Calendar of Events

Kingdom Hearts

Our first Kingdom Hearts tournament had a good turnout with 5 players on an ugly Sunday. Everyone had a great time playing this new, easy to learn card game. Keep checking back for new KH events soon, maybe even a sealed deck league.

WarMachine - Call To Arms League

The Fall Season of the Warmachine Call to Arms League came to a close a couple of weeks ago. After a short holiday delay, I am pleased to announce the medal winners:

Champion- Bernie Frick with 35 league points
Winning Team - The No Talent Ass Clowns (Bernie Frick and Alex Forsythe) with 50 total league points
Relentless - Jorrie Laughman with 6 games
Tactician - Eric McClure with 2 Ladder points.

Magic City Championship Current Standings

Magic City Championships
Current Standings after 4 Events

Michael S - 13 points
Dave D - 10 points
Bill K - 8 points
Tony T - 8 points
Brad W - 7 points
Steve S - 6 points
Alan G - 5 points
Justin N - 3 points
James G - 3 points
Adam H - 2 points
Zach K - 2 points
Owen F - 2 points
Ryan B - 2 points
Justin F - 2 points
Cory - 2 points
Ethan - 1 point
Drew - 1 point
Nick - 1 point
Mark A - 1 point
Aaron K - 1 point
Mark G - 1 point
Frank G - 1 point
Frankie G - 1 point

Magic City Championship - Event #4 Results

Dave D - 6 points
Alan G - 4 points
Brad W - 2 points
Bill K - 2 points
Justin N - 1 point
Tony T- 1 point
James G - 1 point

Monday, Dec. 17th, Historical miniatures

Check Your Six: 6 hardy souls tested their flying skills over the skies of WWII Europe using the Check your Six rules.

Lancaster & York Flame of Wars Players

Hey!! Lancaster & York Area Flames of War players. There is now a Yahoo group where you can find opponents, arrange games and communicate with other FOW players in the area. Group membership is moderated so there will not be any SPAM. Feel free to stop by and join up.

Mutants & Masterminds Day at CSW, Jan. 5th 2008

GM: Jason Altland

Paragons: a tale set in a world where "paragons" are just now emerging; will the public view them as heroes or monsters? This adventure features the just released "Paragons" campaign setting published by Green Ronin. This setting asks the question; how would superheroes function in the "real world?"

Justice League: Can the JLA stop the latest threat to the safety and security of Earth? This adventure allows players to act as a member of the Justice League using the Mutants and Masterminds system.

GM: Kevin Hake

Time of Crisis: A two part session featuring the official M&M setting Freedom City and the Freedom League. Players do not need to attend both sessions, each works as a stand alone game.

GM: Bill Jordan

Golden Age: Roleplaying using the Golden Age expansion from Green Ronin Games. Think Doc Savage or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The hope from all of us running these games is to bring a higher awareness to our favorite roleplaying game.

Magic City Championship Current Standings

Magic City Championships
Current Standings after 3 Events

Michael S - 13 points
Tony T - 7 points
Steve S - 6 points
Bill K - 6 points
Brad W - 5 points
Dave D - 4 points
Justin N - 2 points
Adam H - 2 points
Zach K - 2 points
Owen F - 2 points
Ryan B - 2 points
Justin F - 2 points
Cory - 2 points
James G - 2 points
Ethan - 1 point
Drew - 1 point
Nick - 1 point
Mark A - 1 point
Aaron K - 1 point
Mark G - 1 point
Frank G - 1 point
Frankie G - 1 point
Alan G - 1 point

Kingdom Hearts Tournament

Attention Disney Fans:

Sunday, December 30th come in at 12:30PM and learn to play the NEW card game KINGDOM HEARTS. Then at 1PM we are going have our FIRST Kingdom Hearts tournament (entry fee is $3 for the tournament which will provide prizes to the winner).

Kingdom Hearts TCG is a two-player card battle game set in the world of Kingdom Hearts. Players travel through strange and wondrous worlds clashing with the Dark forces in order to win, all the while trying to stop their opponents from doing the same.

This is a great fast paced family card game.

Magic City Championship - Event #3 Results

Scheffenacler, Michael - 6 points
Topper, Anthony - 4 points
Kasper, Bill - 2 points
Brango, Nick - 2 points
Bare, Ryan - 1 point
Danilowicz, Dave - 1 point
Fry, Owen - 1 point
Fields, Justin - 1 point
Glass, James - 1 point
Gaumer, Alan - point
Counsil, Cory - 1 point

Magic City Championship Event #4 CHANGE

The December 22, Magic City Championship Event has been changed from a BOOSTER DRAFT to a SEALED EVENT. The entry fee remains the same at $25. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thrall Harvest Results

Just wanted to drop you a line about the Thrall Harvest on Sunday.

