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Toy Drive Was A Huge Success

We collected THREE huge boxes of toys (2 with Star Wars and 1 with non-Star Wars) on Saturday and had a lot of fun eating pizza with Stormtroopers. The 501st is a great organization and were awesome to work in the 100 degree heat.

We're gonna have the Stormtroopers back sometime early Spring 2008 for another toy drive this time we promise it won't be so hot. We hear Lobo may even show up next time.

Thanks again to everyone who brought out donations, we will make sure they go to a very good cause.

Grand Reopening - August 25, 2007

Store Web Cam Is Up

I have the store web cam running. It's not in the gaming room like I anticipated (at least not yet). At least you can see who is shopping at our store :)


Remember this Saturday (August 25) we are having our big GRAND REOPENING EVENT. Sure we've been at out new location for a month but it takes sometime to get everything running smoothly and we think we are there now.

Stop by and see members of the Star Wars Stormtrooper 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. They will be collecting NEW and SLIGHTLY USED Star Wars toys as charitable contributions. If you don't have any extra Star Wars stuff laying around come in and buy some Star Wars toys from us on SATURDAY and get 20% off the marked price.

Also come and meet Super Heroes - Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Thor and more.

We will have FREE stuff (games, comics, posters, and more) available all day (quantities limited).

If you come in full Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or SuperHero costume you will receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT (restrictions may apply).

Trivia contests (for all ages) at the TOP of every hour to win great stuff.


Big Gaming Events Coming Up

We are in the process of scheduling some big gaming events for the remainder of the year. Keep checking the calendar because not all of the details are final yet. We are working on the following:

September/October - HeroClix Starro - 5 Week League
October - Magic The Gathering - Lorwyn Release Event
October - National HeroScape Day
November - National Dungeons and Dragons Day
November - Boardgame Day
November/December - HeroClix Fin Fang Foom - 5 Week League

We are also trying to start up a weekly DCI sanctioned Magic Tournaments and sanctioned Hordes and Warmachine events.

Website/Email Issues

We have been tweaking some of our internet stuff so you may have seen the website or emails had been up and down for the past week. We think we got all issues resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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