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Two HUGE MechWarrior Events in April

APRIL is MechWarrior month at Comic Store West. We have 2 FANTASTIC events planned. First, on Sunday April 1st is the MechWarrior Faction Wars event. The first time we held this event, a few years ago, we had a HUGE turnout and hope for an equally large turnout for this year’s event.

Then on Sunday April 15th, we have the WAR COLLEGE event. So all you newbies that have always wanted to learn how to play MechWarrior can come out and walk away with some great MechWarrior items.

HeroClix - DC Origins Marquee

The HeroClix - DC Origins Marquee went very well this past weekend. We had a great turnout with some new faces. We even saw one of the SUPER EXCLUSIVE ‘CHASE’ figures pulled from a brick. It was the Lois Lane figure (pictured above).

Free Comic Book Day Coming May 5

May 5, 2007 is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY !!!
Check back here soon for more information.

Captain America Shot and Killed?

Read Marvel Comics Captain America #25 for the complete story. Check out these related news articles for more information.

LA Times

USA Today


DC Comics - MUST READ !

Comic must reads from last week.

There is a tie for must read comics last week. Both comics are from DC.

Green Lantern #17
This comic introduces the Sinestro Corps and if your jaw doesn’t drop after the first 3 pages you are definitely not a fanboy.

Action Comics #846
This issue features Zod, Non, and Ursa (the villains from the movie Superman II) and ends with a major problem but Superman. Richard Donner (director of the movies Superman and Superman II continues kicking a$$ on this series).

New HeroClix Expansion - DC ORIGINS

Releasing this week is the latest DC HeroClix expansion set called – DC ORIGINS. New figures including Alan Scott Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, Cyborg Superman, and finally members of Doom Patrol will be included in this set.

BUY a brick (12 boosters) of ORIGINS and receive a coupon for an EXCLUSIVE DR. FATE figure by mail.

Rumor has it that there are 4 ‘chase figures’ with this set similar to the Marvel Zombies from the Marvel SuperNova expansion set. The figures are SUPER rare (about 1 in every three cases).

Come in on Saturday, March 10 and play in the HeroClix Origins Marquee event. With a chance to win an EXCLUSIVE ‘Evil’ Supergirl figure or an EXCLUSIVE ‘clear’ Martian Manhunter figure. Free POGS of Wendy and Marvin for all participants (while supplies last).

DC Countdown News

DC has announced a new WEEKLY series that will start up immediately following 52 (in May). The weekly series is called COUNTDOWN. Follow this link from to read more info about it. WARNING this link contains two spoilers related to the pic DC has been using to promote COUNTDOWN.

Also, at the recent New York ComicCon, DC passed out the following buttons to promote COUNTDOWN.

HeroClix Freaks on YouTube

Wait until the DC Origins expansion comes out on March 7th then the madness starts again.

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