We had 6 players even with the threatening weather. We collected 201 cans of food for the Catholic Harvest Food Pantry here in York.

Jon Sirico was the overall Champion.

Eric McClure donated the most cans of food with 62.

HeroClix Dec and Jan Events Update

Sunday - Dec 9 - noon
Week 2 - Constructed Event
Buy a Booster in order to play

Sunday - Dec 16 - noon
Week 3 - Constructed Event
Buy a Booster in order to play

Unrestricted Event
Sunday - Dec 16 - After the constructed event there will be a special Toys for Tots game
300 Points
Entry fee is one new/unwrapped toy
Everyone receives an LE figure.

Sunday - Dec 23 - noon
Week 4 - Constructed Event
Buy a Booster in order to play

Sunday - Jan 13 - noon
Week 5 - Sealed Event
Buy TWO Boosters in order to play

Sunday - Jan 19 - 11 AM
Week 6 - Constructed Event
Buy a Booster in order to play

Saturday - Jan 27 - noon
Week 7 - Constructed Event
Buy a Booster in order to play

December and January Calendars Updated

The December and January calendars have been updated/posted. Click on the link on the right to view all of the events scheduled.

Magic City Championship Current Standings

Magic City Championships
Current Standings after 2 Events

Michael S - 7 points
Steve S - 6 points
Brad W - 5 points
Bill K - 4 points
Tony T - 3 points
Dave D - 3 points
Justin N - 2 points
Adam H - 2 points
Zach K - 2 points
Owen - 1 point
Ethan - 1 point
Cory - 1 point
James - 1 point
Drew - 1 point
Nick - 1 point
Mark A - 1 point
Ryan B - 1 point
Aaron K - 1 point
Mark G - 1 point
Frank G - 1 point
Frankie G - 1 point
Justin F - 1 point
Alan G - 1 point

Magic City Championship - Event #2 Results

Steve S - 6pts
Bill K - 4 pts
Justin N - 2 pts
Adam H - 2 pts
Mark A -1 pt
Ryan B -1 pt
Dave D -1 pt
Justin F -1 pt
Alan G -1 pt
Eric G -1 pt
Frank G -1 pt
Frankie G -1 pt
Mark G -1 pt
Zach K -1 pt
Aaron K -1 pt
Michael S -1 pt
Anthony T -1 pt
Brad W -1 pt

HeroClix New Guy Night - POSTPONED

Because of the Thanksgiving Holiday the Marvel HeroClix NEW GUY NIGHT WILL BE POSTPONED. We have not yet received the promo figure from WizKids. Check back here for an updated day and time. See you next Saturday for the Mutations and Monsters Marquee Event.

Magic - The Gathering Tribal Wars

Bring a NEW player along to the store for a free play session of MAGIC. Both you and the NEW player will receive a FREE LIMITED EDITION FOIL PROMO CARD. Supplies are very limited.

Toys for Tots TWO DAY SALE Event

Bring in a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy and donate to Toys For Tots, receive 15% off your entire purchase for the day you bring this toy (or even toys) in. All action figures in the store will be on sale at 10% off. If you purchase an action figure and want to donate it to the collection then you will receive 25% off of the toy.

All toys will then be dropped off for local families.


New Events Scheduled for December

We've added a ton of new events on our December calendar. Including Warhammer 40k Apocalpyse event, Magic The Gathering Tribal Wars, Munchkin and a special Toys For Tot 2 day sale. Check out our calendar for all of the events for the month.

Maple Story Cards Are Here !!

Gaming giant Wizards of the Coast has released its highly-anticipated MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG), a unique analog extension of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) MapleStory, giving players an added dimension to their game playing experience. The cards feature

iconic anime art from Nexon America Inc.’s popular MapleStory online game and are designed to interact as a turn-based strategy game. Adding to the excitement, the iTCG cards feature codes that unlock exclusive rewards and game experiences in the online game.

With the introduction of the MapleStory iTCG, Wizards of the Coast and Nexon take TCGs to the next level by giving players an integrated experience between the online and offline worlds. Each pack of MapleStory iTCG cards includes a code redeemable for online rewards and game experiences such as highly sought-after artifacts, rare virtual pets, and all-new quests.

Also announced today is the name and image of a new virtual pet, black bunny. The black bunny is exclusive to the iTCG and thus can only be acquired online with an iTCG code.


CSW Mutations and Monsters pre-release is filled.

HeroClix fans, CSW pre-release entry is closed as of Nov. 12th, 3:35 PM . CSW thanks all the participants.

