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Halo ActionClix

Halo ActionClix is RED HOT. Brett has me run to our game distributor to pick up more ActionPacks and Boosters because we can't keep them in stock. This is looking like the HOTTEST NEW GAME of 2007. Don't miss out, organize play has been announced and we should begin events in mid-October.


Yes that's right we sell packing peanuts. If you sell a lot of stuff on EBay (and who doesn't nowadays) then you need come in a purchase some packing peanuts from us. We have HUGE boxes of packing peanuts for sale for only $1.00. You get more peanuts than in the packing peanut boxes you can purchase at Staples for $15.00.



Saturday, October 13 at 2:30PM

Comic Store West
2111 Industrial Highway
York, PA 17402
(717) 845-9198

Entry fee is $24.
Each player will receive ONE Lorwyn Tournament Pack and TWO Lorwyn boosters to play with.
EVERYONE walks away with some cool swag !
Maximum of 30 players so sign up early.

HALO ActionClix

Releasing this week is the new WizKids Game - Halo ActionClix. Based on the hugely successful X-Box game Halo. I recently played this game at the Baltimore Dealer Summit and it is really fun and fast.

Make sure you pick up one of the Dwarven Forge Science Fiction passage way sets that we have in stock. These are perfect for playing the HaloClix (as well as Aliens Vs Predator) game.

HeroClix Starro Event, Week #1

This Saturday at 11AM is WEEK #1 of the DC HeroClix, Battle for Starro Event. Entry fee is $20, everyone gets an EXCLUSIVE LE figure only available at this event (while supplies last). Winner also gets an EXCLUSIVE HeroClix map.

Brian with His New Friend - Jim Lee

I got to talk to Jim Lee at the DC booth on Tuesday and he signed an EXCLUSIVE sketch cover comic of All-Star Batman and Robin.


We got the Magic Lorwyn release event at the store. It will be help on October 13, 2007 after 2:30PM. More details and sign-up info will be coming soon.

Look for a special Magic DUAL DECK (Elves vs Goblins) event coming in November.

DC Comic News from the Dealer Summit

DC Countdown Arena is a 4 issue mini series starting in December. It will feature heroes and villains of all of the 52 worlds joining forces with Monarch.

JIM SHOOTER is returning to Legion of SuperHeroes.

Jim Lee once again contributes to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Mr Lee offered to personally fly to the winning bidder's store and do a signing. His services sold to a Minnesota Comic Book shop for $7500.00

Killing Joke Action Figures and an ALL NEW 20th ANNIVERSARY hardback edition of the book 'KILLING JOKE' just in time for the movie based on it - Batman - The Dark Knight'.

Bat Lash and Sgt. Rock are coming back.

Countdown will become Countdown to Final Crisis at issue #26.

Much more energy than the Marvel Presentation. DC rocks !!!

Marvel Comic News from the Dealer Summit

BIG SURPRISE - Marvel was late for their presentation, so their comics are not the only thing late at Marvel. Maybe the folks at Marvel need new watches.

Anyway Jim Lee stepped in and sketched a beautiful Bat-Man sketch during the wait with the caption "I may be late with my books but at least I was on time for the Baltimore Dealer Summit". The sketch was auctioned off for the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND and brought $350.00

Marvel finally showed up and gave the following highlights:
October is ZOMBIE MONTH !! (special covers of Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Howard the Duck, Punisher, and more). The covers are awesome and we will be doing a huge HORROR THEME at the store in October.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2008 - All New X-Men Story and Iron Man Adventures comic.

Spider-Man - One More Day Issue #3 is gonna be a Death of Captain America like issue. It is going to sell tons. After the ONE MORE DAY storyline look for Spider-Man - BRAND NEW DAY.

After World War Hulk finishes up lokk for World War Hulk - AFTERSMASH.

Ultimate Iron Man II is coming in December of 2007 along with Ultimates III. I saw some artwork for Ultimates III - WOW !!

Cable is back in 2008 and X-Force Returns (Wolverine, X23, Wolfsbane, Thunderbird II?)

Dark Tower - The Long Road Home starts in February 2008.

Marvel's big event for 2008 is SECRET INVASION. "Who Do You Trust?" Marvel promises lots of Skrulls.

The Hulk is turning RED later this year (no more info yet).

Marvel ended their presentation with the IRON MAN TRAILER. It looks AWESOME.
Check it out at Iron Man Website.

Halo ActionClix Coming in 8 days !!!

Halo ActionClix is coming to the store. I played a demo of the game this afternoon and it is really a fast, fun, combat game. We are getting at least one of the RARE, EXCLUSIVE SCRABS at the store in November. IF YOU WANT A SCRAB NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER IT. $250.00 will get you the largest miniature gaming piece ever made. It comes with rules and two maps (exterior and interior).

I'm getting one, are you?

YES !! Baltimore Ravens Lose !!

The Ravens just got killed in a great Monday night game (any game the Raven's lose is great) !!!

WizKids Star Wars PocketModels 2008

2007 and 2008 release for Star Wars PocketModels

Ground Assualt

Order 66

Scum and Villany

Secret Weapons

Galaxy At War


** Also announced organized play coming soon.

Upcoming HeroClix Products

** This just in from the Diamond Dealer Summit.

February 2008 - DC HeroClix - CRISIS Expansion

April 2008 - DC HeroClix Action Pack - ANTI-MONITOR

Sometime in 2008 - Heroes (yes the TV Show) HeroClix Action Pack

Justice League HeroClix Singles Are Here

Justice League HeroClix singles are in the store now. Stop in and pick up some of the figures you need to complete your collection.

Brett and Brian Are Headed to Diamond Dealer Summit

Brett and Brian will be going to the Diamond Comics Dealer Summit on Monday and Tuesday. Check back for updates and photos from the summit.

Justice League HeroClix Just Arrived

We have just received the latest HeroClix Expansion - Justice League. We have boosters, bricks, cases, and even some rare singles from the set for sale. Our 5 week JLA - Starro HeroClix League begins on Saturday, September 22 at 11AM.

Evil Baron Stoner Card

Little Known Fact -
Our fearless leader Brett Stoner had a Guardians card created of him back in the 1990's. Above is that card - 'Evil Baron Stoner'. I do see a slight resemblance.

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