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Friday, August 18, 2017

Customer Flea Market is Upon Us

It is Customer Flea Market Eve!!!
Tomorrow is the Customer Flea Market.
This is looking to be the best flea market ever at the shop.
There will be a HUGE variety of stuff including comics, trades, games, Legos, DVDs, Blu Rays, video games, Star Wars stuff, toys, Pokemon cards, handmade items, pop culture decals and signs, and MUCH. MUCH more.

One of our largest yearly (bi-yearly) events.
If you miss this one you will need to wait until February for the next one.

Remember all purchases to be made at the front register.
We accept cash, credit, check and store gift cards during this event.

Doors open at 10AM and always have a large line at the door.
Flea Market closes at 6PM, just in time for our 7PM FACEBOOK LIVE Comics, Games, and Toys auction.

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