HeroClix Pre-Release Update

As of today (Sunday) there are only 4 more spots remaining for the HeroClix Pre-Release event that will be held Saturday, November 17th at the store. Thanks to all who have signed up in advance. Please remember we open at 10am on Saturday, the first round in the event begins at 11am sharp.

There are no house rules allowed at this event. We will be folding the provided map because of space considerations. We will be playing FOUR 45 minute (10 round) games. The winner at the end will be determined first by most WINS and if there is a tie then TOTAL POINTS will be used to break the tie.

Everyone receives 2 boosters to build a 300 point team with. We have a limited number of BATTLEFIELD CONDITION CARDS and MAPS to hand out. They will go to the players in order as they had paid for the event until all supplies are gone.

Magic City Championship - Event #2 Change

A slight change in the Magic City Championship Event scheduled for November 24. The price will be $25. The event is sealed so everyone will receive product to construct their decks with. Only the first 8 paid players will receive a foil card. The card is YIXLID JAILERS. The top 4 finishers will receive additional sealed product.

Sign-up and pay early so that your card and spot are reserved.

Magic City Championship - Event #1 Results

Michael - 6 points
Brad - 4 points
Dave - 2 points
Tony - 2 points
Zach - 1 point
Owen - 1 point
Ethan - 1 point
Cory - 1 point
James - 1 point
Drew - 1 point
Nick - 1 point

Magic City Championships start Saturday

Reminder - This Saturday is the First Magic City Championship. The event starts at 11am. The entry fee is only $3. The event is a standard format. We have a maximum of 32 spots available. If you wish to play stop in and sign up now. The last Magic event we had we were forced to turn people away (which we hate doing) because we were full.

There will be 4 different foil cards available on this day. This is a DCI sanctioned event.

HeroClix Pre-Release 11/17

Reminder, if you are planning on attending the HeroClix Pre-Release event on 11/17 you need to stop in to the store, sign up and pay very soon. We started with about 20 available spots and we are down to about 5 spots remaining.

Just because you are signed up on the WizKids site does not guarantee you a spot. We will accept the first 20 paid attendees.


Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck League

Beginning Thursday, November 1 at 5:15PM we will be hosting a weekly sealed deck league. Start up fee is $25. You will receive 1 Lorwyn Tournament deck, 2 boosters of Lorwyn and a cardboard deck box.

Each week, after the first pay $5 and receive 1 additional booster of Lorwyn to add and alter your deck. All extra money goes into the pot toward prize support after the weekly league ends.

Stop in today and sign-up we can only support 36 players.

Magic: The Gathering City Championship Series

CSW presents the first in a series of Magic City Championship events. This will lead to a Store Championship event. The top two will move on to City Championship final event. The first event will take place on Saturday, November 10th. Start time will be 11:00 AM. It will be a standard format. Entry fee will be $3.00. Maximum of 36 slots. Prizes determined by attendance. Sign up now. The second event will take place on Saturday, November 24th. Start time will be 11:00 AM. It will be a sealed event. Entry Fee will be $21.00. Maximum of 36 slots. Prizes will be determined by attendance. Sign up now!!

World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day Part 2

The four D&D games to be run are 2 games of the Official Forgotten Realms Adventure, 1 game of "The Bone Pipers Lament or Fear and Loathing my Lost Wages" and 1 game of "Down to the Sewers again?" Sign up now"!!!!

World Wide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day part 1

Saturday, November 3rd Comic Store West will host World Wide D&D Game Day. We will have two sessions of 4 games each. Session 1 will be from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Session 2 will be from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Sign up now!!!!

UFS Demo Results

Thanks to everyone who showed up to demo and play the UFS card game this Sunday. Those participants received some cool swag and 10% off UFS products. Stop in and demo the game or come in Thursday nights (Magic and other CCG night) to play or trade.

** SPECIAL** Pirates PocketModels


Buy any 4 packs of Pirates and get a FREE Flying Dutchman ship (while supplies last). We have also reduced our few remaining packs of the Pirates of the China Sea set.

WizKids Inc. announced today that the release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel Game will be delayed. WizKids does not expect a long delay, and the new release day will be announced soon so keep checking the store for the new set. In the mean time help us clear out what we have a get a free ship from the new set now.

Don't forget to pick up a coupon for a chance to win a trip to Disney World, Florida.


Sunday, OCTOBER 21 from 2PM - 4PM

Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a fast paced and fun new CCG from Sabertooth Games. Based on classic video gaming titles such as Street Fighter®, Darkstalkers (TM), Soulcalibur III (TM), THE KING OF FIGHTERS and SAMURAI SHODOWN. Players take on the persona of legendary characters to do battle for supremacy. Do you have what it takes to be the best?

Come learn to play UFS card game and receive cool EXCLUSIVE cards for participation.


