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Something sexy for just $1

Are you familiar with the work of Stjepan Sejic? The Croatian artist has done a lot of work for Top Cow comics, so you might recognize his style from Witchblade, The Darkness, etc. Anyway, he and his wife have their own comic series, Sunstone. Originally published one page at a time on DeviantArt, it was eventually collected in trade paperback form and sold by image.

Well now, thanks to the "Image Firsts" program, which reprints important issues at the low low price of one thin dollar, you can try out the story without having to buy the full TPB:

This is definitely a book for grown-ups ("mature themes, adult situations and brief nudity," as the HBO content warnings would say), but the art is beautiful, and certainly worth a look. And if you like it, we can order you the full book posthaste!

We have an entire section of these $1 books, which include things like Saga, Walking Dead and lots of other titles you'll recognize. Plus, the selection is constantly updating, so come in today and see what you can get for just a buck!

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