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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

COMING SOON - Extra Life 24 Hours of Gaming Event

The Comic Store West is happy to be announce we will be participating in the Extra Life Event on November 5.
This is a 24 hour gaming event for children's hospitals. The hospital we have selected is John's Hopkins out of Baltimore Maryland.

On November 5 beginning at 11AM and lasting until Sunday November 6 at 11AM we will be running games for 24 hours straight. The store will be open for this entire time with a special sale for the event where a portion of all GAME PURCHASES will go to the charity.

We are looking for game sponsors for the event. Do you have a game you would like to sponsor to play during this 24 hour event? Please let us know. I will have a sign-up sheet available this weekend with some games already listed.

So far the events we have demo monkeys for are:

24 Hour straight Dungeons and Dragons event
Cards Against Humanity
Super Dungeon Explore
Ticket to Ride (prizes for winner)
Krosmaster Arena Quest(prizes for winner)

Each event will have an entry fee which will go directly to the Extra Life Charity (John's Hopkins hospital). Your entry fee will include free drinks and snacks.

Please check back for more information.

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