November Calendar Redo

The November calendar has been updated. We need to make room for full day Saturday events of Magic so we moved stuff around. If you checked it earlier check it again because there were numerous updates.

Magic - Lorwyn Release Event

We had a great turnout at the Lorwyn Release Event on Saturday. We maxed out at 32 and even allowed 2 others in for a total turnout of 34 players.

The top 8 finishers were:

8. Ben
7. Sam
6. Justin
5. Dave
4. Jordan
3. Zach
2. Steve
1. Bill

Bill and Steve made it to the finals with Steve winning the overall event.

Congratulations Steve, thanks to everyone for a great turnout.

CSW gets HeroClix Pre-Release Event !!

COMIC STORE WEST will be 1 of only 100 venues in North America to host the pre-release event of the next HeroClix set - Mutations and Monsters. The event will be held beginning at 11am on Saturday, November 17th. We are scheduled to receive a single prize kit so that means we are able to accept 20 players for this event. Sign-up will start toward the end of October. Keep checking back for more information.

Sign up to begin this Saturday, October 13 at the store. Entry fee is planned at $25 (subject to change).

Here is the EXCLUSIVE battle field condition card only available at this event.

MapleStory TCG


Wizards of the Coast has announced a partnership with Nexon America Inc. to launch the MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG) in America and Canada in November. The MapleStory iTCG is a real-world trading-card game with codes redeemable for exclusive virtual-world game content in the massive multiplayer online game MapleStory.

"Codes in the MapleStory iTCG will unlock exclusive online rewards and game experiences such as sought-after artifacts, rare pets, and all-new quests,” said Wizards Brand Manager Laura Tommervik. “The MapleStory iTCG is also a great way for longtime TCG players to learn about the world of MapleStory through a familiar format."

MapleStory is an online adventure game set in the “Maple World,” allowing players to combat monsters and develop their characters’ skills and abilities. Players can interact through chat, trading, and playing minigames, as well as teaming up in groups or guilds to socialize, hunt monsters, or embark on quests. Gameplay is free, however, MapleStory’s Cash Shop offers players the option to use real-world currency to purchase game enhancements for their characters, from appearance-altering items such as haircuts and clothing to pets and other game items.

The MapleStory iTCG is designed to play much like its online counterpart, as characters battle monsters and level up. However, the iTCG adds the element of character vs. character combat, as well. The game will be available in starter sets containing 34 cards (including one code), a booster pack, rules, and a CD-ROM with the MapleStory online game client, and nine-card booster packs (including one code). For more information about the MapleStory iTCG and the MapleStory online game, visit or

Worldwide D&D Day

Coming this November.

Click on the website for more info.

Universal Fighting System (UFS) Demo

Sunday, OCTOBER 21 from 2PM - 4PM

Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a fast paced and fun new CCG from Sabertooth Games. Based on classic video gaming titles such as Street Fighter®, Darkstalkers (TM), Soulcalibur III (TM), THE KING OF FIGHTERS and SAMURAI SHODOWN. Players take on the persona of legendary characters to do battle for supremacy. Do you have what it takes to be the best?

Come learn to play UFS card game and receive cool EXCLUSIVE cards for participation.


Hordes Stampede Event October 20th

Hordes Stampede Event, October 20th, 2:30 PM Sign up now for this Hordes event. Entry fee is $8.50, but if more then 8 players sign up the price will drop. Come use those cool calvary miniatures and kick butt. Rumor has it that the mighty Scott K. will be competing.


Magic Lorwyn Update

We now have 4 people already signed up for the event. To ensure your spot to play please come in and sign up soon. The event is Saturday, October 13.

Halo ActionClix

Halo ActionClix is RED HOT. Brett has me run to our game distributor to pick up more ActionPacks and Boosters because we can't keep them in stock. This is looking like the HOTTEST NEW GAME of 2007. Don't miss out, organize play has been announced and we should begin events in mid-October.


Yes that's right we sell packing peanuts. If you sell a lot of stuff on EBay (and who doesn't nowadays) then you need come in a purchase some packing peanuts from us. We have HUGE boxes of packing peanuts for sale for only $1.00. You get more peanuts than in the packing peanut boxes you can purchase at Staples for $15.00.



Saturday, October 13 at 2:30PM

Comic Store West
2111 Industrial Highway
York, PA 17402
(717) 845-9198

Entry fee is $24.
Each player will receive ONE Lorwyn Tournament Pack and TWO Lorwyn boosters to play with.
EVERYONE walks away with some cool swag !
Maximum of 30 players so sign up early.

HALO ActionClix

Releasing this week is the new WizKids Game - Halo ActionClix. Based on the hugely successful X-Box game Halo. I recently played this game at the Baltimore Dealer Summit and it is really fun and fast.

