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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

EXTRA LIFE (Full Details, Please Read)

Beginning next Saturday, November 5 at 11AM and lasting overnight until Sunday, November 6 at 11AM the Comic Store West will be hosting 24 hours of non-stop game events.  Game sign-up sheets are available now, some games have a limited number of seats so sign-up early to guarantee a spot.

Each game event you play costs $10 (the Magic draft event is $20).  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE EXTRA LIFE CHARITY (more specifically Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital).  We will have FREE snacks and drinks throughout the event but you are welcome to bring your own too.

Most games are broken into 4 hour blocks with a few different games going on at the same time so stop in pick your game today.

There is some open play space available also.  Feel free to use games from our huuuuuge demo library, it's tremendous!!!  Free play game space is limited and not available throughout the 24 hours and $10 donation is required for Free Play too (it all goes to charity).

Also as part of this event we will be holding a GAME SALE for the 24 hour period.
ALL GAMES ARE 25% OFF (except Magic) FROM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 AT 11AM UNTIL SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 AT 11AM.  A portion of all game sales for the 24 hour period will also go to the EXTRA LIFE charity.

The store register will be closed for a few hours beginning at midnight Saturday into early Sunday morning but we will re-open the register by 6AM Sunday for customers to take final advantage of the sale prices.

The store will then close Sunday morning, November 6 at 11AM but will reopen at our regular Sunday time of NOON.

Please come out and help us make this a successful event.

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