardboard deck box. Weekly fee is $5, each week after the first; you get one additional Morningtide booster to add to your deck each week. All extra money goes toward prize support, the more players the more prizes !!!

Back Room Inventory

I've made a huge breakthrough with the back issue inventory. Keep checking back late this weekend for an exciting new way to see what we have in our back issue collection. (No the inventory won't be finished but the new method of displaying it will be finished).

Jan and Feb Calendars Posted

The January and February calendars have been re-posted after I made some updates to some events. Check them out again. New copies were also printed and hung in the game room of the store.

Kingdom Hearts

We are going to try and play some Kingdom Heart games on Tuesday nights, Tuesday January 15, January 29, February19 and February 26. Official games begin at 7PM, there is a $3 entry fee which will go toward prizes for the winner. If we get enough turnout we may even have some EXCLUSIVE promo cards as prizes.

Mutants & Masterminds Game Day

Session 1 had two fine games. 4 players enjoyed a Paragons Campaign run by Jason Altland. Paragons is a world of normal people with paranormal powers. Game 2 was the "Liberty Corp" a Golden age adventure set in 1938 America. The Gamemaster of this game was Bill Jordan. Four players battled Nazi's on a moving train. Session 2 saw 5 players assume the identity's of the Justice League. Jason Altland led this DC adventure. Six other players portrayed new hero's in Kevin Hakes "Time of Crisis part 2" adventure.

Back Issue Inventory

I've decided to take on the task of taking an inventory of our back issue collection. Yes, I may be insane but I'm gonna try. I have added a link to the right under the COMICS section that will take you to the page that will list our back room inventory. It's gonna take a while but as I get a box counted I'll post it to the page.

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