Make sure you pick up one of the Dwarven Forge Science Fiction passage way sets that we have in stock. These are perfect for playing the HaloClix (as well as Aliens Vs Predator) game.

HeroClix Starro Event, Week #1

This Saturday at 11AM is WEEK #1 of the DC HeroClix, Battle for Starro Event. Entry fee is $20, everyone gets an EXCLUSIVE LE figure only available at this event (while supplies last). Winner also gets an EXCLUSIVE HeroClix map.

Brian with His New Friend - Jim Lee

I got to talk to Jim Lee at the DC booth on Tuesday and he signed an EXCLUSIVE sketch cover comic of All-Star Batman and Robin.


We got the Magic Lorwyn release event at the store. It will be help on October 13, 2007 after 2:30PM. More details and sign-up info will be coming soon.

Look for a special Magic DUAL DECK (Elves vs Goblins) event coming in November.

DC Comic News from the Dealer Summit

DC Countdown Arena is a 4 issue mini series starting in December. It will feature heroes and villains of all of the 52 worlds joining forces with Monarch.

JIM SHOOTER is returning to Legion of SuperHeroes.

Jim Lee once again contributes to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Mr Lee offered to personally fly to the winning bidder's store and do a signing. His services sold to a Minnesota Comic Book shop for $7500.00

Killing Joke Action Figures and an ALL NEW 20th ANNIVERSARY hardback edition of the book 'KILLING JOKE' just in time for the movie based on it - Batman - The Dark Knight'.

Bat Lash and Sgt. Rock are coming back.

Countdown will become Countdown to Final Crisis at issue #26.

Much more energy than the Marvel Presentation. DC rocks !!!

Marvel Comic News from the Dealer Summit

BIG SURPRISE - Marvel was late for their presentation, so their comics are not the only thing late at Marvel. Maybe the folks at Marvel need new watches.

Anyway Jim Lee stepped in and sketched a beautiful Bat-Man sketch during the wait with the caption "I may be late with my books but at least I was on time for the Baltimore Dealer Summit". The sketch was auctioned off for the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND and brought $350.00

Marvel finally showed up and gave the following highlights:
October is ZOMBIE MONTH !! (special covers of Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Howard the Duck, Punisher, and more). The covers are awesome and we will be doing a huge HORROR THEME at the store in October.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2008 - All New X-Men Story and Iron Man Adventures comic.

Spider-Man - One More Day Issue #3 is gonna be a Death of Captain America like issue. It is going to sell tons. After the ONE MORE DAY storyline look for Spider-Man - BRAND NEW DAY.

After World War Hulk finishes up lokk for World War Hulk - AFTERSMASH.

Ultimate Iron Man II is coming in December of 2007 along with Ultimates III. I saw some artwork for Ultimates III - WOW !!

Cable is back in 2008 and X-Force Returns (Wolverine, X23, Wolfsbane, Thunderbird II?)

Dark Tower - The Long Road Home starts in February 2008.

Marvel's big event for 2008 is SECRET INVASION. "Who Do You Trust?" Marvel promises lots of Skrulls.

The Hulk is turning RED later this year (no more info yet).

Marvel ended their presentation with the IRON MAN TRAILER. It looks AWESOME.
Check it out at Iron Man Website.

Halo ActionClix Coming in 8 days !!!

Halo ActionClix is coming to the store. I played a demo of the game this afternoon and it is really a fast, fun, combat game. We are getting at least one of the RARE, EXCLUSIVE SCRABS at the store in November. IF YOU WANT A SCRAB NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER IT. $250.00 will get you the largest miniature gaming piece ever made. It comes with rules and two maps (exterior and interior).

I'm getting one, are you?

YES !! Baltimore Ravens Lose !!

The Ravens just got killed in a great Monday night game (any game the Raven's lose is great) !!!

WizKids Star Wars PocketModels 2008

2007 and 2008 release for Star Wars PocketModels

Ground Assualt

Order 66

Scum and Villany

Secret Weapons

Galaxy At War


** Also announced organized play coming soon.

Upcoming HeroClix Products

** This just in from the Diamond Dealer Summit.

February 2008 - DC HeroClix - CRISIS Expansion

April 2008 - DC HeroClix Action Pack - ANTI-MONITOR

Sometime in 2008 - Heroes (yes the TV Show) HeroClix Action Pack

Justice League HeroClix Singles Are Here

Justice League HeroClix singles are in the store now. Stop in and pick up some of the figures you need to complete your collection.

Brett and Brian Are Headed to Diamond Dealer Summit

Brett and Brian will be going to the Diamond Comics Dealer Summit on Monday and Tuesday. Check back for updates and photos from the summit.

