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DC's Rebirth is revealed

DC has released all the details about the upcoming "Rebirth" event - and they're right, it's not a reboot.

CBR has all the details, but here's the short version: DC is renumbering all its books, the same way Marvel does every so often, but the continuity is the same. It's not the Old 52 come back or anything like that, just a big eye-catching #1 on the cover.

Well, except for Action Comics and Detective Comics - those are going back to their old numbering, because DC is smart enough not to pass up the opportunity to publish Issue #1,000 of a title.

There will be a series of 23 "Rebirth" one-shots before the relaunch. Then there will be 32 regular titles: 15 regular monthly books, and 17 bi-weekly books. All the books will be dropped to $2.99, too!

The full creative teams will be announced next month at WonderCon.

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