Calendar of Events

HeroClix - Abominable Snowman Event on Sunday, December 27 at 2PM

Attention HeroClix Players:

Our long time HeroClix judge (Dave) is taking some time off from judging in 2016.  Make sure you stop in on Sunday to play in his final tournament.

We have a new judge starting with us in January.  Many of you know him from playing with him.  Mark G has volunteered to take over the judging duties beginning in January.

Thanks Dave for the many years of judging you have given us and we hope to see Dave in to play some Clix games instead of always just judging them.

Buy 2 boosters of Nick Fury (sorry but we have to get rid of them) but we will knock 20% off the booster price for Sunday's event.  Build a 300 point team and then throw your FREE snowman on your team to compete for great prizes.

If 8 or more players show the winner will receive an AVENGERS QUINNJET.

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