Justice League HeroClix Just Arrived

We have just received the latest HeroClix Expansion - Justice League. We have boosters, bricks, cases, and even some rare singles from the set for sale. Our 5 week JLA - Starro HeroClix League begins on Saturday, September 22 at 11AM.

Evil Baron Stoner Card

Little Known Fact -
Our fearless leader Brett Stoner had a Guardians card created of him back in the 1990's. Above is that card - 'Evil Baron Stoner'. I do see a slight resemblance.

Toy Drive Was A Huge Success

We collected THREE huge boxes of toys (2 with Star Wars and 1 with non-Star Wars) on Saturday and had a lot of fun eating pizza with Stormtroopers. The 501st is a great organization and were awesome to work in the 100 degree heat.

We're gonna have the Stormtroopers back sometime early Spring 2008 for another toy drive this time we promise it won't be so hot. We hear Lobo may even show up next time.

Thanks again to everyone who brought out donations, we will make sure they go to a very good cause.

Grand Reopening - August 25, 2007

Store Web Cam Is Up

I have the store web cam running. It's not in the gaming room like I anticipated (at least not yet). At least you can see who is shopping at our store :)


Remember this Saturday (August 25) we are having our big GRAND REOPENING EVENT. Sure we've been at out new location for a month but it takes sometime to get everything running smoothly and we think we are there now.

Stop by and see members of the Star Wars Stormtrooper 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. They will be collecting NEW and SLIGHTLY USED Star Wars toys as charitable contributions. If you don't have any extra Star Wars stuff laying around come in and buy some Star Wars toys from us on SATURDAY and get 20% off the marked price.

Also come and meet Super Heroes - Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Thor and more.

We will have FREE stuff (games, comics, posters, and more) available all day (quantities limited).

If you come in full Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or SuperHero costume you will receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT (restrictions may apply).

Trivia contests (for all ages) at the TOP of every hour to win great stuff.


Big Gaming Events Coming Up

We are in the process of scheduling some big gaming events for the remainder of the year. Keep checking the calendar because not all of the details are final yet. We are working on the following:

September/October - HeroClix Starro - 5 Week League
October - Magic The Gathering - Lorwyn Release Event
October - National HeroScape Day
November - National Dungeons and Dragons Day
November - Boardgame Day
November/December - HeroClix Fin Fang Foom - 5 Week League

We are also trying to start up a weekly DCI sanctioned Magic Tournaments and sanctioned Hordes and Warmachine events.

Website/Email Issues

We have been tweaking some of our internet stuff so you may have seen the website or emails had been up and down for the past week. We think we got all issues resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Directions to the New Store

83 North
Take Exit 19, straight through first traffic light
Turn RIGHT onto INDUSTRIAL HWY. at light
We are 0.4 miles on left just past Nemo Pools

83 South
Take Exit 21, Merge onto US-30 E / ARSENAL RD
Turn RIGHT onto N HILLS RD. (at Saturn of York)
We are 0.4 miles on left just past Nemo Pools

Turn LEFT onto N HILLS RD. (at Saturn of York)
We are 0.4 miles on left just past Nemo Pools

Turn RIGHT onto N HILLS RD. (at Saturn of York)
We are 0.4 miles on left just past Nemo Pools


A big thanks to all of our loyal customers who helped us with the move Sunday. We could not have done it without your help. We appreciate it and you VERY MUCH !!

Photos of moving day will be coming soon, we will open Monday at 11AM as planned. We still are setting some stuff up but the store looks great and we hope everyone comes and checks out the new stuff we got our hands on.

Our gaming area is even larger than before. So don't be shy stop in any night and try out a game. The gaming schedule is posted at the store and on our online calendar on the right of this page.

Again thank you everyone.


Saturday, July 21st
Last day of operating out of our current location.

Sunday, July 22nd
We will be CLOSED to move...

Monday, July 23rd
Comic Store West will be OPEN for business in our new location!

Come and join us at:
2111 Industrial Highway
York, PA 17402

Brett Stoner is a Geek

While moving the back room Scott and Brian uncovered some interesting pictures of store owners Brett Stoner and Joe Miller.

We Don't Want To Move It Sale !!!

The 'WE DON'T WANT TO MOVE IT SALE' is going on right now. Stop in a help us get rid of some of our older stuff. We want the move this Sunday to be quick so we are ready to reopen first thing Monday.

Discounts on almost everything in the store.

Huge discounts on DVD's, Action figures and magazines !!!!!!

First Pictures of the New Store

HeroClix Singles Available Now

We finally have some HeroClix singles at the store. Check the front display counter just inside the door. We have THE HULK - SUPER RARE from the latest Avengers set. The selection is lite right now because we are gearing up for the move but keep checking new singles will be arriving weekly.

