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Friday, July 15, 2016

Magic The Gathering - Eldritch Moon Pre-Release Event Information

Our PRE-RELEASE events are 50% full which is AWESOME for early registration.
It's also great because we have space available at all 3 of our pre-release events for walk-ins.

Price is $30 and we have a few door prizes that will go to random people (midnight only) as well as the required prize payout of 2 booster packs per player.

MIDNIGHT TONIGHT is our first Pre-Release event.
Our last midnight pre-release was a huge success and players played until about 5AM.
I can almost guarantee you will see some rare Pokemon in the store for those playing Pokemon Go. The rare one's seem to come out at night at CSW.

Pre-Release #2 is on this Saturday at 2PM.
Same great prize pay-out.

And finally our third Pre-Release event is this Sunday at 2PM.
Immediately following our Sunday Pokemon League, so you guys that play both can enjoy both today.

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