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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Customer Flea Market in 3 Weeks !


The customer flea market is fast approaching.

I spoke with one vendor this morning and he promised the following at his booth:

  • Additional some limited Games Workshop square and round bases.
  • A small random collection of old GW space orks.
  • Of interest to collectors (maybe?) A nearly complete original Warhammer Quest (1995) it is missing 5 pieces out of the 300+ (1 ork model and 5 cards)
  • A Nintendo Wii system with games and accessories
  • PS2 games
  • Nintendo DS Games
  • Nintendo DS System (broken hinge but works perfectly)
  • A Red Game Boy Pocket (circa 1996 with Tetris)
  • Game Boy Advance games
  • A large amount of Warmachine and Hordes (Mainly Cryx, Trollblood, and Mercenary/Minions) this is probably the bulk of what I have for sale.
  • Some random DVD and VHS
  • A collectible set of Hellsing guns (Anime)
  • A large collection of Monsterpocalypse w/laminated play mat
  • The Voltron Monsterpocalypse set
  • Board Games (Dr Who Risk, Munchkin, Zombies!!!, more)
  • Tabletop Wargame Scenery

Make sure you stop in Saturday, August 19th from 10AM - 6PM and then check us out online from 7PM - 9:00PM for our first FACEBOOK LIVE Auction.

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