Magic The Gathering - Game Day

Come celebrate the 10th Edition Release of Magic The Gathering.

Games begin at 3PM on July 14th.
Participants can win great EXCLUSIVE prizes (back packs, life counters, long boxes, foil cards, and lots more).

Entry fee will be $24 (non-refundable)
All players will receive 5 boosters of the NEW 10th edition of Magic to play with and everyone will walk away with extra swag.

We are anticipating a big crowd so sign-up early and reserve your spot. Arrive at the store at 2:30PM on Saturday to sign-in and be ready to start PROMPTLY by 3PM.

We are capping this event at 32 players, if you are not signed-in by 2:45PM on Saturday you will forfit your spot (remember no refunds) .

3 rounds of swiss, with the top 8 competing in a 3 round FINAL to determine the CHAMPION.

July WizKids Events

Sunday, July 01, 2007 - 1:00PM
Star Wars PocketModels Demo
FREE for all. Come in and learn to play the NEWEST WizKids Game, and best of all it's STAR WARS !!

Saturday, July 07, 2007 - 10:00 AM
HeroClix - Coming of Galactus Week 0
Rules: 300 points, You must use at least one of the previously released HERALDS OF GALACTUS.

Saturday, July 07, 2007 - 12:30 PM
HeroClix - Coming of Galactus Week 0
Rules: 300 points, You must use at least one of the previously released HERALDS OF GALACTUS (it also must be different then the one used at the prior game).

Saturday, July 14, 2007 - 11:00 AM
HeroClix - Coming of Galactus Week 1
Rules: 2 Sealed Boosters of the new Marvel Avengers Set

Saturday, July 14, 2007 - 2:00 PM
HorrorClix - Freakshow Sealed Event
Rules: Receive 3 boosters of FREAKSHOW to build a 300 point team.

Saturday, July 21, 2007 - 11:00 AM
HeroClix - Coming of Galactus Week 2
Rules: 2 Sealed Boosters of the new Marvel Avengers Set, the Silver Surfer from Week 1 may be used as part of your team.

Saturday, July 21, 2007 - 2:00 PM
Rules: Construct either an all ALIENS or an ALL PREDATOR Army of 300 points and compete for great prizes.

Saturday, July 28, 2007 - 11:00 AM
HeroClix - Coming of Galactus Week 3
Rules: 2 Sealed Boosters of the new Marvel Avengers Set, the Silver Surfer from Week 1 and/or Terrax from Week 2 may be used as part of your team.

** Special Note - There is limited space and product available for the Coming of Galactus events for July and August. Sign up online early at the links provided. We will accept players in the order they are signed up for the events. For the big AUGUST 11 GALACTUS event players who played in at least 1 of the previous Galactus events will get first chance to play to win a 13" EXCLUSIVE GALACTUS FIGURE.


You've seen the movie now play the game.
Sunday July 8, 2007 at 1PM we are having a demo of the NEW Transformers 3-D Battle Card Game from Wizards of the Coast.

This game is very easy to play and is a lot of fun, especially for young kids.

Everyone gets a FREE game piece (while supplies last)


We just received the latest HeroClix releases. The newest starter set - DC Legion of Super-Heroes is a must for all players because it contains the latest rules. There is a bonus figure (sort of) inside of the box. I can't tell you who but it was a nice surprise.

Also in this week is the Avengers Assemble expansion for HeroClix. WOW!! WizKids has really improved on an already great game with this release. New packing, new game mechanics, and about 1 in every 80 - 100 boosters is a SURPRISE. Again I can't tell you what it is but it will be something all HeroClix players are going to want to get their hands on.

We also received more Convention Exclusive figures in stock - Fin Fang Foom, Batman, and Vladd the Impaler. Get them while you can, these are the last one's we will probably have FOREVER !!

Top 25 as of June 2007

Here are the top 25 comics from the store for June.
If there is something on the list you are not reading why don't you give it a try?


Historicon 2007

Historical Miniature Gaming’s Biggest Summer Vacation!
July 26, 27, 28 and 29 in the heart of Lancaster.

Check out the website here.

Ghost Rider

So I watched 2 Marvel movies this father's day. The first was Fantastic Four (see previous post) the other was Ghost Rider on DVD. I had not had a chance to see this movie before and was really looking forward to it. The movie did not disappoint, I thought it was very good. Nick Cage and Eva Mendez were both good and who doesn't love Sam Elliot?

My kids liked it too but it does have a few scarey scenes in it so be careful if you kids are under 13.

Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

I went to see the new Fantastic Four on Sunday as a father's day gift for me from my daughters. The movie turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. I thought the first one was ok but not spectacular. The latest movie was better than the first and better than the other Marvel Comic movie that came out this summer - Spider-Man 3. I would highly recommend seeing this movie, kids will love it.

