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Magic City Championship Current Standings

Magic City Championships
Current Standings after 2 Events

Michael S - 7 points
Steve S - 6 points
Brad W - 5 points
Bill K - 4 points
Tony T - 3 points
Dave D - 3 points
Justin N - 2 points
Adam H - 2 points
Zach K - 2 points
Owen - 1 point
Ethan - 1 point
Cory - 1 point
James - 1 point
Drew - 1 point
Nick - 1 point
Mark A - 1 point
Ryan B - 1 point
Aaron K - 1 point
Mark G - 1 point
Frank G - 1 point
Frankie G - 1 point
Justin F - 1 point
Alan G - 1 point

Magic City Championship - Event #2 Results

Steve S - 6pts
Bill K - 4 pts
Justin N - 2 pts
Adam H - 2 pts
Mark A -1 pt
Ryan B -1 pt
Dave D -1 pt
Justin F -1 pt
Alan G -1 pt
Eric G -1 pt
Frank G -1 pt
Frankie G -1 pt
Mark G -1 pt
Zach K -1 pt
Aaron K -1 pt
Michael S -1 pt
Anthony T -1 pt
Brad W -1 pt

HeroClix New Guy Night - POSTPONED

Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday the Marvel HeroClix NEW GUY NIGHT WILL BE POSTPONED. We have not yet received the promo figure from WizKids. Check back here for an updated day and time. See you next Saturday for the Mutations and Monsters Marquee Event.

Magic - The Gathering Tribal Wars

Bring a NEW player along to the store for a free play session of MAGIC. Both you and the NEW player will receive a FREE LIMITED EDITION FOIL PROMO CARD. Supplies are very limited.

Toys for Tots TWO DAY SALE Event

Bring in a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy and donate to Toys For Tots, receive 15% off your entire purchase for the day you bring this toy (or even toys) in. All action figures in the store will be on sale at 10% off. If you purchase an action figure and want to donate it to the collection then you will receive 25% off of the toy.

All toys will then be dropped off for local families.


New Events Scheduled for December

We've added a ton of new events on our December calendar. Including Warhammer 40k Apocalpyse event, Magic The Gathering Tribal Wars, Munchkin and a special Toys For Tot 2 day sale. Check out our calendar for all of the events for the month.

Maple Story Cards Are Here !!

Gaming giant Wizards of the Coast has released its highly-anticipated MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG), a unique analog extension of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) MapleStory, giving players an added dimension to their game playing experience. The cards feature

iconic anime art from Nexon America Inc.’s popular MapleStory online game and are designed to interact as a turn-based strategy game. Adding to the excitement, the iTCG cards feature codes that unlock exclusive rewards and game experiences in the online game.

With the introduction of the MapleStory iTCG, Wizards of the Coast and Nexon take TCGs to the next level by giving players an integrated experience between the online and offline worlds. Each pack of MapleStory iTCG cards includes a code redeemable for online rewards and game experiences such as highly sought-after artifacts, rare virtual pets, and all-new quests.

Also announced today is the name and image of a new virtual pet, black bunny. The black bunny is exclusive to the iTCG and thus can only be acquired online with an iTCG code.


CSW Mutations and Monsters pre-release is filled.

HeroClix fans, CSW pre-release entry is closed as of Nov. 12th, 3:35 PM . CSW thanks all the participants.

HeroClix Pre-Release Update

As of today (Sunday) there are only 4 more spots remaining for the HeroClix Pre-Release event that will be held Saturday, November 17th at the store. Thanks to all who have signed up in advance. Please remember we open at 10am on Saturday, the first round in the event begins at 11am sharp.

There are no house rules allowed at this event. We will be folding the provided map because of space considerations. We will be playing FOUR 45 minute (10 round) games. The winner at the end will be determined first by most WINS and if there is a tie then TOTAL POINTS will be used to break the tie.

Everyone receives 2 boosters to build a 300 point team with. We have a limited number of BATTLEFIELD CONDITION CARDS and MAPS to hand out. They will go to the players in order as they had paid for the event until all supplies are gone.

Magic City Championship - Event #2 Change

A slight change in the Magic City Championship Event scheduled for November 24. The price will be $25. The event is sealed so everyone will receive product to construct their decks with. Only the first 8 paid players will receive a foil card. The card is YIXLID JAILERS. The top 4 finishers will receive additional sealed product.

Sign-up and pay early so that your card and spot are reserved.

Magic City Championship - Event #1 Results

Michael - 6 points
Brad - 4 points
Dave - 2 points
Tony - 2 points
Zach - 1 point
Owen - 1 point
Ethan - 1 point
Cory - 1 point
James - 1 point
Drew - 1 point
Nick - 1 point

Magic City Championships start Saturday

Reminder - This Saturday is the First Magic City Championship. The event starts at 11am. The entry fee is only $3. The event is a standard format. We have a maximum of 32 spots available. If you wish to play stop in and sign up now. The last Magic event we had we were forced to turn people away (which we hate doing) because we were full.

There will be 4 different foil cards available on this day. This is a DCI sanctioned event.

HeroClix Pre-Release 11/17

Reminder, if you are planning on attending the HeroClix Pre-Release event on 11/17 you need to stop in to the store, sign up and pay very soon. We started with about 20 available spots and we are down to about 5 spots remaining.

Just because you are signed up on the WizKids site does not guarantee you a spot. We will accept the first 20 paid attendees.


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