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Monday, November 23, 2015

Naughty or Nice ?

Santa is starting to check his list.
How can you tell if you are naughty or nice?

  • Are you s subscriber in good standing?  (meaning you don't have any product sitting around the store collecting dust) - NICE
  • You are a subscriber with a bunch of comics that are months old and you have some other orders sitting around. - NAUGHTY
  • Will you be coming in to the store for our Black Friday Sale? - NICE
  • Not coming on Black Friday - NAUGHTY
  • Will you be coming to the store during our DOOR BUSTERS Back Friday hours? - NICE
  • No remember I just told you I'm not coming in on Black Friday - NAUGHTY
  • Will you be returning on Saturday for Local Comic Shop Day / Small Business Sat? - NICE
  • Not coming in on Saturday - NAUGHTY

Please help us this holiday season and this end of the year by making sure you keep your box in good standing.  We CANNOT have old product sitting around collecting dust in customer's boxes.  We ask that you pop in and pick up your stuff at least once a month.

Have a great Thanksgiving, we'll see everyone bright and early on Black Friday (doors open at 7AM). Save the most from 7AM - 9AM.  If you miss the door buster sales don't worry we are having sales all day.  Stay tuned Wednesday afternoon / evening for the complete list of Black Friday Sales.

Don't forget we have Friday Noon Magic.  What better way to celebrate Black Friday then to shop early and then get into a Magic Draft at noon? We need at least 8 for the draft to fire.  If we don't get 8 then come and play casual.  FOIL PROMOS are available.

Finally we hope to see you back on Saturday for a totally different set of sales.  I have even knocked the prices down on our special LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY variant covers so they will be more affordable to all.  We have very limited numbers of these so once again on Saturday shop early and shop often.

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