We have received some Fantastic Four hardback and paperback books, they are right inside the store on our summer movie display. Check out the cool Fantastic Four lunch boxes too.

Exclusive Wizard World Items In Store NOW !!!

We brought back a bunch of CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE gaming items from Wizard World and have them for sale. Quantities are extremely limited so get in fast before they are all gone.

FREE StarWars PocketModels

Get them at Comic Store West (while supplies last)

Wizard World Philly !!

Well we are at Wizard World Philly for the 5th year in a row. We got some cool items to bring back for everyone. Stop in the store after today (Saturday) to check out the large selection of WWP Exclusive comics.

One of the hottest items is this ULTRA RARE cover of World War Hulk #1 by Michael Turner.

Mach 5 from Speed Racer Movie Revealed

This just in the first official photo of the Mach 5 to be used in the Speed Racer movie. Click here for more info on the 2008 movie.

Just Arrived from Wizards of the Coast !!

We have just received the NEW Transformers 3-D Battle Card Game, just in time for the BLOCKBUSTER summer movie on July 4. Look for game demos this July at the store.

Also the new Star Wars miniatures - Alliance and Empire boosters are in. Help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars with the lastest release from Wizards of the Coast.

FREE RPG DAY - June 23, 2007

Stop in on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at our new location and check out all of the RPG goodness. Best of all it's FREE !!

New Comics (Week of May 28)

Because of Memorial Day next week, new comics will not arrive until THURSDAY, May 31.

Summer is Here !!

Kick off the summer movies with comic awesome comic adaptions. Just inside the door at Comic Store West is the Summer Movie comic section. Come check out all the movie tie-ins.

For all you Pirates fans, why not play the new Pirates of the Spanish Main Role Playing Game or the Pirates Custom Card Game while waiting for the new Pirate movie to hit theaters on May 25.

We also just received the NEW Spider-Man boogie board at the store. Grab one to take on your family vacation this year. Only $9.99 !!!

Top 15 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time

15 Superman Returns
14 Spider-Man 3
13 Nick Fury - Agent of Shield
12 SuperGirl
11 Howard the Duck
10 Superman III
09 Punisher (2004)
08 Captain America
07 Steel
06 The Fantastic Four (1994)
05 Batman Returns
04 Man-Thing
03 Batman & Robin
02 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
01 Catwoman

Top 15 Best Comic Book Movies of All Time

15 The Hulk
14 Elektra
13 Rocketeer
12 X-Men 2
11 Superman
10 Blade
09 Daredevil
08 Superman II
07 Sin City
06 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (animated)
05 300
04 Spider-Man
03 Hell Boy
02 Batman Begins
01 Spider-Man 2

More Star Wars PocketModel News

They have just posted the rules for this game. Check them out here. This game is really going to be hot !!

More Star Wars PocketModel News

Hereis two good articles about the NEW Star Wars PocketModels game that is coming out in June. Keep checking for events to be held at the store.

Link 1

Link 2

Pirates 'On The Rocks' Sealed Event

Pirates - On The Rocks - Saturday June 9, 2007 at 10AM
Sign-up here

Far out at the oceans edge, there lies a king’s ransom in treasure… as well as sharp reefs, fog, stretches of sargasso sea, and horrible monsters. Raising your spyglass, you scan the wretched, storm tossed sea and glimpse the long lost longship you have been searching for. She will make a grand prize, once you get her off that reef. Only one thing stands in your way; all the other scallywags on the horizon who have the same idea…

Entry Fee: Players must purchase: TWO (2) sealed Pirates at Oceans’ Edge MegaPacks from the store to use in this event.

Wizards of the Coast Announce Transformers Game

The Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game is a constructible card game that offers longtime Transformers fans as well as newcomers a fun, fast and easy-to-learn game playable right out of the pack.

Players build their favorite Autobot and Decepticon characters using punch-out pieces from plastic cards and battle them against their opponents. Each character can be built in robot or vehicle form using the same set of pieces. The 26-figure set includes iconic characters from the upcoming live-action feature film due out on July 4th from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, in association with Hasbro, as well as other fan-favorites from Transformers history.

Look for game demos at our new location in June and July !!

Check out the website here

Top 25 as of May 2007

Here are the top 25 books subscribed to by our customers as of May 2007.

24. X-MEN

Is there something on this list you're not reading?

Another Look At Movie Iron Man

Here is another look at movie Iron Man. This time the classic Red and Gold Armor that will be featured in the upcoming movie.

Spider-Man 3 Smashes Box Office Records

Spider-Man 3 made $148 million in it's first 3 days of business. Check out the complete story here.

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